Save America’s Mustangs to preserve American Heritage for the future #SaveAmericasMustangs #CBias


I am a small town Kansas girl at heart. However, my boys have for the majority of their lives lived in the city.  As a child, those days at my aunt & uncle's farm are some of my fondest memories. However, what stands out the most was when I was in 3rd grade, we went to visit my great aunt in Washington state. She had several horses, and one of them was a "star" horse that was on the show Northern Exposure. We spent 3 weeks traveling from Kansas to Washington visiting sites from the Grand Canyon to Disneyland yet family time riding horses is the most memorable. I don't remember the rides I rode at Disneyland, but I remember the feeling of riding my first horse, Bonnie. I have been wanting for a while to let my kids experience the small town living that I had grown accustomed to. Last weekend when we were back home visiting relatives, we went to one of my longtime friend's farm. My husband and I joke that I am the small town country girl and him the city boy who has never rode a … [Read more...]

Kid Basix: Safe Sporter Stainless Steel Water bottle #choosetoreuse #sustainability


About Kid BasixAt Kid Basix, we started a revolution when we rethought the sippy cup and created the Safe Sippy™ no-spill bottle from clean, non-leaching stainless steel. But while BPA-free products are still important to parents, the world is changing. Safety, value, the environment - they are all important now. And Kid Basix will continue to be at the forefront of that conversation as we !rethink: EVERYTHING. Reaction Kid Basix Safe Sporter is perfect for all 3 of my boys from age 3 to 7. The modern design makes it appear more grown-up while offering safer drinking thanks to the non-leaching stainless steel, BPA & phthalate free materials used to make the Kid Basix products. The Safe Sporter comes in 2 sizes: 12 ounce or 16 ounce along with a variety of colors to choose from. With a prolonged heat advisory, we have been getting a lot of use out of our Safe Sporter to keep us hydrated. I love the gripper to help kids get a good hold of their drink To buy or learn more … [Read more...]

Join us for Feed Me Friday Email Subscription Blog Hop

  <center><a href=""><img src="" /></a></center> Welcome to Feed Me Friday Blog Hop, hosted by Oh So Savvy Mom, Nap Time is My Time, Great Contradictions and Just Us Four! Feed Me Friday is a Blog Hop to help you meet new bloggers and build your e-mail subscription. Want to be a part of Feed Me Friday? Just follow these simple rules: … [Read more...]

Joovy Bicycoo BMX review from the eyes of a middle child


I never get bored of my kid's new accomplishments & 1st's. I am that mom that photographs every moment. I would just hate to miss that look of excitement of them realizing "I did it!" "Look at how big I am" type moments. Our middle son is turning 5 in August. The hard part about having 3 kids is that the middle one often is treated older or younger based on the situation. I try to put in perspective (and remind my husband) of how old each of them are so we don't treat them like babies or expect too much. Anyways, back to the task at hand. Hunter has been ready to move from tricycle to big boy bike. I have been doing research to figure out what to get him. Have you heard about balance bikes? Traditionally, training wheels are the way to go when teaching kids to ride a bike. They focus on learning to pedal and then learn to balance later. However, with balance bikes, they learn to balance first. Balance is the key to successfully learning to ride a … [Read more...]

Back to School Giveaway Event: Alarm Clock #Giveaway

All of our boys are early risers. There have been many mornings when one of the younger ones will come into our room before the sun is even up, ready to start the day. We have to continually send them back to their room. The Stoplight Alarm Clock is the perfect solution! It's a visual aid that shows kids when it's time to get up. The clock features red and green lights that can be easily set by parents. When the red light is on, kids know that it is still time to sleep. When the green light turns on, it gives kids the all clear to get out of bed. A digital clock and optional beeping alarm function are also included. There's a yellow light that can be used as a nightlight. We were sent a Stoplight clock to try out. The boys were a little surprised to get the girl version but they still thought it was neat. We put it in our two and four year old's room. They were so excited to use it! We explained what the lights meant and told them to watch for the green light. Sure enough, the next … [Read more...]

