10 Things about Me #SoFabCon14

I am getting ready to leave for SoFabCon. We have been challenged to create a “10 Things About Me” post. So here it is…

This is me


Here it is…

1. I have moved 7 times in the past 8 years 

John works at Enterprise Holdings (Enterprise, National, & Alamo). We have to be willing to relocate for him to move up in the company. We have moved all over the midwest. I love the adventure of learning about new places.


2. Small town girl living in the City

I grew up in a town of 4200 people called Baxter Springs, KS. When I was attending Pittsburg State University (30 minutes from my hometown), I met my husband John. We relocated to Little Rock, AR last December. Sadly my hometown was devastated by the April 27, 2014 tornadoes.



3. I have 3 sons 

My boys are my life! Dylan is 9, Hunter is 6, and Elliott is 4. They are all so different from each other and I love that! Anyone that thinks a household of boys is drama free they haven’t met mine. My oldest is a sensitive soul. My middle son is a bit of a diva about his wardrobe. Elliott’s…well he’s Elliott.

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4.I didn’t find out that I had Celiac Disease until I was 25

I was underweight and sick since I was little. It wasn’t until my middle son became sick at 4 mos. old that we were able to figure out what was wrong with me. I remind him despite the unfairness of gluten free that he’s lucky we found out early! To read about the story click here

5. We have an obsession for unique animals. 

We have Frank the Pirate who lost an eye 3 years ago. Also, we have Waldo who is a polydactyl cat with 27 toes (use to be 28 until he was declawed). Tucker is the newest addition. He has a knack for eating, sleeping, and playing fetch.


6. I am a behavioral therapist/counselor turned blogger

I went to school to be a psychologist. I worked as a behavioral therapist and at-risk kids/teen counselor until we had Hunter (baby #2). I did the stay at home mom thing until it just seemed like a better fit to work from home. Of course, I missed working since I had been working from age 15.

7. I started blogging 3 years ago when we went gluten free

Gluten free and dealing with a sick child can be really isolating. I started out just wanting to help others dealing with isolation. In the past 3 years, my audiences has guided me to be not just gluten free (while I will never promote anything that is not), but inside and out healthy living. A great fit for a therapist turned blogger! While being a niche blogger isn’t alway easy, my latest achievement was reaching 10,000 twitter followers…and a recipe published in Sam’s Club magazine!

8.  I have partial paralysis on the right side of my body

A little over 2 years ago, I was in a car wreck. My husband fell asleep during driving. I cannot express how important it is to make sure you are certain you are good to drive. Considering the fact our family of 5 was all with me, I count the blessings everyday that I was the only one injured. I was completely paralyzed right after, by 2 days I could control my movement with no feeling, and now I have alternating days of pain & no feeling. Things happen in our life that seem traumatic. As difficult as the experience was on all of us, we have been reminded that we need to slow down. My dad had died 3 mos. before so we were driving back and forth a lot to help my mom.

9. After years of trial & error, I am finally a gardener.


10. I have traveled to 48 states (excluding Hawaii & Alaska) and Rivera Maya



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