Wonderfully Dysfunctional Book Review #shop

~~~~~ ~~~~~ The true story of... A woman who laughs at funerals. A gypsy mother who refuses to wear a bra and a father who refuses to leave his first wife. A brother who sleeps under the coffee table and a sister who was kidnapped. A cheating minister, a missing uncle and a feisty, red-headed grandmother who was longing to leave it all.Buffi always knew her family was unusual, but she was lucky enough to escape that gene. Or was she? Joined by her siblings at the bedside of their dying grandmother, Buffi begins on a journey of self discovery as they recall stories of their youth including juicy family secrets, inappropriate practical jokes, abuse and betrayal. She is on a quest to find Normal but finds herself instead. It Must be Genetic is about an American family of no particular importance, descendants of the once wealthy and revered Perry clan, but stripped of their family wealth during the Great Depression. It’s full of quirky characters like grandmother Mopsie; a … [Read more...]

Did I say that Out Loud: Conversations about Life Giveaway

  5 WINNERS !! This giveaway has been kindly brought to you by authorKelly McDermott Harman 2 Winners receive the SIGNED BOOK 3 Winners receive a $10 Amazon / Paypal Giftcard Ending on Sunday 20th October at 11.59pm EST Open Worldwide !! We’ve all had it – the “uh-oh” of wishing we could take back the comment that somehow escaped the filter between our brains and our mouths. Did I Say That Out Loud? is the tell-all account of the author’s misadventures in the daily experience that is life. Told in the tone of a coffee-klatch gathering with your best girlfriends – you know, the ones you can share anything and everything with – the author holds nothing back as she recounts the trials and tribulations of life as Kelly Harman.   Thinking of braving Botox or plastic surgery? Get the real scoop from Kelly, including pre-procedure husband prep. Need help when your cat catches on fire? Ask Kelly how to extinguish … [Read more...]

Did I Say that Out Loud: Conversations about Life Book Review #ad

Sometimes you just need a good laugh! There were moments where I laughed until I cried. Kelly Harman, I was laughing with you not at you with every turn of the page! Our lives get so hectic that we can't always appreciate the craziness that comes along with life. As I sat down to read Did I Say That Out Loud, I was mesmerized by the fact that this is totally about me! Not the exact specifics yet the general idea that crazy things happen that don't always seem quite so funny at the time. However, if an outsider was looking in they would definitely see the humor in the way my husband and I react to the ordinary and not so ordinary moments of life. I loved the brutally honest about each of the moments. We've all had it - the "uh-oh" of wishing we could take back the comment that somehow escaped the filter between our brains and our mouths. Did I Say That Out Loud? is the tell-all account of the author's misadventures in the daily experience that is life. Told in the tone of a … [Read more...]

GPS Your Best Life Giveaway {5 Autographed copies}

 This giveaway has been brought to you by authors Charmaine Hammond and Debra Kasowski along with Beck Valley Books Open to US/CA Ending on 28th April 2013 at 11.59pm EST GPS Your Best Life (Success Strategies): Charting Your Destination and Getting There in Style gives you simple, practical strategies, accompanied by down to earth assessment tools. This book will put you behind the wheel to guide you from figuring out what revs your engine and what’s blocking your view, and following your unique road map to your desired destination while learning to navigate the obstacles and road blocks along the way. The book helps you determine where you are now, and, through practical strategies and assessments, helps you clarify what you want in your personal and career life, and shows you how to expertly navigate through hidden fears and procrastination so as to get on the road to success now!International Best-selling author and transformational speaker, Charmaine Hammond and … [Read more...]

@sneakychef to the Rescue #giveaway (includes #glutenfree & allergyfriendly)


In my house, I make no excuses for healthy eating.  I have raised my boys from homemade baby food.  Along the way, I have enjoyed teaching them the importance of healthy eating.  Our motto: food is fuel.  "Mom, but I'm not hungry" "That's okay, but you won't have energy for the fun stuff later" What do you know they are miraculously starving.  The boys are healthy eaters, but they all have their quirks.  How they don't like sweet potato fries is beyond me, but I find a way to sneak in the sweet potatoes :) My 4 yo & 2 yo love salads.  however, my 6 yo was adamant that he didn't like salads, but one day he did.  It is amazing how from day to day their favorite (or least favorite) can swap sides.  I don't make a big deal about it, but I do get sneaky... The Sneaky Chef to the Rescue: 101 all new recipes and sneaky tricks for creating healthy meals kids will love  The New York Times bestselling author returns--this time responding directly to her readers' most pressing … [Read more...]