Back to School Giveaway Event: Ecojot #Giveaway

Notebooks are a back to school staple., which is based in Ontario, provides a variety of notebooks and other paper products, including calendars, jounals and sketchbooks. What makes them different though is that all of their stationary products are made from 100% post-consumer recycled paper. Not only are their products eco-friendly but they're also fun! Designer Carolyn Gavin gets inspiration from different artistic genres found in her travels and varying facets of life. I was sent the MP3 red notebook.   My kids love music so they really liked the design on the front. the notebook is really good quality. I can't stand when the spirals aren't done well and the paper gets caught or the pages won't turn. I didn't have any pf those problems with the ecojot notebook. Another thing I love about this company is that they give back through their GIVE program. With the purchase of a jumbo journal, ecojot will give a workbook to a child in need. This is important … [Read more...]

Back to School Giveaway: The Ultimate Green Store via @UltGreenStore #Giveaway

I am sure you have realized that both Belinda and I are seeking greener lifestyles for our growing families. One of the ways I was interested in "greening up" was my school supplies. That is why I was so excited to learn that we would get to partner with the Ultimate Green Store for our Back to School event! The Ultimate Green Store is one of the biggest retailers of eco-friendly and organic products. They have a huge selection of back-to-school products (including BPA-free lunchboxes and eco-backpacks) and baby and kids products as well as a wide variety of products for the home (including organic bedding and eco-kitchen products). I have been drooling over their selection of organic baby bedding ever since we found out we are expecting out 4th. I was sent a box of Soybean Blend Crayons. Living up to their name, the package arrived in eco-friendly packaging. You may be asking...WHY soy crayons? "Unlike most crayons which are made from paraffin wax derived from petroleum, … [Read more...]

@Oasap Vintage-inspired jewelry Fashion Review #shopping #beauty


When shopping online, one of the biggest drawbacks for me is paying shipping. Often the option is to spend $25 or $50+ for free shipping, but what if I only want an accessory? Hello Oasap! They offer free worldwide shipping on EVERY ORDER! If I just want to buy a jewelry, tights or anything else, I don't have to factor in the cost of shipping as well. ~Vintage Style Rose Pendant Necklace {$9.00}~ Vintage style necklace crafted in metal, featuring acrylic rose detail to the center of the engraved pendant set, a long chain with lobster closure. Reaction  I love the dainty appearance of the necklace without it being too delicate. As a mom of 3 boys,  I like to wear dainty feminine accessories. However, I need them to be durable as well. The Vintage style rose pendant can easily be worn casually or added to my evening outfits effortlessly with it's neutral cream color. The chain is also a great length and adjustable. The chain allows for versatility so I can adjust it to … [Read more...]

Wordless Wednesday: Freezy Tees for continued Heat Advisory {linky}


I have never been so ready for Summer to be over. We have been under Heat Advisory for WAY TOO LONG! We let the boys ride the bikes at 7 am since it was only 90 degrees at the time. Then, we needed to let them Cool Down...  When reading the latest Family Fun magazine, I love the Freezy Tee idea! To see how (or more ideas) visit Cool Off! 7 Beat the Heat Backyard Activities & Treats Dylan thought he would use his head... Hunter wanted to lick his until it melted... Elliott was patient enough to let his sit on the HOT concrete... and the winner is...   … [Read more...]

Back to School Giveaway Event: Mom’s Plan It Planner #Giveaway

I've mentioned before about how I really like to try and stay organized. With so many activities for the kids, I need some help keeping track of all the dates and times. The Mom's Plan-It 17 Month Calendar by Families With Purpose is perfect for that! It's a great way to keep track of important dates and appointments. I was sent the 2013 Mom's Plan It Christian Engagement Calendar. This is the same as the standard version but has a Bible verse on the cover. I love the size of the planner. At 6.5"x8.5" when closed, it easily fits in my purse. This way, I always have it with me and can easily check dates.The planner has a convenient pocket on the inside cover to keep receipts, notes, etc. There's a space for each calendar day with plenty of room to write down info. Each page also includes a tear off section for writing your grocery lost and a place to write down the week's menu. I really like this! So many times, I've gotten to the store and forgotten some of what I need. … [Read more...]