Saluting the Military with Red, White, & Blue Delight featuring Coffee-mate


In honor of our military heroes, Nestle Coffee-mate is proud to partner with Operation Homefront. Coffee-mate’s contribution helps Operation Homefront provide a wide range of support for military families. We all have ideas of what goes on as a soldier. Along with creating a patriotic twist of a family tradition in collaboration with #CollectiveBias, I wanted to be able to share a soldier's perspective to give you a personal look into what it was really like for "Rich*" (a family member). Let me share a story with you... "Rich" was in combat for about 30 months. During his time serving, Rich's MOS (job) in the army was first as a combat engineer. Then he changed to a forward observer. Brief summary from "Rich" on his experiences through his 30 months Highlights during deployment to Baquba Iraq in 2005 -2006 are: experienced first IED {improvised explosive device} convoy escort witnessed chow hall bombing helicopter shot down witness buddies … [Read more...]

Gluten Free Lego Cake Pops


Birthday parties (and holidays) are my thing! I absolutely love going above and beyond for my loved ones. I use to let the kids pick their party themes. However, character parties can get expensive. The last several years I have kept their parties a surprise until the unveiling of the invitations! I do not discuss any details beyond the theme. The kids are annoyed they have to wait, but seem to enjoy their parties even more! There is so much that goes into at-home parties that I am always on a mission to make my life easier while still keeping it fun. Last year when I was trying to prepare for valentine's day, I learned to make gluten free cake pops. I am so glad I decided to try making them since they have been a big hit! I was a bit intimidated by this adventure since I am a perfectionist. Buying a BakePops pan took away some of my worries. All 3 of my boys have become obsessed with Legos so creating a Lego party sounded fun. Suggested supplies BakePops pan chocolate … [Read more...]

Making Healthy Living easy, fun, & effective with Insync Natural Probiotic #NaturalProbiotic #shop


  Even though we know the facts that doesn't necessarily mean we always do what we should.  For example, as a mom managing a household with an auto-immune disorder, I understand why doing what we can do to stay healthy is important. However since my husband has been living in a different state, I have slacked on some of my usual healthy choices. I teach my kids that there are consequences to every action. My body is tired and picking up everything the boys bring home from school because I have not been making time for my healthy habits.  Overall one of my main goals this year is to find long-term solutions and stick with them. I know you know what I am talking about? Say you start eating a different way or start a new workout plan. Once you start seeing results you stop because you got what you wanted. In one way or another we are all guilty of this! Something that I have used in the past is a natural probiotic. Even though I was pleased with the results I stopped using them because I … [Read more...]

Banana Nut Breakfast Cookies


Mornings can be the most hectic time of the day. We have tried to establish a very specific routine and preparing ahead of time really helps. The night before we make sure all their homework is done, make breakfast (anything that requires more prep work than scrambled eggs), put snacks & water bottles in their backpack, and set their clothes out. The morning of I like to keep our routine to eat breakfast, brush teeth, get dressed, and coat/backpack on. How quick we are able to get our routine done means some playtime before we leave. Incentives are a quick way to make mornings flow smoothly! Bananas, rolled oats, nuts, and eggs are staples in our house and create this perfectly filling breakfast to start the day off right even in a hurry! Yesterday we went on a hike for an hour and these were a great treat when we got done!    The batter resembles oatmeal. If your kids are not fans of oatmeal, I suggest grinding up the rolled oats smaller. We like the texture of the oats in our … [Read more...]

Pistachio Crusted Salmon Patties #shop


  Happy New Year! The new year brings the inspiration of making over our body, our eating, or both. I am not very good at sticking to strict diets unless medically necessary. However I like to use parts of different diets to get inspired such as Paleo. Eggs are an easy way to eat paleo-inspired. Not too mention that eggs help me eat healthy even with limited time. If you are trying to lose weight, double up on protein instead of just cutting calories to help you lose fat instead of muscle. No time to cook? Check out Great Day Farms pre-boiled eggs found in the Walmart deli. The average egg has about 6 grams of protein!  I love dishes that look and sound like they take a lot of work but really don't. This is especially true if you like to make-ahead meals like I do!  To complete your meal Paleo style, stick with salad topped with pistachios and dairy free dressing. We had rice with ours as well.  If you are wondering what kids think....  This is my picky eater. He kept … [Read more...]

