How Gluten Free Brightens our Day! Could it yours too? Featuring Udi’s Gluten Free


You can't seem to go anywhere without hearing about gluten free this and gluten free that. When we went gluten free over 5 years ago, the convenience factor of gluten free didn't quite exist and if it did the flavors were not right. Maybe it was due to where we were located, but we were forced to learn to adapt without the convenience foods. I know I have discussed our reasons for being gluten free before, but for those who are new to Great Contradictions: Meet Hunter (he's the one in the middle) Hunter is how I found out I had Celiac Disease after over 20 years of not knowing. I usually could not get my weight to 100 pounds, tired all the time, constitipated, upset stomach, bloated, chronic migraines, and a lot of other symptoms that no one had ever tried to get to the root cause of. Now back to Hunter...When he was 6 months old, we knew something was wrong because he was losing weight, really tired, and who can forget 10+ poops a day. When Hunter stopped sitting up and … [Read more...]

Camellia Warm Therapy Natural Pain Relieving Gel Review & Giveaway


Almost two months ago, we were in a car wreck. While the physical injuries have mostly faded. I am left with a neck brace along with pain in my neck and shoulder area. However as a mom of 3, I don't have the luxury of relying on muscle relaxers and pain killers to help me function. Product Description Back pain, aching joints, sprains or sore muscles...all will feel the amazing instant relief that Camellia Pain Relief Gel can bring, simply by applying it to your skin over the affected spot. Natural ingredients like menthol, camphor, aloe and capsaicin synergistically deliver the combination of cold and heat therapy that doctors recommend, with results that last for hours. First It Cools You Down Immediately upon application, you'll feel the refreshing chill of camphor, menthol and aloe vera as they go to work calming inflamed or swollen muscles, tendons and joints. Then It Warms You Up Later, the soothing warmth of capsaicin (the "heat" compound in chili peppers) will take … [Read more...]

@Trilighthealth Herbal solutions to help you get the most out of life {Earth Day}


About For over 20 years now, we at TriLight Health have faithfully supplied our customers nationwide with our high quality line of liquid herbal products. We were the first company to specialize in great tasting, non-alcoholic herbal formulas for pregnancy, children and the family. Our exclusive 3 Stage Liquid Light Process is what makes our products Fast Acting and Effective for Adults, but Taste so good that Children will Love them! Peace Treaty Peace Treaty was an original Cherokee Heritage formula, created by Lyle's mentor, the late 7th Generation Cherokee Herbalist D. Walt Burchett, or "Medicine Bear." This wonderfully soothing combination of herbs has been used to naturally support the central nervous system, body and mind relaxation, and sound sleep. Children with ADD or ADHD have responded favorably to this formula also. Reaction 2 weeks ago I was in a serious car wreck that left me temporarily paralyzed and aching from head to toe. I have not been able to calm my body. … [Read more...]

Need lipbalm? Eco Lips Review & Giveaway


Gluten free beauty products or not?  Even if you don't need to be gluten free, but your child/spouse/etc does, you could be contaminating them with your lip balm.  However, many companies who once claimed gluten free are no longer claiming gluten free anymore.  That is why I was so happy to find Eco Lips they proudly announce all of their lipbalms are gluten free.  My favorite part about Eco Lips is their variety:  from kids lipbalms to tinted they have a kind for you. Their Story In the early 1990s, Andrea Danielson began brewing small batches of natural lip balm in her kitchen for her friends and family. She took great care in handcrafting the balm and packaging it in small amber glass jars to preserve the freshness of the pure ingredients. Andrea didn’t realize that by giving a sample of her natural lip creation to Steve Shriver, her life would be changed forever. Having larger than average lips, Steve was continually searching for a better lip balm. When Steve met Andrea … [Read more...]