Yours and Mine Date Night


This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #CollectiveBias Relationships always begin with the best of intentions to make time for each other and to never lose that passion (or a reminder of it). I find it frustrating about the "myth" that once you get married and/or have kids that couple time is gone.  The passion doesn't have to disappear. I am sure I am not alone in the over-whelming to-do list. However, we still make time to stay connected 11 years later in the chaos of life with 3 boys. When we go see relatives, we love to take advantage of convenient sitters (aka the grandparents) for date night. Meet us in the beginning #Yoursandmine  This was after a concert back in 2004. This was us in college BEFORE we were married, working full-time jobs, or had 3 sons. This was when really all we had to do was go to classes, work jobs with limited responsibilities, and spend time with each other & friends doing whatever … [Read more...]

Personalize the Holidays with Bigelow Tea {Chai Ice Cream}


This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #AmericasTea #CollectiveBiasW Sometimes we think that making holidays personal takes more time than we have. However that doesn't always have to be the case. This holiday Bigelow Tea is helping me create Bigelow Tea-inspired recipes, gifts, and memories! What do you do to make Holidays personal? My middle son is a boy after my heart with his love of tea. The personalized gifts help me make these moments that much more special! This year as you are trying to think of the perfect gift for a hostess, family, friends, etc... consider giving them the gift of personalizing memories! I absolutely love giving gifts that just keep giving! You can choose to engrave the personalized gifts with whatever you would like (pictured above our family name and phrase). The Bigelow Tea chest includes several varieties from assorted tea to black tea. If you want to make it even more … [Read more...]

Dazzle Daze Annual Fundraiser in Arkansas


Please note: This is a sponsored post. This time of the year is a great time to take advantage of all the ways to give back to the community whether by shopping locally, participating in fundraising, donating, volunteering your time, etc... That's why I am so excited to attend Dazzle Daze next week to be able to do my part! Of course, I am also excited to get a jumpstart on my Christmas shopping since I generally have a lot more shopping done by now! Dazzle Daze is an annual fundraiser for the Conway Regional Women's Council with proceeds benefiting the Conway Regional Health System, Conway Regional Health & Fitness Center scholarships, and the John and Janice Robbins scholarship for area healthcare students.  This fall event is a three-day shopping extravaganza featuring specialty shopping in one location. Dazzle Daze will have more than 85 merchants from around the country offering gourmet food, holiday items, jewelry, children's items, women's clothing and accessories, … [Read more...]

Meet the Bigelow Tea Family


Please note: This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser as part of my partnership as #BigelowVIP. All opinions are mine alone. #AmericasTea #CollectiveBias I have been raving about Bigelow Tea for a while so I am pretty sure you have heard that they are  100% American made by an American Family; an American Company for the American consumer. Available at an American Retailer - Walmart. What makes them even better is that Bigelow Tea has been around for 70 years and three generations! Last year I had the opportunity to meet the Bigelow Family and this year I had the chance to meet their extended family at the Bigelow Tea headquarters! {From Left to right: My mom, Myself, David Bigelow, Eunice Bigelow, & Cindi Bigelow at Bigelow Tea’s Charleston Tea Plantation} Eunice & David Bigelow's cups of Bigelow Tea of course {pictured below} Being in the presence of this family is something I will never forget! They are so inviting and down to … [Read more...]

Summertime Celebrating Every Goal before School Starts

DSC04236 copy

This summertime is for celebrating every goal. This summertime is like no other for us  me because we are preparing for the big celebration of all my boys going to full-day school in the fall. I am nervous and excited about the upcoming future. However, as I prepare for the school year, I have a lot of decisions to make. Will I go back to work? What if I have to miss out of some of my boys' firsts for the first time? I have decided I will put it all in the back of my mind for now while helping my kids  #CelebrateEveryGoal with #CollectiveBias. See what we bought during our recent trip to Walgreens to pickup healthy essentials for my boys! Life with 3 boys is full of scrapes and bruises. It is amazing how BAND-AID® and NEOSPORIN® paired with mommy love make the perfect healthy essentials to alleviate pain. ~~~~~ What's even better right now while  summertime is going on is that Balance Reward members can earn 3,000 points when they buy select $15 J&J products (the select … [Read more...]

