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Our households can be filled with many multi-tasking products to help us save while providing healthy cleaning solutions. Before I had kids I could never imagine cleaning with vinegar, but then I became educated about the benefits. Vinegar is not just for cooking!

  • great Eco-friendly alternative to harsh chemicals.
  • budget friendly
  • Great Sanitizer as well as eliminates odors naturally without hiding them

Heinz is a household name for Vinegar & more that we have come to trust. Their newest product Heinz Cleaning vinegar

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After reading the Heinz Cleaning Vinegar label, they also suggest using it for removing mineral deposits for coffee pot and to cut dust & grease on ceiling fans by wiping with Heinz Cleaning Vinegar. I have been using vinegar for a while especially to deep clean the microwave and tile floors. Well from the looks of the microwave it’s been a while (ughh I’ve been busy).

 It’s time to get to work. When people think of deep cleaning, harsh cleaners usually come to mind. However, vinegar is an awesome way to deep clean naturally. I don’t like to bring a lot of processed foods into our house and make a lot of stuff homemade. Why should the way I clean my house be any different?

What makes vinegar so great at cleaning?

Acetic acid because it is able to break down grease and bacteria naturally helping us to avoid putting harsh chemicals like phenol, formaldehyde, phosphates, lye, ammonia, chlorine bleach, arsenic, naphthalene, hydrochloric acid, paradichlorbenzene, phosphoric acid, and sulfuric acid in our household.

By using natural cleaning solutions such as Heinz Cleaning Vinegar, we are helping the “Big Picture”! Chemical-free Cleaning keeps those harsh chemicals out of our water supply and atmosphere since we aren’t sending those toxic cleaners don’t our drains.

DIY Steam Cleaning Microwave

1.Place 50/50 Solution of Heinz Cleaning Vinegar & water in coffee mug. Then, turn on microwave for 2 minutes

 2.  Once the 2 minutes is up. Grab a sponge and dip it in mug of Heinz Cleaning Vinegar/Water Solution to wipe up the messes. The  steam helps to loosing up the messes so no hard scrubbing needed!

Ta Da!

Here are some more easy ways to green your cleaning

~~~We cut up husband’s old undershirts to make rags~~~

~~~Pour vinegar in coffee pot to descale~~~

 Rinse with 2 cycles of water after Heinz Cleaning Vinegar

~~~Dust fan blades with undershirt “rags~~~

then wipe with vinegar to repel dust~~~

 No extra work plus vinegar is common household item.

Do you use vinegar to clean? What’s your favorite tip?

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  1. Andrea Slagle says

    I love using vinegar to clean! I mix it with liquid dish soap and heat it up a little to clean the bathtub/shower. It works great!

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