Must try Skillet Scrambler w/ @GreatDayFarms Eggs for Tailgating! #shop


Fall has so many traditions that revolve around football such as Tailgating. Tailgating can be an awesome time to get creative with family time. I am a Kansas Girl and Kansans are pretty serious about their football team, KC Chiefs.  Whether or not the Chiefs are good, tailgating always is! Lots of people think of tailgating as grilling burgers, hot dogs, sausages, etc... However where I am from, tailgating is an all day affair. That means we need a serious breakfast to start the day off right … [Continue]

Creating natural freshness & Catbearding w/ @FreshStepLitter #ClubFreshStep #shop


  Our cats are an important part of our family! They are so great with our boys sensing when someone is sick and needs cuddling, entertaining us, etc... However, with the newest addition to our family, we have to be even more certain our cats have a happy environment . We have tried all kinds of cat litter over the past 10 years. The cat litter we buy is about more than just saving money. It's about keeping our furry ones happy. I love that Fresh Step Cat Litter is now using natural plant … [Continue]

Did I say that Out Loud: Conversations about Life Giveaway

  5 WINNERS !! This giveaway has been kindly brought to you by authorKelly McDermott Harman 2 Winners receive the SIGNED BOOK 3 Winners receive a $10 Amazon / Paypal Giftcard Ending on Sunday 20th October at 11.59pm EST Open Worldwide !! We’ve all had it – the “uh-oh” of wishing we could take back the comment that somehow escaped the filter between our brains and our mouths. Did I Say That Out Loud? is the tell-all account of the author’s … [Continue]

Did I Say that Out Loud: Conversations about Life Book Review #ad

Sometimes you just need a good laugh! There were moments where I laughed until I cried. Kelly Harman, I was laughing with you not at you with every turn of the page! Our lives get so hectic that we can't always appreciate the craziness that comes along with life. As I sat down to read Did I Say That Out Loud, I was mesmerized by the fact that this is totally about me! Not the exact specifics yet the general idea that crazy things happen that don't always seem quite so funny at the time. However, … [Continue]

Fon-Tuna Melts: Healthy Tuna melt swap using Ocean Naturals tuna! #OceanNaturals #shop


Recently I had been having trouble breathing so I thought it might have been allergies or shellfish reaction. It all came clear when I had an anaphylactic reaction like I had never had before. I was terrified and frustrated. Now what? I went to an allergist to know for sure what I was dealing with. I already knew that I had needed to avoid gluten, shellfish, peanuts, and oranges. I really was not prepared for the results! It turns out that my anaphylactic reaction was to chicken! I have a severe … [Continue]

Gluten Free Corn Dogs in honor of National Celiac Awareness Day!


Today is National Celiac Awareness Day (September 13th). We have been 100% gluten free for 5 years now. In honor of National Celiac Awareness day, I am sharing one of the boys' favorite convenience meals....Gluten Free Corn Dogs! What's so great about homemade is how I am able to create gluten free and healthier options of those such as by using Great Day Farms Organic Eggs or limiting sugar & other additives. Information and the availability of gluten free has come a long way during that … [Continue]

For Disney Pixar Cars lover, Disney Planes is a great gift for his collection! #WorldofCars #shop #cbias


 My baby turned 4!?! I am shocked that my youngest is 4 and they are all so grown up! The boys all have quirks and loves that they have kept over the years like Elliott's love of Disney Pixar Cars. Elliott watches Cars the movie, Cars 2, and Mater's Tall Tales religiously. The truck that Mater is based off is actually located about 10 minutes from my hometown Baxter Springs, KS. Being able to go to see Mater when we go back home is a real treat for them! The boys Papa who passed away about 2 … [Continue]

{Non-Alcoholic} Buttered Rum Apple Cider Drink & Chex Mix Fall Recipes with M&M’s & Mott’s #HarvestFun #cbias


We love finding reasons to celebrate and fall is our favorite! It's good to show your kids to take pleasure in the little things! We are still in the 90's, here in Oklahoma, but {fingers crossed} Fall weather is around the corner . In the meantime, Fall Recipes are helping remind us that it's coming!  Apples, pumpkins, candy corn, changing leaves, and who can forget apple cider recipes definitely remind me of fall. I am going to share my non-alcoholic buttered rum apple cider recipe using Mott's … [Continue]

Castle Rock Resort: Awesome Nearby Family Fun {Great Deals too!} #ad


We travel a lot! However, our traveling normally entails us driving from family's house to family's house since we don't live near to family. Sometimes we just need to spend some quality family time just the 5 of us. About 3 years ago, we went to Branson for a little getaway during fall break. We stayed at Castle Rock Resort & Waterpark and loved it! I didn't until I was writing this realize how long it has been since we took a real family getaway out of town. About Castle Rock Resort … [Continue]

Going Back to School Gluten Free: Recipes, Advice, & More!


Hunter is entering his 3rd year of school!?! I cannot believe that he is a first grader starting tomorrow. The last 2 years have been a great learning experience that is for sure; however, as he enters school this year, I am more confident in it! I have compiled some of my favorite things that make our life easier including our gluten free play dough, all kinds of recipes, and dealing with teachers & school administration. Hunter dealt with a bully last year that I spent the whole … [Continue]