DIY: Make your own #glutenfree playdough recipe #celiac


Today was the boys' first day of school.  Since Hunter is starting pre-k, we have a lot of gluten free issues to consider within the school.  4 year olds with playdough was definitely one of my major concerns, so Hunter & I are making weekly batches of playdough for the whole class.  I love those teachable moments!  Using everyday items to create playdough is a great way to show children how simple ingredients can have wonderful results.  Hunter at age 4 has now had the experience of playing with playdough! Gluten Free Playdough Ingredients: 1/3 c. rice flour 1/6 c. potato starch (2 2/3 TBSP) 1/6 c. salt (2 2/3 TBSP) 1 tsp xanthan gum 1/2 TBSP Cream of Tartar 1 tsp. koolaid powder (any color) 1/2 TBSP oil 1/2 c. warm water Directions: 1. Mix dry ingredients in a storage bag (or container).  Let your child help you by shaking to thoroughly mix ingredients. 2. Place warm water & oil in pan.  Then, add dry ingredients. 3. Heat mixture on med to med-low he at … [Read more...]

Party City Review & Giveaway


Party Planning is a never-ending task.  Once one holiday or event is over, there's another around the corner.  Party City is made up of two categories, everyday and seasonal.  Everyday makes up 80% of the store including birthdays, baby/wedding showers, and all those other events that make our days special.  Of course we can't forget about the seasonal holidays where Party City helps us create memorable holidays.  With Easter around the corner, Party City can help you plan a fun easter party for your friends and family.  From easter decorations to egg hunt supplies, Party City has a great selection at reasonable prices.  Currently, they are running a 50% off on Easter tableware. To buy:  Visit their website  Reaction: Party City has a user-friendly site where I was able to find all I needed and more.  Creating new (gluten free) traditions is important for each and every holiday, Party City made it so easy.  Take a look at their party packages and you will be amazed at how much … [Read more...]

Making new family traditions

When we embark on something new such as gluten free living, I think part of the issues stem from past family traditions. We did not begin our gluten free journey until our first son was about 3 and our second was 9 mos. old. I am trying to recreate for the first what is familiar while trying to keep the other healthy; however, anyone on this journey is aware that is no small task. In the past, we would occasionally go out to eat for breakfast especially McDonald playgrounds. We tried to just get yogurt parfaits (without the granola of course) yet the contamination always occurred. These days we go pick up breakfast (mcdonald parfait, gluten free muffins, or donuts) and take it to one of the many parks. It has become a healthier tradition that we all can look forward to each week. Once we were able to address what all of our boys felt like they were missing out on, then we were able to modify our old traditions to fit our new life. As for the donuts, I highly reccommend … [Read more...]