Make every day Earth Day with these tips


Spring time I am always trying to come up with more ways to live an eco-friendly lifestyle. There was a time when I put minimal effort into making green choices. However over time, I realized that really you CAN make a difference when you make minimal effort in lots of ways! I have compiled some of my favorite ways to live an eco-friendly lifestyle that do not cost a fortune. Beginning with 2 of my most popular posts: DIY Compost Bin and DIY Solar Oven ~Start your own Garden Starting your own garden does not require a lot of space, time, or money. For years, I stuck to containers only since we had limited space and moved often. Now we have a full garden with lots of edibles and pretty things to look at! Some of our favorite things to grow that have been low maintenance are greens, herbs, tomatoes, peppers, and strawberries. This year we are starting a few new things in the garden. The good thing about gardening is that it's okay to mess up! Those mistakes teach us what doesn't … [Read more...]

DIY Green Tea Lip Balm with Bigelow Tea


This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #AmericasTea #CollectiveBias March and April are my favorite times to go green with Saint Patrick's Day, Earth Day approaching, and who can forget the much anticipated Spring! When we start thinking about St. Patrick's Day, we immediately think of green everything even green tea, foods, etc... Green Tea is one of my favorite ways to enjoy tea. It has a nice subtle flavor for days when I want more tea but do not want a lot of caffeine. Bigelow Green Tea is available in original, lemon, pomegranate, mango, and so many more flavors. Bigelow Tea is found at many retailers including Walmart (my favorite place to stock up on tea). Bigelow Tea values doing their part in being sustainable {click here to read more about it}. It inspires me that such a well-known brand makes the effort to be green. Remember going green doesn't have to be difficult! I love to find ways to make green … [Read more...]

Optic White Smile with Colgate Express White {DIY Mint Latte Lip Scrub}


This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #OpticSmiles #CollectiveBias Over time our features change to give away our age. The whiteness of our smile is one of the obvious signs of our aging beauty. We go through a lot of coffee and tea in our household. Those drinks just happen to stain teeth even with regularly brushing and flossing. During my recent trip to Walmart, I picked up Colgate® Optic White® Express White to try to turn back time with my smile.  After looking through some past pictures, I noticed that I generally smile with a closed mouth. I have dealt with crooked and stained teeth for years. I guess subconsciously I have always tried to hard them. Join me on the journey to open-mouthed smiles, smoother lips, and a brighter smile! Unlike most whitening toothpastes, Colgate® Optic White® Express White Toothpaste contains the professionally recommended ingredient hydrogen peroxide to whiten faster. This … [Read more...]

Welcome Fall with Febreze Home Harvest Collection & Burlap Bows


Please note: Please note this post is sponsored in participation with Shespeaks and client #FebrezeFall Fall is my absolute favorite time of the year! The moment the temperature starts to drop is the moment I start dreaming about vibrant Fall colors, rustic decor, and delicious Fall scents! Febreze Home Harvest Collection is now available at a Wal-Mart near you with new scents like Toasted Almond, Sugared Cranberry, Spiced Pear, Vanilla Latte and Autumn Harvest. What's your favorite Fall Scent? Febreze is my favorite brand to scent my home especially with the Febreze Noticeables features that I love: Alternates 2 scents such such vanilla & sugar for Vanilla Latte and Sandalwood & Chai for Autumn Harvest Ability to switch the Febreze Noticeable intensity from low to high with a switch located on the back. We prefer low with a non-overpowering scent that smells like home! New seasonal scents enough said with all the current ones listed! Blends seamlessly with our … [Read more...]

Palmolive Dish Soap Ideas: Scratch Off Cards #Palmolive25ways #cbias


This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #CollectiveBias The end of summer is a hectic and expensive time of the year for our family! Along with summer vacations and back to school shopping, we also have 2 birthdays! Stretching our money and finding bargains is a fun game for me with obvious perks especially this time of year. Not too mention that  I love using my creative side to come up with fun new ways to use items already in the pantry. Palmolive Dish Soap uses go well beyond our kitchen sink with #Palmolive25Ways! Read on to see how we created these scratch off cards with Palmolive Dish Soap that we picked up at Wal-Mart and a few simple supplies. Palmolive dish soap is tough on grease while soft on hands making it a perfect match for any of our needs! Not too mention the Beachy Breeze offered a nice scent! Basic Supplies Needed: Palmolive Dish Soap Silver Acrylic Paint Clear Tape (I like packing … [Read more...]