Gluten Free Gingerbread from a gluten free yellow cake mix


I can't believe that I just made gingerbread from a gluten free yellow cake mix. Desperate situations call for desperate measures! I am sure you will keep hearing this line for a while, but "we recently moved". Moving with food restrictions is not my favorite thing to do. I didn't really think about Christmas time not being the ideal time to be moving with all the specialty treats I would need to whip up at a moments notice. While we live near a bigger city with resources, I have been trying to make use of our town's gluten free options to get use to our surroundings. I have learned that our town's gluten free resources are extremely limited. I had placed subscribe and save orders on Amazon. However the ice storm delayed my packages filled with all the gluten free necessities for over a full week. Needless to say this is where the desperate situation comes in. I had to figure out how to make gingerbread out of a yellow cake mix that was all I had that resembled anything close. This … [Read more...]

Gluten Free Monster Cookies plus chance to win $250! #BakingIdeas #shop


Recently we lost John's grandmother( also known as Great Mimi to the boys). Great Mimi use to always keep a bowl filled with M&Ms for the great-grandkids. We loved that since M&Ms are on our safe list of gluten free candy. We now have the beloved Great Mimi M&Ms candy dish in our home so it is our job to keep the bowl full of M&Ms. Great Mimi usually kept Milk Chocolate M&M’s in the dish. While we love eating Peanut M&M’s, Plain M&M’s, or any other flavor by the handful from Great Mimi's candy dish, M&Ms make a delicious addition when baking cookies as well. Let's get to baking... Monster Cookies are the boys' absolute favorite cookies. Some people call monster cookies everything cookies. We love EVERYTHING about them especially when baked with M&Ms! We have recently moved. Everyone knows that cookies are the quickest way to make friends. We have been baking cookies for the neighbors, boys' teacher and school staff as well as my husband's … [Read more...]

DIY Gingerbread M&M’s Cheesecake Cookie Mix in a Jar #HolidayMM #shop


Like the Holidays are not hectic enough, we decided to add a move in to the mix! I have been working on putting together ideas for new neighbors, holiday gatherings, and any last minute gift ideas. Since  Gingerbread is one of my favorite seasonal flavors so it's no surprise that it inspires people to think outside of the box. M&M's have created a new Walmart exclusive--Gingerbread M&M's! They are so delicious! I am a huge fan of M&M's especially their seasonal flavors. I can honestly say that the Gingerbread one's are my new favorite. They had the perfect amount of gingerbread flavor paired with the loved flavor of M&M's that is just heavenly. Even just as a snack right out of the bag! If you want more (or are trying Gingerbread M&M's for the first time), don't miss the coupon found at the bottom! When I go to people's houses, I am always impressed by their specialty snacks or cookies only to find out they are store-bought. I know we don't all have time to make … [Read more...]

Gluten Free Crust-Free Coconut Meringue Pie #shop


We all need to have some holiday dishes that we can create effortlessly with stuff we normally have in the kitchen. With food allergies that sometimes seems impossible. Case in point that I am not a huge fan of making pie crust. I can make pie crust, but the tedious act is dreaded. When buying pie crust, I normally pick up one that is cracked or worse yet the store that I stop at  every single gluten free crust broken. You must try this Gluten Free Crust-Free Coconut Meringue Pie! The filling is like a coconut custard and the bottom browns into a magically delicious crust. Top it will a light meringue made with Great Day Farms cage free eggs and you have a holiday favorite loved by all (especially the one who has to "slave" away baking)!  I think an egg separator is great for making sure to properly separate the yolk from the egg whites. Did you know that any fat (oil/butter residue or egg yolk) will keep your meringue from getting the right volume and fluff? Simple ingredients … [Read more...]

Chai-infused Creme Brulee French Toast Bake #AmericasTea #cbias


Bigelow Tea has been around for almost 70 years! Even better is when they realize that what is good about their brand such as their high quality tea that can be found at convenient places like Walmart should not change! However, Bigelow Tea packaging can be a way to change the brand without changing the quality. Bigelow is an inspiring brand to me because the value family and making the world a better place with their stance on sustainability.  To see more of my shopping experience for Bigelow Tea, visit my google + album here ~~~~~ Bigelow Tea has improved their packaging, but don't fret about the quality inside! What  stayed the same: Flavors Ingredients Number of Tea Bags per box What's Changed? The name of the employee who packed that box and an easier to read best by date. A convenient tuck tab that makes it easier to open and close the new box. Not too mention the barcodes are adorable! Bigelow Tea has added 1 of 9 unique stories to the top of … [Read more...]