@Timemine Planners: Organization is key! #blogher11


I don't know about you, but life is chaotic right now! Between preparing for Blogher, return of school, and everyday living, I am exhausted.  Last year, I did a review for Timemine.  For those who don't read the post (no offense...ughh time restraints), prior to Timemine I wrote notes on random papers.  I lived in what I considered "organized chaos".  However, with Great Contradictions growing, I don't have time for "organized chaos".  Corny or not, Timemine has changed my life.  Yes, I have an … [Continue]

Manic Monday Mixer #twitterhop w/ @salsasensations mexican lasagna recipe #blogher11


Are you excited yet? We are days away from BlogHer 2011!  I am packed, organized, and almost done with all cooking for the boys.  Now to just relax until BlogHer gets here.  I assume I should be saving my energy for the over-packed schedule. Did I mention on one morning I am doing 6:00 am SweatPink Bootcamp with Fit Approach and then off to Filtrete's water-front yoga with celebrity trainer, Matthew Reyes?  With that being said, life gets hectic and I really enjoy being able to offer Make-ahead … [Continue]

@SAMSCLUB Member’s Mark 4x Probiotic supplement #digestive health #celiac #glutenfree


If you have read my blog before, you know that I have Celiac Disease (an auto-immune disorder to gluten).  I was very excited to have the opportunity to test out Member's Mark 4x Probiotic Digestive Care Supplement.  I have experienced issues with my digestive health since I was a child.  Fortunately, at age 25 (4 years ago), I found the reason for my gastrointestinal (gi) & digestive problems.  While gluten free living has significantly helped me find balance, gluten contamination can set … [Continue]

@Beachbody RevAbs w/ @Bretthoebel: Almost to the Finish Line!

Has it really almost been 90 days?  I cannot begin to tell you how excited I am to tell you my results, but you have to wait! (see past posts here) I will be posting my final results after BlogHer.  It has been quite a journey getting my body back after 25 years of untreated Celiac disease and having 3 children.  I spent a lifetime unable to gain weight and weak from anemia & malnourishment.  Then, when gluten free, I went through the weight gain since by body was actually processing food. … [Continue]

Facebook Fan Me Friday Hop: week 4

Welcome to the Forth Facebook Fan Me Friday Blog Hop hosted by Saving with Sybil, Sassy Mama in LA, Great Contradictions, and Baby Costcutters.  This is a fun and quick way to find new blogs/business' as well as pick up fans for your blog/business. The rules are simple: 1. Like the four hosts on Facebook at the above links 2. Post ONLY your FACEBOOK URL (others will be deleted) 3. Like any other pages that look interesting to you! Note: You must use your PERSONAL PROFILE to like pages … [Continue]

#Blogher11: How I am preparing for my first conference: Advice? #salsacraving


I am just barely past my 6 mos. blogoversary.  I am amazed of what I have accomplished.  Such as, who knew I would be attending BlogHer 2011 courtesy of Salsa Sensations.  As Salsa Sensations BlogHer delegate, I am receiving a sponsorship to BlogHer 2011.  Without Salsa Sensations generosity, BlogHer would not be a possibility for me. Preparing for something full of so many possibilites can be over-whelming at times. These are several things I have learned from observations and … [Continue]

Amy Adele Review: Personalized Flat Card Stationary *hard-drawn artwork*


For birthdays, I always try to do something different.  I like to show our personality through our invitations, so I don't normally run to a store to buy cookie-cutter invitation.  Usually we make photo cards of our favorite picture of them.  This year, I am testing out Amy Adele customized note cards. About Amy Since I was a child, I have been hand-drawing birthday and Christmas cards and never took my art very seriously. However, in 2004 our friends and family encouraged my husband and … [Continue]

Celebrating our anniversary: EdenFantasys $50 #Giveaway (adults only)


John & I just celebrated our 6th anniversary.  It sounds like an eternity when we are surrounded by that high divorce rate. We have had an adventurous 6 years, I am hoping the hard part is over.  No matter what though, I don't think relationships just fall into place that is when things become monotonous & boring.  I hate boring!  We work hard to make sure our relationship doesn't fall in a rut. Pink Champagne Dress (Above picture): "This delicate mini dress is made of polyester and … [Continue]

Ore-Ida Sweet Potato Fries by Heinz: 2 dipping sauce recipes: Sweet & Savory! #OreIdaFries


Encouraging my family to eat healthy is very important to me.  As other parents might know, presentation can be essential in getting your kids to try new things.  Isn't it amazing how something as simple as fries (a.k.a. sliced potatoes) can turn sweet potatoes into something edible to kids.  Anyways, I don't care what form our vegetables are served as long as the boys eat them.  I usually make fries (all potato varieties) homemade.  However, Ore-Ida is one of the few fry/hashbrown brands that … [Continue]

@MurphyUSA Pack the Cooler: Day at the Pool with Murphy Sport/Aquafina #MurphyUSA


Weekdays are filled with rushing from work, errands, karate, and any extra activities we add into our week.  It can get overwhelming, so we try to spend our weekends enjoying family time.  This weekend we drove to Baxter Springs, KS (my hometown) to spend a fun-filled day for the boys with grandma, grandpa, and cousins hanging out by the pool.  Preparing for a day at the pool doesn't have to be hectic.  Thanks to MurphyUSA, you can grab last minute supplies... About MurphyUSA   I … [Continue]