Amazon’s Top 8 Weight Loss Cookbooks For The New Year

Weight loss is one of the top new years resolutions. I challenge you to not just lose that 5, 10, or 20+ pounds but to establish an overall healthier lifestyle! Healthy living is about teaching our body to find enjoyment in real food and staying active. I have a TON of healthy living books and cookbooks. I like to use them for meal planning. Please keep in mind that when it comes to achieving our goals preparation goes a long way! Hope you enjoy this list I have compiled of some of the top weight loss cookbooks to help you achieve your goals!

Amazon's Top 8 Weight Loss Cookbooks For The New Year 2

  1. Weight Watchers One Pot Cookbook
  1. Weight Watchers 50th Anniversary Cookbook 280 Delicious Recipes for Every Meal
  1.  Weight Watchers In 20 Minutes
  1. The South Beach Diet Super Quick Cookbook 200 Easy Solutions for Everyday Meals
  1. The Daniel Plan Cookbook Healthy Eating for Life
  1. The Real Paleo Diet Cookbook 250 All-New Recipes
  1. The Shred Diet Cookbook
  1. The Doctor’s Diet Cookbook Tasty Meals for a Lifetime of Vibrant Health and Weight Loss Maintenance

What are some of your goals to achieve a healthier lifestyle in 2016?



  1. Erin B. says

    My husband and I are trying to eat healthier this year. We have been doing the Paleo lifestyle and the Real Paleo Diet Cookbook looks like it would be an awesome resource for recipes. Thanks for sharing all of these 🙂

  2. Julie Wood says

    These are very good weight loss cookbooks and the one called Shred Diet Cookbook written by a Doctor looks like one that I would love to try. I saw some of his recipes and weight loss tips on Rachel Ray. I am eating healthier and making sure to exercise in the new year!

  3. ellen beck says

    One of our goals is to sit less and move more. I do realize I am sitting here typing this 🙂 We try and get outside every single day and do something outside.

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