Eggshell Mosaic Birdhouse & other garden uses for Great Day Farms eggs #ad


  There's something about Spring that brings out my green side. I am in gardening mode now and couldn't be happier digging in the dirt with my boys! I would love to share some ways to use your leftover Great Day Farms eggshells and packaging to create a fun & healthy garden! Use Great Day Farms eggshells, egg carton, and strawberry clamshell to create a mini greenhouse here Put them crushed in you garden or compost bin to add nutrients to your soil. Don't have a compost bin? Make your own with my easy tutorial  Use brown eggshells from Great Day Farms Cage Free eggs to create this personal eggshell mosaic family tree along with canvas and assorted stampers (click here to see it)  and last but not least... Eggshell Mosaic Bird Feeder featured on Great Day Farms. Go now to see how it turned out! {click here}   … [Read more...]

Greenhouse made from recycled goods complete w/ eggshells for starting seeds #sustainability


Every year I try to add more ways to be green! As you look at your "trash" try to decide what you might be able to turn it into rather than placing it in the trash. What's great about recycling is that you can also save money too! We go through a lot of eggs so reusing our Great Day Farms  egg carton and shells made sense to me. Not too mention, being such a sustainable way to save even more money with our own garden. Compost is great for your garden and some towns offer it for free. However, if you want to learn to compost, click here  to find my how to make your own compost bin.  Supplies: Great Day Farms egg carton Great Day Farms eggshells (save your shells after cracking) produce clamshells (such as from grapes or strawberries) potting soil seeds spray bottle Directions: 1. Cut Great Day Farms egg carton into the right size for your container. 6 eggs was the right size for my strawberry container. Place into of clamshell.  2. Place half a Great Day … [Read more...]

DIY Eggshell Mosaic: Projects to help you wasteless! #shop


This is a Great Day Farms sponsored post in collaboration with me being a Great Day Farms blogger. As a healthy living blogger, their sustainability efforts inspire me.We are always trying to find ways to waste less in our household. We go through a lot of eggs in our house. We have known for a while how nutritious eggshells are for our compost bin to make better compost for our plants (click here to learn to make your own bin). However, I have been trying to figure out what else we could do with all our Great Day Farms cage free eggshells. I couple of years ago I made an oil painted tree for my grandma. The brown reminded me of the tree. All you need are your washed brown eggshells, canvas, glue, mod podge, and some inkpads to create a personal eggshell mosaic tree. Of course, white eggshells can be dyed or painted! ~~~~~ Crush the eggshells into small pieces. Use glue of choice to glue on layer of eggshell mosaic. Allow to Dry. Look over tree for any white patches that need … [Read more...]

Our Cottonelle Care Routine with DIY R2D2 wipe dispenser #ad


Back to school time is just around the corner. We not only have to worry about stocking up on school supplies, but also be prepared with a good care routine for Hunter. When he gets a gluten contamination, he needs comfort in the bathroom. For us, dealing with GI issues is not a time to save money when it comes toilet paper especially for my 6 year old being especially sensitive. We love Cottonelle! Cottonelle offers great prices (coupons often) and currently a freebie with purchase at Target. Below see how we are making our care routine fun for the boys!  I bought two 18-pack Cottonelle packages and was able to score a free Cottonelle Wipe dispenser! To see more pictures from our Target shop for Cottonelle Care Routine visit my google + album {click here}  I have 3 boys who are all about Star Wars. I have seen diy on how to create R2D2 trashcans so I started thinking maybe I could do a smaller version of that to make our Cottonelle Care Routine memorable for them. I know it must … [Read more...]

Upcycle Broken Crayons: Use Solar Oven (or oven) to make crayons #sustainability


If you have kids, odds are likely you have some broken crayons... You can easily turn them into fun shapes with the help from the sun on warm days (or oven to speed up the process)! ~Peel off wrappers~ This is a great job for all ages. See my 3 year old helping me! ~Place crayons in selected molds~ We are making these are party favors for a birthday, so we selected lego brick & minifigure molds. There really is no right or wrong way to do this. You can break the pieces smaller to melt quicker as well as you can do solid or go for a tie dye effect. ~~~~~ If using a solar oven, see my how-to so that you can make your own by clicking here! Place the solar oven out for a few hours before you start cooking, so it can warm up. Depending on the temperature, this could take all day. You can also cook part of the time in the solar oven then switch to the oven if the temperature starts cooling down before the crayons are melted. For next to nothing, we made are broken … [Read more...]