Staycation in Oklahoma at Andy Alligator’s #ad


 Don't underestimate where you live for fun vacation ideas! When we are strapped for cash or time, staycations can be just the vacation we need. We recently had the opportunity to go to Andy Alligator's in Norman, Oklahoma for a dual park experience with their fun park and water park. It was quite the hidden treasure of Oklahoma! Fun the highway this is what we saw & it was enough to get the boys super excited about our fun surprise! {See my past post about current deals going on and more … [Continue]

Our Cottonelle Care Routine with DIY R2D2 wipe dispenser #ad


Back to school time is just around the corner. We not only have to worry about stocking up on school supplies, but also be prepared with a good care routine for Hunter. When he gets a gluten contamination, he needs comfort in the bathroom. For us, dealing with GI issues is not a time to save money when it comes toilet paper especially for my 6 year old being especially sensitive. We love Cottonelle! Cottonelle offers great prices (coupons often) and currently a freebie with purchase at Target. … [Continue]

KLUTCHclub: Monthly Subscription for health, wellness, & Fitness {Gluten Free too}


Subscription services are turning up from everything to eco-friendly to wellness. The appeal is getting to try new products, but I have signed up for a few that I was really disappointed in just about everything in the box. When I heard about KLUTCHclub I was really intrigued! KLUTCHclub is a health and wellness subscription box company.The biggest problem with subscription services is that with food restrictions or allergies you can't always have the option of getting a completely gluten free … [Continue]

Ad: Tyson Project A+ for School Donations & Kid-Friendly Chicken Hand-rolled Sushi #Clip4School


School funding is poor in Oklahoma and parent involvement (financially or time-wise) is sad. We are constantly providing donations for school to keep the out-of-pocket expenses low for the boys' teachers. As a homeroom parent, I am well aware of how little others help out and that really inspires me to want to help the teachers that much more knowing how hard it is to get help to provide the best experience for the kids! We went to Walmart to purchase some of the 30+ Tyson specially marked … [Continue]

Reading Kingdoms helping us have fun & be ready for school #ad


Summer time can be over-whelming trying to get the kids out of their school routine. The boys miss the structure of school so I like to keep them busy learning and staying active with projects. Our 8 year old is a strong reader, but I really wanted to get our 5 year old feeling more confident for 1st grade. With technology being a big part of our daily lives, Reading Kingdoms online reading program is a great way to help supply your kids with the skills to improve their … [Continue]

Great Day Farms Avocado Hard-boiled eggs #ad #greatday


 Last year when I got done feeling sorry for myself after the loss of my stepdad shortly followed by the spinal cord injury from the car wreck, I knew I needed to do something to get my body back on track. While eggs often get a bad reputation, they are a great protein-rich anytime food! When I am in a time crunch (or not wanting to heat up the house with this 100 degree weather), I love Great Day Farms hard-boiled eggs found in the deli section at Walmart. Along with leading days without … [Continue]

School Zone Alphabet Flash Cards Review #ad


School is out, but learning is still an important part of our days. We love creating food, science experiments, and more to keep our days exciting. I remember School Zone from when I was a child. With so many new educational companies, sometimes you need a company that you know provides reliable learning for your kids! School Zone  Alphabet Flash Cards are sold by Educational Toys Planet About Involve your child in the joy of learning the ABC. School Zone Alphabet Flash Cards bring … [Continue]

Gluten Free Cake batter Rice Krispies & Amazon giveaway for you


Happy Birthday to Me! Today is my birthday! Last year was a milestone (30!?!) now I am just another year older into my 30-somethings. I decided to go basic this year with Gluten Free Cake Batter Rice Krispies Treats. I am back in my hometown and didn't want to bring anymore than needed. [amd-zlrecipe-recipe:5] Now for the $25 Amazon e-giftcard... a Rafflecopter giveaway Please note: Giveaway is not sponsored … [Continue]

Make Everyday Father’s Day w/ Heart-Healthy Bigelow Earl Grey Coconut Avocado Ice Cream #AmericasTea


Tea seems like such a little thing, but the benefits are amazing! In May, I had the pleasure of meeting with the Bigelow Family for a once in a lifetime trip to Charleston, SC and the fabulous Charleston Tea Plantation. We did drink a lot of Bigelow Tea, but we did so much more than that! I was truly inspired by their family's passion not just for tea, but for their dedication to continuing family traditions and to focus on the health benefits as well. One of the many things I learned is that … [Continue]

Shop Your Way with Sears: Dress for your body with affordable fashion #ThisisStyle #shop


Fashion and beauty is a great way to reward ourselves for making steps to keep ourselves healthy! I am like most moms where I am on the back burner when it comes to getting something special for myself or making time for myself. Sears is a great place for me to find affordable fashion especially with their shop your way rewards! When I decided to do some online window shopping, look what I found about to expire... $27 was all the motivation I needed to make Sears even more affordable … [Continue]