Schlitterbahn Waterpark in Kansas City

Please note: This is a sponsored post in collaboration with US Family Guides. As always, I have provided my honest opinion and original pictures.

We celebrated our first day of summer at Schlitterbahn Waterpark in Kansas City! Waterparks are so much fun to make the summer heat tolerable. There are always certain attractions we look for when choosing a waterpark like wave pool and attractions that we can all enjoy from age 5-33. If case you don’t know each Schlitterbahn location has a claim to fame attraction that makes them stand out like Kansas City’s Schlitterbahn has Verrückt {World’s Tallest Waterslide}!schlitterbahnUSFG2

Upon entering the park, we are greeted by sculptures that look like a giant sandcastle. I actually had to call everyone back to wait for me! One of my favorite parts of Schlitterbahn Kansas City is the natural landscaping all around the park. We even spotted some bunnies and geese during our day at Schlitterbahn!

SchlitterbahnKansasCity#ad ~~~~~schlitterbahnUSFG7We decided to start with this attraction. To be honest, we figured it was like a lazy river from how the layout looked. Oh my it was not! Torrent River was our favorite!


That spiral picture above is actually creating waves for the Torrent River. It was so much fun! Torrent River is the only tidal wave rive in the Midwest!


Schlitterbahn has Kansas City’s only surfing ride!






Since the Verrückt {World’s Tallest Waterslide} is Sclitterbahn in Kansas City’s claim to fame, we had to try it out! My husband and 10 year old took the plunge….


What’s your favorite attraction at Schlitterbahn Waterpark

(or waterparks in general)?


  1. says

    Oh wow this looks like an awesome place to visit. Pretty sure my kids wouldn’t ever want to leave! I wish we had something like this near me!

  2. says

    It has been ages since I have been to any water parks. Last ones I have been to were in Texas and Oklahoma. I have an indoor water park right down the street from me, but we all have pools and are surrounded by Michigan’s Great Lakes.

  3. Ann Bacciaglia says

    Water parks are so much fun. We have a great one here in Ottawa and the kids go all the time. It is a great way to keep cool in the heat.

  4. says

    What a blast you all had at Schlitterbahn Waterpark. The tower strikes my fancy, but it looks like all the waterpark events are well designed and refreshingly drenching.

    • Natalie says

      my husband and 10 yo went on the tall slide. While waiting I saw all these adult women crying, I started to regret sending him. He loved it!

  5. justin tan says

    Oh! that looks like lots of fun!! we have one here in Houston too. Can’t wait to visit with my family

  6. ERICA WEAVER says

    i love water parks i cant wait till my kids are older so i can take them to parks.this looks fun but that largest water slide looks scary and it was just in the new for a tragedy i hope one day we can go there and check it out

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