Pretty on Pinterest ~ Purple Hidden Treasures on Etsy


Welcome to Pretty on Pinterest! This meme is hosted by Simply Stacie and Sassy Mama in LA every Thursday where you can link up your posts on the theme of the week. Each week we will have a different theme for you to find pins you love on Pinterest and create a post to link up here. This week’s theme is Purple. How It Works Follow Simply Stacie and Sassy Mama in LA on Pinterest. Create a themed post using your favourite pins. Be as creative as you like just as long as it fits the theme in some way. (You need to use Pinterest to create your post!) Link up your post on the linky  Visit other people’s posts and discover some new pretty pins for your collection! Next week’s theme is Your Favourite Icon so start thinking about your post to link up next Thursday. Etsy has so many hidden treasures that it was hard to pick a few, but here they are...source: CrystalynKae on Etsy via @hippie_mom on Pinterest Source: Chabri on Etsy via @hippie_mom on Pinterest Source: … [Read more...]

New Event: Spring Buzz Giveaway Hop – Join us! #SpringBuzzHop


Spring Buzz Giveaway Hop will begin at 12:01 AM EST on March 21 and end at 11:59 PM on March 27th. Event Details: -Spring Buzz Giveaway Hop is brought to you by Just Married with Coupons & Sweep Tight -The Grand Prize and referral prizes are sponsored by BeeSavy. (Must join BeeSavy to be eligible) -The Giveaway Hop will take place March 21 – 27. -The minimum value of each package will be $25. -You can divide into as many prize packages as you would like as long as the min. value is still $25. -You can also always sponsor your own giveaway, as long as its valued at $25 or more. Mandatory: Include a Spring Buzz button in your giveaway post to identify your giveaway as being a part of this hop. Include the linky we will provide later within your giveaway post Include a few sentences about the event/hosts/and Grand Prize info and sponsor link that we will provide. Sign Up & Fee: Add your blog link to the linky tool below. The fee to participate is $5 OR you can make … [Read more...]

Color, Click, Capture Photography Challenge: Week 3 Yellow


Welcome to Week 3 of the Color, Click, Capture photography challenge hosted by East9thStreet, A Helicopter Mom, Nap Time Is My Time and Sunshine and Sippy Cups. Every holiday I tell my husband to not get me anything, but he never listens. Whenever I think of yellow, flowers are the first thing that come to mind yet I was determined to come up with something unique.  Voila! I will give him credit that he gave me my muse for this week's photography challenge. I took picture after picture before I took a bite.  He gave me a gift that captures my love of art and chocolate!   This week’s photography tip is from Faith Massey.  Faith owns and operate Images by Faith Portrait Art, a boutique studio nestled in the Lake Norman area, just outside Charlotte, NC. Her passion for art started early and she explored many different mediums but found her true love in photography after having my first child in 1994. After moving from California in 2004 she opened her studio in … [Read more...]

Date Night Dinner Recipe: Pomegranate Pork Medallions #HeartHealthy


Date night doesn't have to be expensive or troublesome. Stay in this Valentine's Day with this simple yet elegant, tasty, restaurant-worthy dish.  Wanting to make something special for the whole family? My kids age 2-6  love this dish as much as we do!  This dish only looks complicated! Print Date Night Dinner Recipe: Pomegranate Pork Medallions #HeartHealthy   Ingredients 2 cups Mixed Berries w/ Pomegranates (Dole) found in the frozen food section (or equivalent fresh or frozen berries of choice) 1 pound boneless pork tenderloin (sliced into ½-inch thick medallions) salt/pepper to taste 1 TBSP olive oil 1 cup Pomegranate juice ¼ cup chicken stock 1 Tablespoon balsamic vinegar 1 TBSP agave (or honey) Instructions Prior to starting, take pork out of refrigerator to rest for 15-30 minutes. Also, puree berries to prepare for sauce. I like to keep the pomegranates whole for presentation so I remove them before pureeing, but you be the judge. Heat … [Read more...]

Special treat for the holidays: #GF Minty Sandwich Cookie Recipe


It's funny how we often start out to create one thing and Then, you get inspired while in the process. That is how the minty sandwich cookies were born. Our oldest son, Dylan (the non-Celiac) said did you make us Oreos!?!  While not exactly like oreos, they are reminiscent of the beloved Oreos Ingredients: Cookie: 1/2 cup rice Flour 1/2 cup Tapioca Flour 1/2 cup Sorghum Flour 1 cup sugar 1 1/2 tsp. xanthan gum 1 tsp. baking soda 1 tsp. salt 3/4 cup of melted Coconut Oil (or preferred oil) 1/3 c. applesauce 2 Tablespoons vanilla Filling: 2 cups White chocolate chips 3 TBSP. peppermint extract  (give or take depending on preferred mint strength) Red food color (optional)   Directions: 1. Combine Dry ingredients. 2. Stir coconut oil (melted), applesauce, and vanilla into dry mixture to create cookie dough.  3.  Measure dough by the tablespoon to place on cookie sheet. Roll into a ball. Use glass to flatten dough. 4. Place on … [Read more...]