Feelin’ SoFabulous #3: Finding balance #SoFabulous #SoFabCon


This is the 3rd post on my journey to be SoFabulous for SoFabCon (click here to see the other posts). When we look through the window at others' lives, we often feel like we are missing something. Comparing ourselves to others' is the biggest flaw we can have. The slight glimpse we get into someone's life is just that...  a slight glimpse. They seem to have the perfect family, but maybe they can't get it together financially. They have a dream job, but their home life is suffering as a result. You get the idea that things are not always as they seem. We all have areas that we excel and others that take more effort to make it all happen. Being a working (whether at home or not) mom is not always as easy as it looks. Over the past 3 years, I have had to work hard to figure out a way to be well-balanced. Three years ago, I was a mom of 3 boys (age 1, 3, 6) with a really messy house who just started blogging. At first, I thought what was I thinking!?! How can I manage a blog when … [Read more...]

Feelin’ SoFabulous #2: Valuing Me Time as a Mom #SoFabulous #SoFabCon


Last month I began a new personal journey while getting SoFabulous for SoFabCon coming up in May {To see the first post click here}. My biggest obstacle since becoming a work-at-home mom is the guilt! I know I am not alone. However, I am determined to overcome it. For a refresher, my main goal is Learning to value and accept me time to be just as important as every task that I do is my top priority! ~~~~~ In the beginning of February a college friend (who lives in Dominican Republic) asked me to meet her in Orlando in 2 weeks. Generally I am not too spontaneous. Honestly though I just about went when I was tempted with a cheap plane ticket for that weekend. That weekend I was suppose to enroll my youngest in school. I think this was the moment I really started to see how overwhelmed I have become. I validated to myself that I had been a "single mom" while John was living in a separate state for 2+ mos. so I deserved a break. The fact that a predictable person was getting ready to … [Read more...]

Learning to Dance in the Rain #LuvSoFab14 #SoFabCon14 #collectivebias


This post is my entry for the #LuvSoFab14 Collective Bias Contest for a sponsorship to #SoFabCon14. Last year was the first year of SoFabCon. I was so happy to be there for it. I had been torn on whether I wanted to go since I had been in a pretty bad car wreck the year before. I had been working with Social Fabric a while (now: 2 years & 75 campaigns). The support and extra income that I have found just keeps encouraging me to improve. When I found someone to carpool with and roommates, I took that as a sign that I had to go! SoFabCon was not my first conference. However,once there I realized the bigger conferences cannot compete with the tight knit intimacy of SoFabCon. I knew that it was worth the investment to be there and loved meeting the many people in real life that I felt like I had known for a while online. I didn't realize just how much I needed that experience. ~~~~~ SoFabCon inspired me to make some changes like the fact that my blog is in the midst of a … [Read more...]

Getting SoFabulous for SoFabCon #SoFabulous

Screen Shot 2014-01-21 at 12.50.12 PM

I am a mom of 3 fabulous boys who keep me busy...  The good and the bad thing about being a mother is that we often put ourselves last. While I am preparing to be more fabulous for SoFabCon 2014, I am going to have you all help me be accountable for making time for myself. Often as a blogger our personal lives bleed into our work lives and vice versa. For my goal to be more successful: I need to learn to say no. I often take on roles at work or the boys' school because I know I can make the time. However, making the time means I cut into me time. I have been known to go 6 months (or more) without a haircut, skip meals, or just don't have any down time. Learning to value and accept me time to be just as important as every task that I do is my top priority!   I need to remind myself the value of enjoying what I love. When we get so over-whelmed with all our roles we forget to stop and do what we love. I need to encourage us to do these things as a family more or … [Read more...]

Laugh along with my own “ – like” experiences #Motherfunny #cbias #shop


Hi! I am the mom of 3 boys. Once upon a time, I was a person who took myself too seriously.  Then I had kids. Now we may dig in the dirt for worms until my kids look like Pig Pen from Charlie Brown, but at least they care about being eco-friendly right? I wait patiently while Elliott finds his "Foot Cups"  each morning (you might know them as shoes). Have you heard of NickMom? It relates to the comedy that is our lives. Lucky for us moms it comes on Nick at 10 pm when the kids are definitely asleep.  Of course, if you need a bit of entertainment during one of your long days of lounging as a mother...wait that is what you do with your days too? Then check out anytime! If you haven't already learned the art of enjoying the comic routine that is your life....NOW IS THE TIME! Below is one of last year's family pictures. We had several that turned out great. The photographer asked us if we wanted a picture of just the 2 of us, and we did. I am usually the one behind the … [Read more...]