for all of your travel needs #glutenfree Review & Giveaway

Next week my husband & I will be escaping to a gorgeous beach in Mexico.  I haven't traveled on a plane in a while.  As a Celiac, I provide my own food a lot (especially when traveling). While it may require more work, bringing my own food allows me the best protection against a migraine, bloating, and other symptoms that I won't want to be experiencing while traveling.  I usually carry crackers, bars, dried fruit, and nut butter with us most places, so we never have to worry about being … [Continue]

Softlips lip balm: Pamper Yourself Review & Giveaway #glutenfree


Hi, I am Natalie a lip balm addict.  While I may be an addict, I don't have the luxury of being relaxed when it comes to choosing a lip balm.  With Celiac Disease, something as simple as a contaminated lip balm could turn into a dire emergency.  There are lip balm brands that are gluten free, but they aren't as easy to find since health products have even more undefined standards than food.  Not too mention, not all mainstream companies are willing to state gluten free on their products. … [Continue]

Gluten Free graham cracker recipe


Of all my gluten free adaptations, graham crackers are one of my proud accomplishments.  I created this recipe back in the beginning when I didn't think the store-bought tasted right nor did the available recipes.  Graham crackers are great for anytime, but there are times when graham crackers are essential.  Such as, camping is not quite  camping without s'mores.  I know you can substitute store-bought cookies or crackers, but trust me this gluten free graham cracker recipe will make camping … [Continue]

@EatSmartScales Digital Luggage Scale Review & giveaway


Over the next few weeks, I am going to be showcasing some wonderful products (reviews & giveaways) to help everyone get prepared for summer vacation.  Whether you are traveling or staying local, I think you will find many of these products useful.  It's been a while since I have traveled away from the midwest, but this year I am pleased to be traveling more.  Let's focus on the present though, my current review & giveaway is for the EatSmart Precision Voyager Digital Luggage … [Continue]

Baby Bedding Zone Review & Giveaway


Decor in your children's room is important.  However, finding quality products to be durable enough for our kids is not always easy.  Not too mention, I think decor should be able to transition through out the years, which makes quality decor that much more important.  Contrary to the name, Baby Bedding Zone doesn't just offer baby bedding.  While they do offer adorable baby bedding such as owl baby bedding & toile crib bedding,  Baby Bedding Zone also has toddler bedding and other decor to … [Continue]

Easy Change Photo Cufflinks Review: Great for Father’s Day!


Father's Day is quickly approaching.  Have you gotten him a gift yet?  Picking out gifts for father's day can be tricky.  If your husband is like mine, he seems to have just about everything he needs and won't tell you what he really wants.  No matter the occasion, I am a fan of photo gifts.  They are personal, unique, and aren't as difficult to create as one might assume. Father's Day Easy Change Photo Cufflinks Kit is a great functional yet personal gift for your father, husband, or other … [Continue]

Great American Backyard #campout: DIY Solar Oven (recipes included)


Entertaining kids has gotten complicated over the years.  Most kids have forgotten (or never learned) the fine art of imaginative play.  With computers, tvs, video games, and too many electronic devices to name, why would they want to do the extra work?  Here's why...outside activities and physical activities is a great way to help our kids take pleasure in the simple things.  Kids can learn to appreciate what nature has to offer, learn how strong their bodies can be,  and imaginative play can … [Continue]

@salsasensations (recipes, giveaway, taste test): Vote for me! I will blog for salsa! #salsacraving

Can you believe it has been a month since I posted my entry as Salsa Sensations potential Blogher 2011 delegate?  I hope that I have shown the passion that I have for healthy living and how important companies like Salsa Sensations are.  This is not just about winning a trip to Blogher, but about representing a worthy company.  Salsa Sensations offers the same healthy living passion that I provide my family, but allows me the security that many other companies cannot.  They offer minimal … [Continue]

Peeled Snacks: All natural, gently dried fruit Review & Facebook Giveaway (4 sponsors)


  Life as a parent is filled with plenty of learning experiences. I feel that teaching our kids about healthy eating is one of the most important lessons. My kids have been taught that food is their fuel. It is an easy concept for them to understand. When meal time comes around, all I have to say is "Don't you need fuel for playtime energy?" and no more complaints. The earlier you teach your children about healthy eating the easier it will be, because it is what they expect. All … [Continue]

Survival of the Smartest Book Review: Will you be ready for the first 72 hours of a disaster?


Imagining what we would do in the middle of a natural disaster is not the easiest thing to consider.  Most of the natural disaster experience the majority of us get is from the news.  However, when it hits closer to home, the thoughts start spinning.  I visited Joplin, MO last weekend and it hit me that true devastation can happen anywhere.  It is heartbreaking to see all these familiar places in ruins.  Getting lost in a place you have known since you are little is an odd experience.  However, … [Continue]