Color, Click, Capture Photography Challenge – Week 2: Orange


Welcome to Week 2 of the Color, Click, Capture photography challenge hosted by East9thStreet, A Helicopter Mom, Nap Time Is My Time and Sunshine and Sippy Cups.  This week the color is orange.  Last week I had so much fun participating in Color, Click, Capture that it motivated me to find as many colors of the rainbow to keep working on my art.  Oklahoma hasn't quite decided if we are in Spring or Winter so I wanted to remember a less dreary moment.  I was out taking pictures of the boys in a local garden.  As adorable as the boys are, I could not stop from taking pictures of the garden too.  These vibrant flowers were captured on our anniversary trip to Riviera Maya This week’s photography tips comes from Emily Anderson of Emily Anderson Photography.  Emily has been photographing children and families in the Northeast Arkansas area for several years.  She has the patience of a saint and an impeccable ability to capture the most innocent moments. When photographing children, … [Read more...]

Attention Bloggers: Join Us for the 2012 Savory Summer Blog-Hopping Giveaway Event

  Measuring Flower and Graphoniac are hosting Savory Summer Blog Hopping Giveaway.  Visit here to find out more about adding  your blog to Savory Summer Event. Sign up is free and each blogger will host a giveaway valued at $25+.  Savory Summer will be featuring all things food and food-related that can be enjoyed during the summer. Basically, if it is something that a human being can eat, eat with, eat off of, cook, cook with, prepare food with…it belongs in this event!  Savory Summer is scheduled to begin on May 16, 2012, at 12:01 AM EST, and end onMay 30, 2012, at 11:59 PM EST. So go now to join the event!       … [Read more...]

@Smarties for an allergy-friendly Valentine’s Day: Love Hearts, Extreme Sour, & some for you …oh my!


4 years down the Gluten Free path and there is so much more for me to learn... Sending the boys to school was definitely one of the hardest decision I ever made.  Hunter has had pneumonia a few times thanks to gluten breaking down his immune system.  Before me, I had never really meant anyone dealing with food allergies or food restrictions at this level.  I find it funny how people talk about me like I am some SuperMom.  How do you do it? they say.  Like anyone else, I just do what needs to be done while trying to stay balanced between over-reacting & under-reacting. Friday afterschool, our oldest son walks to the car with this around his neck in celebration of 100th day of school, so what do I do? Fruit Loops are scary! He gets in the car. His younger brothers (both Celieacs) are mesmerized by the colorful necklace.  I take a deep breathe (while panicing in my mind).  Me: Dylan zip up your jacket, do not touch anything else, and do not give your brothers anything.  We get … [Read more...]

Last minute Allergy Friendly Puppy Chow Recipe #SuperBowl


Whenever attending events, I always like to provide a gluten free treat. However, you want something that is allergen friendly as well as crowd friendly.  While the choices of nut butters can be overwhelming, I absolutely cannot resist the taste of Sunflower Seed Butter! Here is my twist on the well-loved Puppy Chow ... Ingredients: 1/2 c. Sunbutter (or other nut butter available) 1/4 c. butter 1 c. chocolate chips 1 tsp. vanilla 9 cups Rice Chex 3 c. powdered sugar* Directions: 1. Combine Sunbutter, butter, and chocolate chips until melted. Then, add vanilla. 2.  Put Chex in large bowl and pour chocolate mixture over it until thoroughly combined. 3.  Place powdered sugar in ziploc bag  (or covered container). Then, add in chocolate covered Chex mixture. Seal container & shake until evenly coated. 4. Enjoy! *If you cannot find gluten free powdered sugar, substitute a homemade version of 1/3 c. granulated sugar & 1/2 tsp. rice flour combined in food … [Read more...]

@drinkmayesa Healthy Chocolate to help you maintain healthy resolutions & a chance to get 6-pk


Sponsored by Every year we make different goals to help us become healthier.  The problem is if we don't plan ahead or make feasible plans to achieve our goal than we just get discouraged.   Product Description  Can chocolate and good health go together? It sure can when you drink Mayesa! Made from organic cacao, and full of antioxidants along with Omega 3 & 6, this chocolate drink is also soy-free and dairy-free. The "Mint" flavor is also gluten-free. Mayesa is a healthy chocolate drink for children and adults alike. It’s rich, it’s delicious, and it’s Good for you! Mayesa is made from organic cacao (the purest form of chocolate). We blend hemp protein, rice and select spices for an indulgent and satisfying taste experience. We provide you with a tasty source of fiber, calcium, potassium, vitamin D and antioxidants. Our product is dairy free, lactose free, gluten free, has no cholesterol and no trans fats.  Cacao and hemp have been used for centuries … [Read more...]