Day in the Life of Great Hair Everyday with Infiniti Pro by Conair® Curl Secret®

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Great Hair Everyday does not come naturally to all women. It DEFINITELY does not come naturally for me! I feel like when I was younger that I missed out on hair/makeup lessons. I didn’t really put any effort into it in my teens with the exception of when my best friend would do my hair and makeup 😉 Now as a 30-something mom, I am finally taking some time for me! Beauty & Fashion are great ways to let us celebrate inside and out healthy living! As someone with wavy hair, the Conair Curl Secret is a great way to define rather than fight my hair.


This is me first thing in the morning. The night before I just let it airdry to show the normal beachy waves I generally wear. Changing hair styles is one of my favorite things to do! Normally I go drastic from long-ish hair to pixie. I am really liking the youthful look of longer styles as I get older. Lately I have been really fighting the urge of chopping off my long locks with my lack of talent; as a result, last month I went in for some sombre (subtle ombre) highlights to add some dimension before heading off to NYC. While I definitely like the new highlights, I was still putting my hair in braids, ponytails, buns, or whatever updo is easiest. I HATE when I do this! Wearing hair constantly in an updo defeats the whole point in long hair yet I am just not talented when it comes to styling mine.


I have been dreaming about an Infiniti Pro by Conair® Curl Secret® to help me create great hair everyday that just so happens to be available at our usual stop…Wal-Mart. I finally bought one during my last grocery trip! You can find it in the hairstyling aisle with curling tools, accessories, blowdryers, hair color, etc… However at my store it was across from the main curling wand section on the hair color side (There’s nothing worse than not knowing where to find what you want 🙂 )


I use to think that blowdryers and curling irons did more damage than they were worth until I started using ceramic appliances. My hair actually looks better when I use them rather than letting it be all natural.

The Conair Infiniti Pro Curl Secret Curling Iron can provide you with an innovative new way to create gorgeous shiny curls each and every time. This device uses tourmaline-ceramic technology to help reduce the amount of frizz in your hair, leaving you with smooth hair that is soft to the touch. This innovative tool is like nothing you have ever used before for your hair!

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I generally spend about 15 minutes (at most) getting ready in the morning. I wondered what I could do with about 30 minutes of getting ready.


The only tricks to recommend since Conair Curl Secret really is so easy to use would be:

  • Make sure hair is tangle free to allow Conair Curl Secret to draw hair in properly (Bottom of picture above is a great detangling comb from Conair)
  • Section hair off to make it easier to get your whole head curled. I use a rubber bands, clips, bobbie pins or whatever is available to do this.
  • If you have long hair like me: I suggest you use less hair in each section. The suggested section for each use is 1/2 inch to 1 inch. The Conair Curl Secret has an anti-tangle feature that draws hair back out if it starts to tangle; however, I think it is a waste of time for it to stop and me to divide the hair. Just trust me to use less hair to save time!
  • Bobbie pins are a versatile way to switch up your style by pulling back some sections to give your style a different look or to work with a bad hair day.

I woke up put on my bb cream, mascara, & lipbalm. Then, I started on my hair using Infiniti Pro by Conair® Curl Secret® on the hottest setting for tight curls to last me all day (There are other settings for more relaxed curls and for lower heat)


I am a bit of a beginner when it comes to fixing my hair so the fact that I could create those curls above on my 2nd try REALLY impressed me! My first try turned out amazing and I used absolutely no product with similar long-lasting results (with normal daily activities: working out, chasing kids, etc…). For these pictures, I did apply a flexible hairspray since I was out running on a cold, windy day. I read a lot of reviews trying to figure what any quirks or beginners tricks because I didn’t want to expect a miracle and me disappointed. I will tell you that the Conair Curl Secret is worth every penny!


I wouldn’t normally spend the time getting ready for a 5k like this. However, I felt that getting ready to go out on the town wouldn’t really test the life of these curls like a good workout would!


8 hours later: Post-Color Run with green that was leftover after trying to blowdry the chalk out. I love the extra body added with Conair Curl Secret then using a blowdryer to revive it later in the day! P.S. The Conair Pro 3Q Blow Dryer reduces drying time by up to 70% with lower temperature and faster airflow to minimize heat damage and is available at Wal-Mart just like the Infiniti Pro by Conair® Curl Secret®!

ConairCurlSecret4#HeartMyHair #ad

15 hours later for Date Night with more romantic touseled curls: If you need to freshen up your hair, apply dry shampoo to your roots to get rid of any oil, sweat, etc… while still keeping the long-lasting curls! Yes, my highlights have some white and green still in them, but I just #HeartMyHair I wanted to let them continue thriving!

ConairCurlSecret1#HeartMyHair #ad

and 24 hours later:  Next morning I used a Conair Professional Round brush to smooth out the curls to create more defined waves than I normally have. Still with the shine from the Infiniti Pro by Conair® Curl Secret® though!

ConairCurlSecret11#HeartMyHair#shopI couldn’t believe how long these curls kept going! They transitioned to be more relaxed but still had so much shine!

Now that I have shown you what the Conair Curl Secret is capable of doing!!! Go visit Conair on:



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