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We are not one size fits all, so there is no need for our beauty needs to be either.  I am almost down to the last 2 weeks of the 90 day beachbody program with RevAbs.  I have been working hard and enjoy treating myself without food. Beauty products are a great way to enhance & encourage all our efforts. So, what is worthy of our efforts... Imagine a company that offers cruelty free, vegan, & raw ingredients.  Then, combine that with the fact that the products are blended by hand in artisan-sized batches with a low-tech approach (absolutely no exposure to high heat, chemicals, or any other factors that might compromise the value and effectiveness of our creations). About Grateful Body "Following Mother Nature's rules . . . Biologically Appropriate Everything in nature contains all the power of nature. Everything is made of one hidden stuff.   ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson ~ Our body is very particular, very precise about what it uses to keep itself strong and … [Read more...]

@alphahydrox Montagne Jeunesse Masques Review


I am nearing the end of my 90 day Beach body program (to see click here).  There is more to being healthy than your physical appearance.  I think that learning to pamper yourself for your victories can boost your state of mind rather than setting yourself back with food.  Facials are a great way to relax & invigorate yourself.  However, spending the time or money getting one done professional can be discouraging.  The solution: Montagne Jeunesse!   About "Do you find yourself stressed out? In need of some R and R? A little "me time" perhaps? A spa day without the price tag? We have the perfect solution.... a Montagne Juenesse Masque! Montagne Juenesse masques are like Paradise in a packet! Each masque comes in its own packet and there many types and flavors to chose from; everything from mud masques to peel offs and flavored skin tonics. Every masque is designed to enhance your skin’s natural beauty and provide you with a little relaxation." To learn more visit … [Read more...]

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As a mom of 3, my fashion sense has always revolved around being stylish yet functional.  My wardrobe falls in this in-between category of classic and bohemian chic that I have collected over the years from thrift stores, boutiques, and mass merchants.  While I am a fan of shoes, my mom taught me early that comfort is key.  I have always loved to stretch my money further.  As a result, I won't purchase a pair of shoes that aren't comfortable, because odds are I won't get my money's worth.  High heels are fun since I am petite, but not worth the effort if they hurt my feet. During college, I was told for my professional life to splurge on a pair of heels and an actual suit.  I remember searching and searching for the perfect, comfortable heels.  It is hard sometimes finding comfortable shoes with personality.  I ended up falling in love with a pair of Naturalizer pumps.  I felt like a real grown-up walking around in heels and my feet did not hurt at the end of the day!  Thanks to … [Read more...]

@adventurehat Sun Hat Review & Giveaway (winner’s choice)


About Adventure Hat "everyone with a head is a potential customer" With women's, men's, and children's hats there is something for everyone.  They offer reasonable priced hats that are ranging from casual to elegant.  During summer, a women's crushable hat is essential for lounging at the pool or traveling to protect you from sun exposure.  Beyond summer, they offer options for every season and event imaginable.  With their measure your hat size feature, you can be confident your purchase.  However, if it doesn't work out, Adventure Hat does offer free US exchanges. Reaction The website is quite user-friendly allowing you to search several categories to pick the perfect hat.  I have a small head, so I appreciated the measure your hat size feature.  Once the product arrived, I was very impressed with the quality.  They proved I don't have to spend a lot on a hat to get excellent quality.  I received a crushable hat, so I had to try it out.  I wore it around during a normal … [Read more...]

Bosley Professional Strength Women’s Hair System Review & Giveaway


When we think of thinning or balding, images immediately go to men's receding hairlines and beyond.  However, since our medication, illness, infection, hormones or chemicals can affect our hair growth, women too suffer from thinning hair.  Auto-immune disorders can cause thinning hair.  When I was younger my hair was very thin.  Due to untreated Celiac Disease, I was malnourished and nutrient-deprived that provides an unfriendly atmosphere for hair growth.  Women normally notice their thinning hair on the top third to one half of the scalp, which can be more prominent when pullling the hair back.  Thankfully Bosley known for being "The World's Most Experienced Hair Restoration Expert" has non-invasive options to help you stop hair loss and  restore what you have lost! About Professional Strength For Women Specially formulated to nourish and invigorate your hair and scalp, our 5-step Professional Strength for Women includes Hair Regrowth Formula Treatment, a 2% Minoxidil topical … [Read more...]

