Not all Milk Alternatives are equal: Try Loaded Baked Potato Soup Recipe Using Silk Soy Milk #rethinkwhatyoudrink


Milk!?! It's one of those tough subjects that seems so simple, but can become so complicated without even realizing it. The thing about it is when I was a kid I don't remember people drinking anything except regular or chocolate milk (and not anything like the ones pictured below). When I started working at a health food store in college, I got curious about all the different milk alternatives. The funny thing was I hadn't even realized that dairy milk made me feel bad, because we just get so use to the way that we are. For 19 years, I let dairy milk make me miserable. It's interesting how small changes in your life can make you feel new again. That's what happened when I went away from dairy milk. It turns out I am lactose Intolerant.  To see more pictures from the Alternative Milk shop from home to spoon check out my google+ album I don't normally prefer to drink Original varieties of Soy Milk. I use them in cooking, but I generally drink the vanilla, chocolate, or sweetened … [Read more...]

Love Shutterfly for Custom Valentine’s


Do you love photo gifts as much as I do? See some of our past Valentine's from Shutterfly It helps all the great photo promotions that go on year round! Currently I have a $20 Shutterfly credit good for anything and free photo book that expire today. For the price of shipping (or a little extra depending on your wants), I think it's great to take advantage of these great deals for Valentine's Day and other upcoming holidays. We move around a lot, but I love to send special Valentine's to Aunts, Uncles, Grandparents, Greatparents, etc... to let them know they are loved and to see how the boys have grown. This is one of my favorite Valentine's. However, my boys are a bit anti-pink so I decided to keep looking ;) See what I made with my $20! Stationery card View the entire collection of cards. Want in on the great deals? Don't forget to sign up for their emails so you don't miss out on these promotions! ~~~ What do you love to make with all the photos you … [Read more...]

Tom’s of Maine “Be a Tooth Fairy Hero” & Giveaway #momsparkmedia


Tom's of Maine Silly Strawberry toothpaste has been a lifesaver for us! I have never wanted my boys to dread dental hygiene so I like to make sure they like the routine and products used. Among my 3 kids, I had one who didn't like the bubble gum and one who didn't like the mint. I didn't feel it necessary to buy 2 toothpastes. When I saw Tom's of Maine Silly Strawberry, I decided it was worth a shot. The fact that it is a natural toothpaste was a bonus. All of the boys chose Silly Strawberry and that is are primary toothpaste now! About Tom’s of Maine Silly Strawberry toothpaste is the first and only natural kid’s toothpaste to receive the American Dental Association’s Seal of Acceptance for its proven effectiveness. With no artificial dyes or sweeteners, Tom’s of Maine Silly Strawberry toothpaste gets its naturally sweet flavor from real strawberries New this month, Tom’s of Maine Wicked Cool! is Tom’s of Maine’s first natural toothpaste designed for kids ages 8 and over. … [Read more...]

Join us for Feed Me Friday Email Subscription Hop

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Join us for Feed Me Friday Email Subscription Hop featuring @xbrookeb28x

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Making Reindeer Food and playing Rise of the Guardians as a family #CouchCritic #CBias


The holidays are over. We didn't get to spend as much quality family time together this year on the actual Christmas Day since we were expecting a snowstorm & I had surgery scheduled for the day after Christmas. To be honest, my Christmas Day of silence and clear liquids was the most depressing Christmas ever. . So, with the release of the Wii video game Rise of the Guardians, I figured it was a good time to use up those marked down candy canes and enjoy some time together doing what we love...gaming and cooking! With us not having cable or high speed internet for streaming, we have been using Redbox for a while. Did you know that you can now rent video games at Redbox? Most rental stores charge $3-$4 a night for video game rentals so $2/night at Redbox is a great way to save money. I use online reservations so I know that the movie or game we want will be available. Reindeer Food is simple to make with so many easy tasks that everyone can do! {To see more pictures of us … [Read more...]

Udi’s Gluten Free for the holidays: Easy Rudolph Muffin Recipe


Udi's Gluten Free has many of our favorite foods that make our lives a little easier. As many of you know I pride myself on being a homemade mom, but sometimes life gets hectic. I love to rely on companies like Udi's that consistantly offer quality products. When traveling Gluten Free, we sometimes end up in places like my small hometown that has no gluten free options. We bring all ready made muffins, pizza crusts, etc... to help make my life easier. While I haven't had the opportunity to test their new products, I am super excited to find and in a store nearby to make my life easier. I trust Udi's Gluten Free to offer a great alternative to me baking when I either don't have the time or energy to bake myself! ~~~~~ We decided to use one of our favorites...Udi's Gluten Free Muffins to create Rudolph Muffins to celebrate the holidays. I have to admit when we bake gluten free cupcakes for Hunter rather than freezing the leftovers we often just eat them all. Udi's gluten free … [Read more...]

International Delight Iced Coffee Now offers a Light Version #LightIcedCoffee #CBias


Last May I introduced you all to International Delight's Iced Coffee as a way to save money in comparision to coffee shop drinks with an at-home version of Java Chip Frappuccino {see that post here} using International Delight Iced Coffee that was well-received.But.... I am not just about saving money, but finding healthier ways to indulge. As you can imagine, I was excited to find out that International Delight is coming out with a new light version of International Delight Iced Coffee available at Walmart. This new and improved Low-Sugar Coffee also has reduced calories! I highly suggest you update the recipe above with International Delight's new Light Version. When I order drinks at the coffee shops I usally order low fat sugar-free options, which was one of the setbacks of the regular version of International Delight Iced Coffee. While it was delicious, I usally mixed it with lowfat milk to offset the sugar and calories. However, diluting caused the flavor to be diluted as … [Read more...]

Little Passports: Last minute gift for the gift that keeps giving & giveaway!


Looking for a fun educational gift for your kids? Check Out Little Passports! About We are a San Francisco-based company founded by two moms wanting to design an inspiring and fun way for kids to learn about other countries and the 50 states. We each have young children and hope they'll take an active interest in the world at a young age. We plan on encouraging them to do so by providing them with opportunities and experiences that inspire the imagination. As we thought about how to do this, we remembered the anticipation and excitement we felt when we received mail as kids. We decided to incorporate this element of surprise and joy with the online games kids love today. We blended these two concepts and developed the idea of monthly travel packages, including letters, souvenirs, activities and online games. Reaction: As a parent, I love giving my kids gifts that keep giving. Seriously, who doesn't like to receive mail? We received the World version. Little Passports is a … [Read more...]

All I want for Christmas is a… Daisy Red Ryder BB Gun Review & #Giveaway #bb4me #CBias


I am a Midwestern girl. I grew up around hunting, fishing, etc... Those Outdoor Family Activities are what helped bond our family. As the one year anniversary of my stepdad's death has arrived, I hate that he's not going to be around to teach the boys to shoot & fish. I feel that it's my job to carry on those family traditions with or without him. This was my first trip to Bass Pro since he died. I didn't realize how nostalgic I was about this place, but it was like a flood of memories as I stepped through the doors. Off to Christmas shop... Santa's Wonderland at Bass Pro is our favorite place to go around the holidays!  To see more about our day Shopping for Daisy Red Ryder BB gun and the fun we had in Santa's Wonderland on Google + Click here) Over the years, we have had many holiday memories and one of them is watching A Christmas Story on Christmas day! TBS usually had a 24 hour marathon so one way or another we watched it! A Christmas Story movie is one of those … [Read more...]