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Even though we know the facts that doesn’t necessarily mean we always do what we should.  For example, as a mom managing a household with an auto-immune disorder, I understand why doing what we can do to stay healthy is important. However since my husband has been living in a different state, I have slacked on some of my usual healthy choices. I teach my kids that there are consequences to every action. My body is tired and picking up everything the boys bring home from school because I have not been making time for my healthy habits.  Overall one of my main goals this year is to find long-term solutions and stick with them. I know you know what I am talking about? Say you start eating a different way or start a new workout plan. Once you start seeing results you stop because you got what you wanted. In one way or another we are all guilty of this! Something that I have used in the past is a natural probiotic. Even though I was pleased with the results I stopped using them because I got the immediate results.  My doctor recommended I start a using natural probiotic again.  I have been working to remind myself it’s not about short-term. It’s about a long-term solution like natural probiotic. While I was in Walgreens, I decided to take a look at some of the new options such as Insync Natural Probiotic.

Healthy living can get really complicated trying to follow all of the “Rules”. My suggestion is to find what works best for you and your family. However my biggest suggestion is Make it easy, fun, and effective!

Repeat after me: We want a healthy life for the future not just the here & now!


1. Make it easy

Make the time to do what works for your body. This sounds really simple, but we get busy. Just keep water bottles filled (or available), fresh fruit on the counter, and a plentiful supply of natural probiotic in the house. Schedule yourself specific time for relaxing, time for working out, and quality time with family. Value those schedule times just as you would work, school, or other obligations you regularly stick to.

Make-ahead meals and snacks are a necessity for our house. They give extra time when you need it most!


Fix & Freeze Smoothie Recipe:


  • 1/2 cup Greek Yogurt
  • 1/2 cup real fruit juice (avoid articial flavors/colors; substitute milk if you prefer)
  • 1/2 cup fruit


  1. Puree yogurt and fruit juice
  2. Freeze in ice cube tray.
  3. Place frozen Yogurt/juice cubes and fruit in a mason jelly jar.
  4. Place in freezer.
  5. When time to serve, pour contents of jar into blender and add 1 cup of water. Blend!
  6. You can add additional ingredients to up the healthy factors such as oatmeal, nuts, chia/flaxseeds, etc…

I make these in freezable mason jelly jars to save on dishes.



Once you blend the smoothie, just pour it right back into the jelly jar InSyncProbioticFixFreezeSmoothie#shop2

2. Make it fun

To me, healthy living means nurturing ourselves inside and out!

It is easy for us to get down with the Winter Blues when we are stuck inside during this season. Staying active needs to be just as important during the colder months. Staying active is not just about how we look in our bathing suit. It should be about how it makes us feel. Working out energizes me.  We love to do dance parties during rainy or cold days to get out that stored up energy. Another great suggestion to beat the winter blues is to find ways to treat yourself & family! Treating myself is as easy as picking up a new nail polish or lip balm. If you haven’t signed up for Walgreens Steps, you should! They reward you 20 points per mile! I like to save up my points to treat myself for free! For the kids, I love to make them fun surprise snacks. While I was shopping at Walgreens for Insync natural probiotic look what I found in the clearance aisle to help me make healthy snacks fun!


 Not too bad for my first try and the boys loved their surprise at breakfast


3. Make it effective



Insync Probiotic is a gradual release natural probiotic. What’s amazing is that this natural probiotic has 3 million live probiotic cells when manufactured . At the time of expiration, Insync Probiotic still has 1 billion live probiotic…the same number as another leading probiotic has when manufactured!

Why should you consider taking Natural Probiotics?

  • Natural Probiotics are a good way to help support your  digestive system balance. 
  • As we get older, stress & age may reduce beneficial bacteria.
  • Healthy digestive system can  create a healthy immune system: Great news for everyone especially those that suffer with auto-immune disorders.
  • and if all that doesn’t sell you…It works wonders on a bloated stomach!

It’s amazing what one little pill a day can do to help you live a healthier life! 

What are you waiting for? Visit Insync Natural Probiotics here or find them on Twitter & Facebook!


  1. melisa says

    My husband took probiotics for about a year, but life just happened and we forgot to re-buy them and eventually forgot. Thanks for the reminder. And I LOVE your fix and freeze smoothie idea! Also, I’m going to check my blender to see if the mason jar fitting is compatible.

  2. Kelly F says

    Smoothie in a mason jar head of time…what a great idea! Taking probiotics is so important…this just made it easier to remember 🙂

  3. Shannon R. says

    I take acidiolphilis. It has helped me in many ways over the years. This drink looks delicious and easy to make.

  4. suzanne says

    This is a great idea! I recently had stomach surgery and can’t eat normal food much yet so smoothies are a staple.

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