Bigelow Tea’s dedication to sustainability is Inspiring

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Bigelow Tea’s dedication to sustainability is inspiring! Bigelow Tea has incorporated many efforts to be sustainable from their packaging (excluding the foil) being biodegradable from their efforts in their cafeteria to solar panels. Almost everything in their cafeteria is compostable and compost is sent to gardens. Did you know that their regular trashcans are only used for foil and even the foil is recycled?

What do you do in your own household to live a more sustainable lifestyle?


The point I am getting at Bigelow Tea has been going beyond what the average household does to live a sustainable life. That is inspiring!

Bigelow Tea has made a company-wide commitment to achieve “Zero Waste to Landfill” status. We have been using as our guide the guidelines of the Zero Waste Alliance which state that a company can claim being a zero waste to landfill facility if they divert 90 per cent of their waste from the landfill and no more than 10 per cent of their waste ends up in the landfill. Through aggressive recycling, raw material reduction and reuse and compost methods coupled with employee education and engaged Green teams throughout the company, Bigelow Tea can now make the claim that across all 3 manufacturing facilities, we are a Zero Waste to Landfill Company.


In honor of Bigelow and their devotion to sustainability, let’s get motivated to make some changes in our own lives! We do recycling, composting, and gardening already so I would love to show you a trick I learned to help nourish our plants!


I love Gardening! However I also love traveling so when we ran off to Miami Beach for over a week. I had the timer set for the garden, water my potted plants, and then just left hoping for the best. My ferns didn’t thrive like I hoped.


I had clipped the dead parts, but still hadn’t seen progress. Someone suggested that I give them Tea!?! I hadn’t even thought about such an idea so I did some research that said ferns and other acid-loving houseplants love tea! Apparently the nutrients and tannic acid are good for some plants.


Give your ferns (and roses, blueberries, strawberries, some succulents, etc…) some Bigelow Tea. Substitute brewed tea when watering the plants 1-2 times a month or r work wet tea leaves into the soil from your brewed tea bag. As you can see above, our fern is thriving with lots of new growth courtesy of our new Bigelow Tea monthy treatment!

BigelowTeaSustainability#AmericasTea#BigelowVIP#shop Looking for more ideas to be more sustainable? Try this coldbrew tea suggestion idea here!



  1. Gabrielle says

    I am so impressed with Bigelow and their zero waste to landfill status. They will now be my first choice in tea.

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