How to slow the signs of Aging with Jouviance {Giveaway Alert}


Please note: See how I slow the signs of aging in this honestly sponsored Soapbox Influence Campaign in collaboration with #BonjourJouviance & The Women Bloggers. Giveaway is sponsored by the Kendal King Group This month I turn 34. It's funny how I find it annoying at times when people think I am much younger than I am. I am the one who always gets carded when we go out with friends. The thing about looking younger now is that I am certain I will be thrilled when I am REALLY old! Here's the truth, though, slowing the signs of aging to look more youthful isn't by accident. My routine isn't elaborate but some good Anti-aging products like Jouviance {found at CVS} paired with healthy living choices can go a long way to slow the signs of aging. I have always heard that genetics play a role in how we age. While this may be true, the choices that we make can definitely affect how youthful we look. I pride myself on being low-maintenance. I usually only wear makeup for a night out on the … [Read more...]

“Made Better By our Stories” {Prim Goods}


Please note: I received review products in exchange for my honest content. The overall theme of Great Contradictions is inside and out healthy living. For that reason, I was especially excited to work with Prim Goods since they have a similar philosophy. Brands that help resonate my true passion really make this job worthwhile. But it’s… [READ MORE]

DIY Vanilla Mint Body Scrub


This year I will probably sound like a broken record. This is the year of taking care of ourselves. This is the year to pamper ourselves. I don’t know what your situation is but odds are likely you need some pampering. Do you have a hectic schedule these days? Try this DIY vanilla mint body… [READ MORE]

Lego Valentines {Free Printable}


{Please note: This is not a sponsored post. However there are affiliate links} This week is Valentine’s Day! I like to let my kids do their own thing. Despite having all boys they all have their own likes and hobbies. However Legos definitely play a role during their days. If your kids love Legos like… [READ MORE]

Gluten free Ghirardelli filled Chocolate Cake and $75 gift card giveaway


Please note: this post is sponsored by Ghirardelli chocolate. As always I have provided my honest opinions in this post. Less than two weeks until Valentine’s Day! We have been busy relocating from Little Rock to Southeast Kansas where I am originally from. It has been quite a transition especially with their buying our first… [READ MORE]

DIY Peppermint Body Scrub


Every year I say I am going to take better care of myself. Every year I spend my days taking care of others. This is my Valentine gift to the people like me! I hope you do what you can to take care of yourself. Try this homemade whipped peppermint body scrub to get off… [READ MORE]

Star Wars Valentines {Free Printable}


Valentine’s Day is less than a month away! On top of getting ready for Valentine’s Day, we are also packing for a move. It seems like as moms we are ALWAYS multi-tasking! I don’t know when being a mom got so complicated. Everyone has gotten so crafty that holidays aren’t always as simple as buying something… [READ MORE]