Feelin’ SoFabulous #3: Finding balance #SoFabulous #SoFabCon

This is the 3rd post on my journey to be SoFabulous for SoFabCon (click here to see the other posts).


When we look through the window at others’ lives, we often feel like we are missing something. Comparing ourselves to others’ is the biggest flaw we can have. The slight glimpse we get into someone’s life is just that…  a slight glimpse. They seem to have the perfect family, but maybe they can’t get it together financially. They have a dream job, but their home life is suffering as a result. You get the idea that things are not always as they seem. We all have areas that we excel and others that take more effort to make it all happen. Being a working (whether at home or not) mom is not always as easy as it looks. Over the past 3 years, I have had to work hard to figure out a way to be well-balanced.



Three years ago, I was a mom of 3 boys (age 1, 3, 6) with a really messy house who just started blogging. At first, I thought what was I thinking!?! How can I manage a blog when I can’t even handle my home at times. It’s interesting how finding a purpose and inner peace can help all the pieces fall into place. For me, my chaos settled when I found what it was that I was looking for. Don’t get me wrong I absolutely love the boys with all the joys and messes that they bring too! However, I use to be an individual. I use to be a behavioral therapist. I use to teach self-esteem to kids/teens. I use to be something more. I use to think that when my kids are all in school maybe I will go back to get my masters or a doctorate to practice psychology as I had planned. I don’t feel like I am settling at all. My dreams have just changed.



What’s next?

My youngest son is starting full-time school in the fall. I am not really sure where the time went. Actually, I was a bit shocked to find out that they do full day pre-school. It makes me sad to think of not having a baby at home anymore. I asked my husband, but what will I do now? He says you will do what you have been doing, but be even better at it when you are not multi-tasking between work & Super Mom! I decided that I want to advance my career to the next level.


Lately I have been doing some soul searching about what I want. I want to be a good mom and wife. However, I also want to take my career to a place I never would have imagined. Work is about finding something that you love to do! It’s about finding something that inspires you to be a better well-balanced person. It’s about being able to make you into exactly the kind of person that you look up to. I am not talking about comparing yourself to others. I am talking about getting out of your comfort zone to get what you really want within yourself. Comparing ourselves to others leaves us with unobtainable expections. Driving past our own plateau is a more obtainable and rewarding goal. Within the last 2 weeks, I have:

  • Accepted an invitation to participate in a panel about “How you use your blogging platform for good” at conference.
  • I have applied for my dream job

How do you find a way to live a balanced life in all this chaos?

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  1. Tammy S says

    Good for you! I think it takes time for each of to find our niche. Our goals and dreams change with time as we change. Being aware of what you want is important. I am glad you are stepping out of your comfort zone and going for it. Best of luck!

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