How to Find Mental & Physical Balance to be the Best you in your Mid-30s

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During the last six years of my life, I have gone through a lot of changes. I have lost the man who raised me, lost several other loved ones, experienced a life-altering car wreck, hormonal issues due to turning 30, dad diagnosed with cancer, mom in serious accident, etc… I know that my situation is not unique we all have our ups and downs. However, for someone who ate healthily and worked out regularly, I gained 50 pounds that I couldn’t get rid of without regaining. I knew what the key was to my issues but the physical part is so much easier than the mental aspect. After taking the NeuroGym quiz, I knew this was going to be a game-changer in changing my mindset about weight loss. I was ready to start my journey at Winning the Game of Weight Loss.


Looking through the above pictures is a realization that I am good at short-term solutions. I have done a variety of programs that have lead to temporary weight loss. When they are done though, I gain all that weight back. I just could not figure out what other people were doing differently. I felt like I am doing everything right that was within my control right? Wrong! Stress is a factor that many do not consider as a weight issue. It is mine!




Find a program that works for your long-term goals

  • Like I was talking about above I am good at short-term weight loss. Those programs though can be exhausting and make you feel hungry, etc… Long-term success comes from the inside. I was focusing on the physical part and hoping the mental part would just fall into place. NeuroGym focuses on innercises. Innercises are science based techniques to help individuals unlock their brain’s fullest potential so they let go of the mental and emotional blocks that prevents them from losing weight and keeping it off. One of the many great things about NeuroGym is that after buying the program you have access for life. There is no monthly charge or annual fee to continue membership.


  • Realize that there are sometimes reasons why we hold on to the Weight

    • This picture below was me about 5 years ago. Not that long after that picture I was in a bad car wreck with my family. Luckily no one else was injured except me. I damaged my spinal cord in the wreck. I will never forget talking to the doctor about whether my partial paralysis on the right side of my body was temporary or not.  We talked about how my size and limited “padding” on my neck could have been a factor in my injury. I am 5 feet 4. I was within a healthy weight range for my size. I was strong. However those words the doctor said stuck in my subconscious. I didn’t realize the 50 pounds that I gained was my body trying to protect me. Now that I am aware that those same pounds that were “protecting” me are the same pounds that are now causing me to have healthy problems related to that extra weight. I need to release those pounds for good!

What’s Your Reason?


  • Changing Your Mindset

    • This picture below was me 6 years ago. When I picture myself, this is what I want to be again. It isn’t about how much I weigh. It is about my strength and my amazement at what I was able to do at this time. I did this program a couple of times knowing it was “success” for the season. Decide what you really want for your long-term goal and change your mindset to help you obtain it. I personally have to stop seeing quick fixes as success. To me, success is something that lasts not temporary solutions.



  • Self-Care is the Ultimate Selfless Act

    • Guilt at taking time for ourselves is not uncommon especially as parents. We have programmed that mom guilt to kick in when we want/need to do something for ourselves. This is my BIGGEST obstacle. I am so good at helping other people. I am not so good at helping myself though. I have been trying to plan time to care for myself. It doesn’t matter if your self-care is a long bubble bath in a locked bathroom (I have 3 kids this sounds like perfection to me on a stressful day) with a face mask on. Maybe it is going for a walk by yourself to unwind. Just find something that nurtures your soul and helps you truly unwind. Beyond that I am always learning to say no when I am overwhelmed. I am not telling you to not be there for people. I am begging you to analyze whether you have the time or energy to help others. If you don’t, that’s okay! Every so often, I take mental health days where I just relax with my boys. I am sure I don’t need to tell you that we are hardest on ourselves.


  • Find a Healthy Way to Reward Yourself

    • This can have a variety of meanings. I like to reward myself with new workout clothes or this headphone hat for running. I use to reward myself with treats for my hard work. I feel that by giving ourselves food incentives we are continuing unhealthy habits. With that being said, I don’t feel like we should treat food as a reward or punishment at all. It is all about balance!


  • Challenge Yourself

    • We enjoy traveling! Whenever I travel, I seek new challenging adventures. Red Rock in Las Vegas was one of my last solo adventures. I was so proud of myself. I did this in January when the trails were flooded and snow on the mountain. It was gorgeous and left me with a sense of accomplishment! Challenges teach you that you are stronger than you give yourself credit for.


  • Allow Yourself to Make Mistakes

    • NeuroGym focuses on daily innercises. I listen in the morning so I start my day in a calming way. Without even realizing it, those thoughts started to creep into my mind in relevant ways. The last few weeks have been especially stressful helping a friend deal with the death of her son. I hadn’t been doing my usual workouts (or not as intensely as usual). However I noticed something was different this week. I didn’t criticize myself for not working out physically. I did focus on my mental health. We have to adapt to real world situations. We have to learn to let go of expectations to stop fight or flight during moments you can’t control. Letting stress control our body have unhealthy consequences. I am working on allowing myself to make mistakes in a more calming and less critical way.


Now that I have shared ways to obtain mental and physical balance, I would love to hear ways you are working on that as well!

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    What an important topic for every one, regardless of age. Self care is one of those things that we often don’t think about until it’s too late, but if you don’t take care of yourself, you won’t be able to take care of other people, including your family. Finding time for yourself is one of the hardest balances in life, but once you do, the peace that results is amazing.
    Jeni recently posted..10 Simple Ways to Keep Your Summer Electricity Bill Low

  2. says

    I saw this on your Facebook page! I am fixing to take that quiz (already opened up in a new tab!) I struggle with stress, and I’m well aware that this is one factor of many that keep the weight on. Good for you for finding what works for you!
    Joanna @ Everyday Made Fresh recently posted..Taco Hand Pies

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    It’s important to find something that works well for you. I have been following a whole 30 diet since the beginning of this year and it’s been awesome. So far it’s the only diet that’s worked this long for me.
    Carol Cassara recently posted..Forest, meet trees

  4. Katrina Ellen says

    Self care is so important! There is nothing more important than taking care of yourself both mentally and physically.

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