Feelin’ SoFabulous #2: Valuing Me Time as a Mom #SoFabulous #SoFabCon


Last month I began a new personal journey while getting SoFabulous for SoFabCon coming up in May {To see the first post click here}. My biggest obstacle since becoming a work-at-home mom is the guilt! I know I am not alone. However, I am determined to overcome it. For a refresher, my main goal is Learning to value and accept me time to be just as important as every task that I do is my top priority!



In the beginning of February a college friend (who lives in Dominican Republic) asked me to meet her in Orlando in 2 weeks. Generally I am not too spontaneous. Honestly though I just about went when I was tempted with a cheap plane ticket for that weekend. That weekend I was suppose to enroll my youngest in school. I think this was the moment I really started to see how overwhelmed I have become. I validated to myself that I had been a “single mom” while John was living in a separate state for 2+ mos. so I deserved a break. The fact that a predictable person was getting ready to abandon her family with barely any notice means I really need to start finding ways to find time for me! After the speed bump of realization, I really am proud of myself because I did several things to get me out of the house and do something I have missed.

1. I went to a free fitness class I found on Meetup

I work out regularly. However, I think it is important to push yourself with a group sometimes. When I was talking to another mom friend about making time for myself, she said just make sure and not worry about the little things. Of course, when I returned home from a good workout and the boys are in bed, I find out my husband forgot to do some required homework for the next day. I had to wake up the kids earlier the next day! Normally I might have just said nothing. However, passive aggressive behavior is not productive in helping needs be met. I explained to my husband that these are some of the many reasons why I don’t send time on myself. He is working on meeting me halfway so I can help myself. Sometimes when we are working on ourselves, we should realize that support can be essential!


2. I went to a movie ALL BY MYSELF!

This wasn’t completely selfless it is was a movie screening for Mom’s Night Out. However, attending this movie was another realization that what I am dealing with as a mom is completely normal. Not kidding this was the best movie I have seen in a while! Watching a story similar to my life on screen was surreal. Between the laughter and the tears, I went home with a new perspective!



I started cleaning up the garden and planning my new edible garden addition. I still have lots of leaves and some more plans to spruce up the garden. Gardening can be therapeutic on so many levels. Our new home is on 2 acres with a beautiful walking garden in the back. In some of the open space, I have come up with the plans for the back right corner for an edible garden to provide fresh food for my family. The garden is my retreat to quiet my mind! I can’t wait to show you what my quiet mind is creating!

4. Planned Girls Trip {in advance}

My best friend lives in Ohio. I tried to convince her to meet me in Orlando. However, I am so thankful for friends who keep me grounded when I need it. In May, we are planning a trip to a Portugal. The Man concert in Nashville. We bought tickets. The deal is sealed since we both like to be conscious of our money 😉 We are also talking about going to Bonnaroo as well in June. Hopping on to a plane with limited notice does not sound like my idea of fun with a traveling husband. However, planning a trip 90 days out works for us!


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    You so sound like me. I think since we work in social media (where it never stops) we tend to find ourselves in front of the computer too long, then it hits us that we’ve not been outside for 3 days!! We have much planned for this spring and looks like you do to. Let’s keep up the good work by getting out more and spending time with family more. I’ll see you in a couple of months.
    KIM – Mommie…Again
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    As a mom our job can be isolating, but it important to remember that many of us face the same fears, issues, and feelings. I’m glad you’ve had a chance for some “me” time and fun. It’s amazing and fun when even a good movie can help bring a new perspective to fuel your days.

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    I totally understand the guilt. I am so proud of you for making a way and making time to do those things for YOU! I have to remind myself the same thing and find time to just be me. As a mom our whole life can easily become all about our family. You are doing fabulous! I have never thought of finding work out buddies on Meet Up. Great idea! Keep it up! I can’t wait to see you in May!
    Heather Brummett recently posted..Doing Things I Enjoy and The Day I Dressed Up (Feelin’ #SoFabulous Part 2)

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