Reading Kingdoms helping us have fun & be ready for school #ad


Summer time can be over-whelming trying to get the kids out of their school routine. The boys miss the structure of school so I like to keep them busy learning and staying active with projects. Our 8 year old is a strong reader, but I really wanted to get our 5 year old feeling more confident for 1st grade. With technology being a big part of our daily lives, Reading Kingdoms online reading program is a great way to help supply your kids with the skills to improve their reading. About Reading Kingdom is an award-winning online program that teaches children 4-10 to read and write to a 3rd grade level. The program is based on the work of Dr. Marion Blank from Columbia University, one of the world's top experts on reading and language development. It uses her patented and research based "6-SIM" (Six Skill Integrated Method) technique that yields incredible results. Reaction  If the kids need to take a quick break... Hunter has the intelligence to read. However, getting him to … [Read more...]

Fruti all natural fruit bars save the day as a mom-approved healthy snack #FreshNFruti #cbias


Due to new regulations, I am obligated to let you know up front that this is a sponsored post in collaboration with Fruti & CBias Actions speak louder than words is how we teach our kids about healthy living! Showing our kids to make healthy choices should be something that we are able to make fun and help them to make these decisions on their own as they get older. My boys are now 3, 5, & 8. They have come to expect that mommy wants to keep them healthy with physical activity and healthy eating. During nice days, we walk the 1/2 mile to and from  school. As well as on the weekends, we make a point to always find ways to keep them active. This past weekend we participated in our first 5k as a family in the Color Run event! With media constantly promoting everything from sugary treats and drinks to fast food, children don't always get the right message. Seriously as I am writing this, there is a McDonald's commercial in the background that has my kids mesmerized. These … [Read more...]

Portable North Pole: Inspiring Children to Keep Believing in the Impossible for as low as free!


Christmas time is magical! I know that my boys aren't going to believe in Santa forever, but I love that they do now! Our 5 & 8 year old sometimes ask questions that make me wonder if they are questioning if Santa is real. We do our best to keep that magic alive to re-inspire their imagination to believe in the impossible! Portable North Pole has some great options to help keep them believing and some of them are even free! About Portable North Pole Make the magic of the holiday season last forever with these new product offerings from Portable North Pole; all are available on As part of Portable North Pole’s Christmas Program, each time a Portable North Pole product is purchased, 5% of the sale price will go directly to affiliated children’s hospitals in the U.S., Canada, UK, Ireland and France. Portable North Pole’s standard Santa’s Video (Suggested Retail: Free) A FREE personalized video message from Santa Claus, filled with magic and … [Read more...]

SPORTS ILLUSTRATED Kids: Stocking Stuffer Ideas that keep giving!


Still looking for ideas for Christmas? SPORTS ILLUSTRATED Kids is THE magazine for boys and girls who love sports. It presents sports the way kids want to read about them: with great action photos, easy-to-read stories about star athletes, helpful instructional tips from the pros, and humor, comics, and activities. SI Kids is a great way to encourage kids to read, and it has won highest honors from the Association of Educational Publishers and the Parents' Choice Award. Special Offer: Receive an entire year of SI Kids in print and on tablet for only $19.95! You can subscribe HERE. Need more reasons to give the gift of SI Kids this season? Reason #1: It’s the perfect stocking stuffer. Reason #2: It promotes reading for children who are reluctant readers. Reason #3: Each issue is full of exciting stories, photos and games that are a perfect distraction while traveling. Reason #4: No gift wrapping – it’s delivered straight to your door. Reason #5: It’s the gift that … [Read more...]

Joovy Bicycoo BMX review from the eyes of a middle child


I never get bored of my kid's new accomplishments & 1st's. I am that mom that photographs every moment. I would just hate to miss that look of excitement of them realizing "I did it!" "Look at how big I am" type moments. Our middle son is turning 5 in August. The hard part about having 3 kids is that the middle one often is treated older or younger based on the situation. I try to put in perspective (and remind my husband) of how old each of them are so we don't treat them like babies or expect too much. Anyways, back to the task at hand. Hunter has been ready to move from tricycle to big boy bike. I have been doing research to figure out what to get him. Have you heard about balance bikes? Traditionally, training wheels are the way to go when teaching kids to ride a bike. They focus on learning to pedal and then learn to balance later. However, with balance bikes, they learn to balance first. Balance is the key to successfully learning to ride a … [Read more...]

