@Smarties for an allergy-friendly Valentine’s Day: Love Hearts, Extreme Sour, & some for you …oh my!


4 years down the Gluten Free path and there is so much more for me to learn... Sending the boys to school was definitely one of the hardest decision I ever made.  Hunter has had pneumonia a few times thanks to gluten breaking down his immune system.  Before me, I had never really meant anyone dealing with food allergies or food restrictions at this level.  I find it funny how people talk about me like I am some SuperMom.  How do you do it? they say.  Like anyone else, I just do what needs to be done while trying to stay balanced between over-reacting & under-reacting. Friday afterschool, our oldest son walks to the car with this around his neck in celebration of 100th day of school, so what do I do? Fruit Loops are scary! He gets in the car. His younger brothers (both Celieacs) are mesmerized by the colorful necklace.  I take a deep breathe (while panicing in my mind).  Me: Dylan zip up your jacket, do not touch anything else, and do not give your brothers anything.  We get … [Read more...]

Celebrating Love: Share, Remember, Cherish Giveaway *closed*


To me, love is in the little things... holding hands, kind words, simple gestures that come when you need them most. Celebrating Love: Share, Remember, Cherish follows Celebrating Mom in a new gift series from 1-800-flowers.com and Celebrations.com founder Jim McCann. Reinforcing the 1-800-flowers.com and Celebrations.com philosophy of helping customers express, connect, and celebrate, McCann balances the practical with the inspirational, and the poignant with the profound, inside this collection of authentic love stories. Full-color drawings illustrate the book throughout and are interspersed with meaningful quotes and little-known facts about love and affection. Divided into four sections based on the distinct seasons of love, Celebrating Love features 150 entries.  Don't forget to check out their current contest: 1-800-flowers.com "Love Note" contest on Facebook! To buy: Book can be found on: Amazon 1-800-flowers among many other locations On to the … [Read more...]

Between me and you "Honey" keepsake journal Review & Giveaway


Between you and me... "A great feature of the Between Me and You™ series thanks to the spiral-bound presentation is that you can simply tear out the pages that might not be relevant to your particular needs. You can even add your own personal questions or even photos on the blank pages that are provided in back. Give one to be filled out and returned by someone special. Or fill one out for that very special person in your life. They're also perfect for parents who'd like to record their own memories to hand down to their children. The result is a unique, handwritten journal that will be cherished for a lifetime. Several additional versions relevant to our many relationships are planned and will be released in the near future." Between Me and You Keepsake Journals are a fairly new line containing 15 different themes; however, in honor of Valentine's Day I am going to focus on the Honey journal. These keepsake journals are a great way to renew that bond between you and a loved one … [Read more...]

Indie Candy: Natural, Allergen-free Candy to make Valentine’s Day special!


"Indie Candy specializes in gourmet candies that are naturally allergen free. We create our own confections in-house as well as carrying the best of the allergen free candies curently on the market, particularly those from independent makers. Since I have a serious gluten intolerance and a less serious, but no less annoying, intolerance to milk and soy plus a child with multiple food allergies/sensitivities, I am my own customer. That means that I strive to create the most delicious products available because I am the one eating them!" ~Hanson Watkins President/CEO~ No matter whether you are wanting a treat for a special occasion or just for an average day indulgence, you won't be disappointed by these treats.  From seasonal candies to lollipops, Indie Candy is the place to go for allergen-friendly, natural candies.  Above is a picture of one of their lemon dark chocolate truffles.   I am a huge fan of lemon and dark chocolate, so it is no surprise that together it was pure … [Read more...]

This Is Your Brain in Love by Dr. Earl Henslin *book review*


"Believe me most people are not failing to get victory over their unwanted behavior because they aren't trying hard enough to change" is a hard concept for many to understand.  This is a key point of why this book is helpful.  Our brain is responsible for the way we are.  This book explains 5 brain imbalances that affect our ability to have healthy relationships (some we are born with and some develop from the result of a traumatic experience).  This book includes well-researched information to help you build a stronger relationship complete with quizzes, tips for overcoming the different types, and ways to interact with each type. With the divorce rate so high,  resources such as this book are very encouraging to achieving and maintaining a healthy relationship.  The Secrets to Lasting love was my favorite part.  Also, I truly enjoyed the logical approach of this book.  To me, what makes this book different is their ability to combine scientific research in a way that is relevant … [Read more...]

All you need is love


With Valentine's Day approaching, I am so excited about all the great products, recipes, and of course... (drumroll please) giveways that I have lined up.  Most people would rather have more than love for Valentine's Day, but the alternatives often revolves around food (p.s. not a fan of cut flowers it seems kind of pointless & morbid; yes, I even over-analyze the concept of cut flowers).  Pre-gluten free, my husband would always buy me chocolate covered strawberries for valentine's day(my absolute favorite).  Two years ago, I had to ask him to stop because as much as I loved them it wasn't enough to make me bear through the migraine, stomach cramping, etc... just to recreate a tradition.  I don't need those chocolate covered strawberries, but I will keep those loving memories that my husband has left of the history behind them.  I just keep accepting that Gluten Free can be even better (with a bit of creativity).  Let the creativity begin! … [Read more...]