12 Days of Passion to relieve stress during the Holidays #KYTrySomethingNew

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The holiday season is approaching us quite quickly. While many people think the red flag is the early holiday decorations, the tension building is my red flag. We start getting irritable about coordinating schedules with friends and family. We are frustrated that our kids have picked the most expensive (or impossible to find) gifts. We start realizing that there are not enough hours in the day for all the prep work, child event schedules, work schedules, and whatever else we have going on. This post isn’t about the stress. This post is about what you can do to combine quality couple time while finding stress relief during the holidays. K-Y® TOUCH® (available at Wal-Mart) is a great addition to your 12 days of passion!

Are you feeling the stress of the holidays yet?


John &  I have been married for over ten years (below you will see one of my favorite family pictures from a couple of years ago).  The photographer was trying to get a picture of just the parents. However, in the background, my boys went crazy when they thought we weren’t looking. Isn’t that the way life goes? We plan it and yet it doesn’t always go the way we want it to. We have had hard times like all relationships do; however, we have put a lot of effort to make sure we have more of the good moments. Lucky for me John is the complete opposite of me. I tend to be a bit neurotic and he is laidback. Join us for 12 Days of  Passion to help keep the balance during the holidays. I find it sad to hear about relationships that have lost the passion. Keeping the passion alive in a relationship is not an accident. It is something that can easily fade away when we get caught up in the stress of our daily lives. The stress seems to quadruple during the holidays. It can get to be too much if we let it. Sadly I think it is easy for us to let that stress impact our relationships.



12 Days of Passion



12 small boxes

Twine (or ribbon)

cardstock/paper to print date suggestions



Just click on the image below for a way to just print the 12 days of passion suggestions or use the idea to inspire you to make your own!


Once you print out the 12 days of passion, just cut each suggestion out. Place in a box and tie with some festive twine or ribbon. The boxes that I used I found in the cake/party section of Wal-mart. They are actually treat boxes that worked perfectly without taking up a ton of space around the house. 


Create Something Together!

John & I love art. I am the one who gets the vision of what we should do. He is the one who creates it ( I am a perfectionist). We used some plain mugs we had sitting around and oil-based paint markers to put our favorite saying to each other on the mugs.


Magic Fingers

Sometimes distractions are not the key to relaxing. Magic Fingers night will be a great night to help each other release the tension from preparing for the upcoming holidays. K-Y® TOUCH® is a great high quality 2 in 1 massage cream and pleasure gel that is not greasy nor does it leave a sticky residue to help enhance your intimacy.


If you like to save money like we do…

click here for  a $2 off one K-Y® product coupon on your next Wal-Mart shopping trip! You can find it in the pharmacy section near the family planning.


As the years go by some dreams fade and others we are still working toward. Every so often it is good to dream together whether big or small. Spend some time planning a night out or a trip together. Spend some time dreaming about what you both wish for the future.


What’s your favorite way to find stress relief during the holidays?


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