Survival of the Smartest Book Review: Will you be ready for the first 72 hours of a disaster?


Imagining what we would do in the middle of a natural disaster is not the easiest thing to consider.  Most of the natural disaster experience the majority of us get is from the news.  However, when it hits closer to home, the thoughts start spinning.  I visited Joplin, MO last weekend and it hit me that true devastation can happen anywhere.  It is heartbreaking to see all these familiar places in ruins.  Getting lost in a place you have known since you are little is an odd experience.  However, what disturbed me the most was the idea that I actually knew people who had been in the middle of it all!  I have always lived in the midwest and seen my share of tornadoes over the years.  Tornadoes haven't ever been fearful for me until now....will I be ready for the first 72 hours of a natural disaster?  Aaron Turpen, the author of Survival of the Smartest: The First 72 hours believes that preparedness is key to survival. What happens if a massive flood or mudslide threatens your … [Read more...]

The Night Night Book Review (by Marianne Richmond)


Reading has always been something that  I love and luckily my kids have picked up on that from the beginning.  We have an extensive collection of books that go through a rotation of wonderful redundancies.  I especially love the books that all the kids can enjoy together.  While I will never turn down an opportunity to read with my boys, reading is an essential part to our bedtime routine.  As a result, I was thrilled at the opportunity to review The Night Night Book by Marianne Richmond! Product Description Night night sky. Night night moon. Dear tomorrow, see you soon! The perfect way to wrap up a day with your child, The Night Night Book is an adorable bedtime story that helps kids and parents bid farewell to the day, settle in for the night, and rest up for a new tomorrow. The Night Night Book is sure to become a new bedtime classic. Marianne Richmond is the bestselling author and illustrator of numerous beautiful books for parents and children to share. She creates … [Read more...]

Read with Max {Blog Book Tour} Pawographed Giveaway


I am so excited to be today's stop on Max's Pawsitively Exciting Blog Book Tour including over 30 wonderful blogs helping to raise awareness about Read with Max and that even dogs are capable of working too.  A little known fact about me is that I have struggled with my vision from a young age.  I admire the work that Max & Anthony do to help educate and advocate for the blind.  Kids can be curious about why people are the way they are.  Read with Max has the ability to teach kids what makes others unique and how to better relate to these unique qualities &/or situations. Meet Max Max is an award winning childrens book author who is dedicated to helping children manage similar experiences in their lives. Maximus, a.k.a "Max," is an English Labrador who shares stories about his real life experiences from his point of view so children can relate too. You can purchase Max's newest books, ask him questions, enter his contests, ask him for his paw-o-graph, shop, or share … [Read more...]

Mixbook Review & Giveaway {Mother’s Day}


About Mixbook Mixbook is the easy and fun way to make completely customizable photo books, cards, and calendars on the web – for free. With Mixbook, you aren’t limited to static pre-designed templates – our powerful design software gives you the freedom to lay out and design your creations to your heart’s content. We’ve dedicated ourselves to bringing you the best experience in creating photo products so that you can make keepsakes that truly reflect your vision. With Mixbook, you can truly Make It Yours™. Mixbook is perfect for: Photo Books - the world’s most customizable photo books, with gorgeous professional designs for books about your wedding, baby, family, vacation, school, sports team, and more! Photo Calendars - the best way to capture your year in memories to keep or share as a gift, Mixbook’s calendars are fully customizable – you can even add your own events or photos to the calendar grid! Birth Announcements, Invitations and Stationery - the first site on the web … [Read more...]

The Part-time Vegan By Cherise Grifoni {B Kind 2 Earth}


With Earth Day approaching, I thought Part-time Veganism would be a great addition.  For those who already live a Vegan lifestyle, they usually fall into 2 categories:  those who feel better without those hard to digest foods or those wanting to help the planet.  Plainly put veganism is abstaining from animal and animal based products.  Veganism helps us lower our emission of greenhouse gases, protects animals harmed for or during production of animal & animal based products, saves land/water/other resources as well as reduce pollution from animal waste among many other reasons.  I would never be able to commit to a full-time vegan lifestyle, but this book says anything is better than nothing... Book Description Adopt "Meatless Mondays" Scramble tofu for brunch Eat more beans--and less beef . . . . . . or not. It's all good, according to Cherise Grifoni, your fearless guide to the seemingly complex world of no-meat, no-eggs, no-dairy. In this guilt-free cookbook, you'll … [Read more...]