Spooktacular date night: Celebrate Halloween w/ Scream 4 from @redbox (recipe & ideas included) #CouchCritics #cbias


It's Halloween & you finally have your little ghosts & goblins to sleep. Back in college, we might have went to a costume party, but no one to watch the kids.  Now what?  Date Night at home! Step#1: Grocery Shopping: Wal-Mart is a great one-stop shop!   While shopping for supplies for date night, I stumbled upon something of use in the popcorn section...Who doesn't love a deal? While looking for snacks, I found out if I went for the Smart Pop! over the movie theater butter popcorn that I could get 2 free redbox movies.  While it is not stated anywhere, please note that the popcorn codes are only for use at Wal-Mart Redbox Kiosks. Step#2: Setting the mood: This differs for everyone, but we went with some elegant yet disposable dishes.  Yes, disposable! Clean up after a long day isn't exactly a priority on my to-do list.  Also, we added some led candles for moodlighting.  For example, check out your local Wal-Mart's party supply or seasonal section for some … [Read more...]