Suggestions for Allergy-Friendly Easter @Smarties @YummyEarthCandy along with some #GlitternGlue & #EasterSmiles #cbias


{Smarties are a safe allergy-friendly option}  {Yummy Earth Sour Beans}  {Elmer's Glitter n Glue ideas: pictured below my Easter wreath & find more suggestions via Elmer's on Pinterest} {Easter Bunny Coconut Cake} {Find Suggestions with Easter Smiles via CBSocially on Pinterest} Please note: This post is not compensated beyond original reviews just supporting great brands & bloggers. … [Read more...]

Use @Elmers to create DIY frugal Snowman Lanterns from recycled bottles #ElmersHoliday #GlueNGlitter #cbias

snowman family

The holiday season is here!  This year has been pretty eventful in our household so I am trying to help the kids to spread the true spirit of Christmas & constantly reminding them that Christmas is not about how much money we spend.  Instead we are helping them to focus on the fact that  Christmas is about doing things for others no matter how big or small it seems.  I have seen these adorable Snowman lanterns and decided that these would be perfect to give to teachers & hostesses for Christmas! Walmart is a great place for one-stop shopping.  I was able to search for gifts, craft supplies, and more without dragging the boys from store to store.  I won't lie that I love shopping at Hobby Lobby & Michael's, but only when I have a 40% coupon does it make it worth going.  However, then I feel like I can only purchase one item at a time, which makes me make several trips to those craft stores.  As far as Walmart, with so many departments it just makes it easier for me to … [Read more...]

DIY using @elmers glue spots: no carve Pumpkin ideas #GlueNGlitter #cbias


Carving Pumpkins can be fun, but with 3 children under the age of 6 it is an ordeal.  Their patience runs thin while waiting, they want to help, etc...  Carving pumpkins also is something that either needs to be close to Halloween or you have a rotten pumpkin to greet you shortly.  Using Elmer's glue spots & painters markers can give you the perfect Fall look and preserve your pumpkin unlike carving.  I have created an easy family project to help you get the most out of your pumpkin using Elmer products and other craft supplies found at Wal-Mart. pumpkin (real or fake) black pipe cleaners: 5 per spider googly eyes (any size or style) Elmer's CraftBond glue spots (thin medium) 5 Pack Elmer's Painters Markers Elmer's Metallic Painters Marker Elmer's Jumbo  3-D Glitter Paint Pens  Directions: Create a spiderweb on the pumpkin using metallic Painters Marker Once spiderweb is dry, use Elmer's 3-D glitter paint pens to add as much detail as you like. … [Read more...]