Healthy Living

Healthy Living is my passion, which is why I love to encourage you to live a healthier life inside and out!

Environmentally Friendly

DIY Solar Oven

Upcycle Crayon (using Solar Oven or oven)

DIY Compost bin

DIY dishwasher detergent

more Environmentally Friendly Reviews, Tips, etc… are found here


While I am Gluten Free due to Celiac Disease, I focus on mostly naturally gluten free recipes that can adapt easily to anyone’s lifestyle. I am a mom of 3 who doesn’t have all the time in the world so my recipes are for the average home. I tend to cook with more natural sugars (like xylitol or stevia); However, sometimes we all deserve a treat as well so you will find a great variety of recipes here

Getting Back on Track 

You will never see me promote weight loss pills or unhealthy means to keep our body at it’s best. I promote healthy ways to get back on track  that inspire long-term changes to a healthy lifestyle.


The Fast Metabolism Book

Full Core