@WHCostumes The Everyday Iron Man Toddler Costume Review & $25 #Giveaway


Between my health, too many deaths, and the recent car wreck, life has not really given us much of a break. It has been difficult on the boys to make trips back to my hometown since PaPa passed away. I took the opportunity during our last visit to let the boys be Superheros for the day! Costumes are a great way to make hard moments easier. Wholesale Halloween Costumes offers great variety at reasonable prices.  From Baby & Toddler costumes to adults.   Toddler Muscle Chest Iron Man Costume Bring a big screen hero home with you when you get your boy the Toddler Muscle Chest Iron Man Costume. The Iron Man outfit for boys includes a jumpsuit with muscle padded shoulders and torso. A soft, fabric character head piece completes one great looking super hero outfit. The Iron Man costume is available in small and medium toddler sizes and will fit boys up to a size of 4T comfortably. This is an officially licensed costume and the very best in super hero Halloween costumes that … [Read more...]

Green Kid Crafts provides sustainable & creativity craft subscriptions {Earth Day}


Founded in 2010, Green Kid Crafts is the original earth-friendly, craft  subscription company. We are a mom-owned, green company that offers natural, sustainable, and responsible choices for craft projects. We believe that the green movement helps people make better decisions in their daily lives for a healthier environment. Our green craft kits are an inexpensive tool for parents and teachers to use to educate children about recycling, reducing waste, and protecting the environment. Click here to see some of our favorite GREEN KID CRAFTS! Our business strives to be natural, sustainable, and responsible.   ABOUT OUR ENVIRONMENTAL COMMITMENT: We use recycled content wherever we can. We work to make sure all craft supplies can be recycled. We avoid craft foams and plastics. We minimize packaging and printing, and we print double-sided. We use recycled labels and paper envelopes for shipping. We use plant-based sustainable and compostable clear packaging. We … [Read more...]

@YummyEarthCandy Naturals Sour Beans: Great for an allergy-friendly Easter! #momsparkmedia


Jelly Beans are a staple of Easter, but most contain chemicals & probability of gluten cross-contamination not too mentions a lot of ingredients I don't want to give my kids... {label from unnamed jelly bean package} Thanks to Yummy Earth living a healthy lifestyle doesn't necessarily mean we have to leave behind candy... Reaction I am such a kid at heart. I have always loved sour candies so I may be biased. These are some of the best jelly beans I have ever tasted! When it comes to running a household with food restrictions and auto-immune disorders, we have to be more conscious of what we eat not just for contamination reasons, but for the sake of building up our immune system.I am allergic to peanuts on top of being a Celiac so when dealing with candy it always seems like it either has a possibility of peanuts or gluten. Hooray for Yummy Earth for creating a healthier version of a well-loved Easter favorite that exceeds expectations of what a jelly bean should be! They … [Read more...]

“Hopping” for an allergy-friendly Easter w/ @Smarties craft {treat for 3 lucky readers too}


Smarties has proven to be a timeless classic from everyday pleasures to holidays (see Valentine's Day & Halloween). Did you know that Smarties has an Easter variety? Smarties are great for eating, but there are lots of fun ways to use & display Smarties. Try this easy diy easter bunny for a nice way to present Smarties.    Supplies socks (extra "green" credit for using unmatched socks) ribbon goggly eyes pom poms (nose & tail) pink & white foam sheets (cut into ear shape; white slightly bigger than the pink inset) Elmer's glue spots Smarties Easter Rolls 1. Place about 5-7 rolls of Smarties in sock to 'stuff" like a bunny. 2. Tie ribbon about an inch from the toe to make head. Glue eyes, pom-pom for nose, and foam ears with Elmer's glue spots (or your favorite adhesive). 3. Fold excess sock inside under Smarties Rolls to secure without looking bulky. 3. Glue larger pom-pom to end for the cotton tail :) a Rafflecopter … [Read more...]

Creativity Matters: Join @LisaLoeb & @Crayola for “Inside the Crayon Box”


Creativity matters. It´s a skill that all children can learn and when it´s practiced every day, kids become the critical thinkers, problem solvers, and leaders in the classroom, and they´re better prepared for professions of the 21st century. Crayola wants every child to be creatively alive, so they´re inviting parents "Inside the Crayon Box," for a special live chat with celebrities and trusted parenting experts that will inspire and spark ideas to expand your child´s creative thinking. If you find yourself looking for new ways to inspire your children to express their ideas and build their creativity, you´ll want to join us to learn and share! The first "Inside the Crayon Box" live chat is Wednesday, March 7 at 9 p.m. EST. Join Crayola and musician, children´s author and mom, Lisa Loeb for a 45-minute live streaming video chat on the Crayola Facebook Page.Lisa, best-known for her number one hit "Stay (I Missed You)," will share as personal stories, practical advice and ways … [Read more...]