Spongeables Review & Giveaway


Sponsored by Tomoson.com Bath time is one of my few sanctuaries that I have from my kids.  Bathes are my answer to not feeling well, relaxing, or just a place for quiet time.  It gets even better when I have a great bath cleanser that is just mine. Seriously, in a house filled with boys, I need a little bit of pampering!  Introducing Spongeables 4 in 1... Product Description Spongeables® Lavender Nectar provides a luxurious, tension-relieving way to recover from a bad night’s sleep, get a head start on the most hectic day – or recover one’s equilibrium after a long one. A patented infusion process provides a guaranteed number of uses. Lavish helpings of rich Olive Oil keep skin soft and restore supple, youthful resilience. And then there’s the gentle massage texture that turns from lightly exfoliating to soft and silky when you give it a squeeze…stress and muscle aches disappear down the drain, while the body complexion is buffed to a healthy glow. To buy or learn … [Read more...]

Solay Wellness Review and Giveaway {Detox Face Scrub}


In a corporate-driven society where us customers sometimes feel like we don't matter, Solay Wellness hears us.  They are inspired by both the passion and the purpose.  They are passionate about the power to change the world and they realize that small acts lead to positive changes whether with our body or our environment! About Solay Wellness product "At the core of our products is our pure Himalayan salt… and our core values. Our Himalayan salt, harvested from ancient, pollution-free seabeds, is rich in minerals and considered by many to be the purest salt on earth. Our artisan partners overseas hand-sculpt magnificent salt crystals to create exquisite lamps that are works of art and natural ionizers. We blend our salt with all natural and organic ingredients into exclusive formulas that work. We create only items we use ourselves. Our unique “living products” are freshly handcrafted in small batches, energetically enhanced, vegan, natural and organic, fair trade and eco-friendly. … [Read more...]

Salon Grafix: Travel sized invisible dry spray shampoo Review & Giveaway


If you haven't noticed I really like Salon Grafix.  They provide great quality products at prices that everyone can afford.  My hair is a dark auburn that is a prime candidate for showing residue from products, so the idea of dry shampoo has intimidated me.  However as an active mom, I don't always have time between working out to picking son up from school, grocery shopping, etc.. Salon Grafix's says... Salon Grafix's Invisible Dry Spray Shampoo goes on clear to clean  and refresh your hair-with no color and no powdery residue.  Just spray in and brush out. New Invisible Formula Neutralizes Odors No Powdery Residue Safe for All Hair Types To learn more about Salon Grafix visit their website Reaction I am impressed by how easy it was to use even for someone low maintenance like me.  I was concerned with my dark hair that the product would be visible later after brushing my hair, but there was no evidence that I cut any corners.  The only con that I came across was … [Read more...]

Soulful Coaching for busy women {Mother’s Day}


As a mom, our biggest flaw is often that we forget to give back to ourselves.  We spend so much time carpooling, packing lunches, laundry, cleaning, working, being the referee, and too many other tasks to name.  At the end of the day, we forgot about ourselves again... Is soulful coaching right for you? Create a Life and Career Path that is SOUL-CENTERED, HEART-HONORING, PASSION-FILLED, ABUNDANT, and deeply rooted in the wisdom of the FEMININE! ~Are you a creative & intelligent woman who wants more out of life, but has been unable to connect with yourself and your INNER WISDOM? ~Do you know you want a MORE CONNECTED, MORE MEANINGFUL and MORE SUCCESSFUL career, personal life, and vision for yourself? ~Do you sense it’s time to step more fully into your authentic Soul-VOICE, your true PASSION, and into your unique TALENTS and PURPOSE? ~If you answered YES to any of these questions, then you've arrived at the right place (& I want to speak with you!) Soulful coaching … [Read more...]

Mixbook Review & Giveaway {Mother’s Day}


About Mixbook Mixbook is the easy and fun way to make completely customizable photo books, cards, and calendars on the web – for free. With Mixbook, you aren’t limited to static pre-designed templates – our powerful design software gives you the freedom to lay out and design your creations to your heart’s content. We’ve dedicated ourselves to bringing you the best experience in creating photo products so that you can make keepsakes that truly reflect your vision. With Mixbook, you can truly Make It Yours™. Mixbook is perfect for: Photo Books - the world’s most customizable photo books, with gorgeous professional designs for books about your wedding, baby, family, vacation, school, sports team, and more! Photo Calendars - the best way to capture your year in memories to keep or share as a gift, Mixbook’s calendars are fully customizable – you can even add your own events or photos to the calendar grid! Birth Announcements, Invitations and Stationery - the first site on the web … [Read more...]