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This post is my entry for the #LuvSoFab14 Collective Bias Contest for a sponsorship to #SoFabCon14.


Last year was the first year of SoFabCon. I was so happy to be there for it. I had been torn on whether I wanted to go since I had been in a pretty bad car wreck the year before. I had been working with Social Fabric a while (now: 2 years & 75 campaigns). The support and extra income that I have found just keeps encouraging me to improve. When I found someone to carpool with and roommates, I took that as a sign that I had to go! SoFabCon was not my first conference. However,once there I realized the bigger conferences cannot compete with the tight knit intimacy of SoFabCon. I knew that it was worth the investment to be there and loved meeting the many people in real life that I felt like I had known for a while online. I didn’t realize just how much I needed that experience.


SoFabCon inspired me to make some changes like the fact that my blog is in the midst of a makeover. However, one of the biggest lessons that I took out of SoFabCon was from Debba Haupert from Girlfriendology. The basic lesson was to embrace your niche. Blogging can be cut-throat when you are constantly analyzing statistics, your following, and everything that the brands are noticing. However, Debba pointed out that when we are niche bloggers that we can still be the best in our niche despite the inability to reach a bigger audience like a frugal living blogger or food blogger can. Debba’s message was exactly what I needed to hear! I started Great Contradictions because my world dealing with a sick child, Celiac Disease, and gluten free just seemed so isolated. I named it Great Contradictions because I felt like post-Hunter I was going against everything I had known for the previous 25 years. I think financially it can be easier to take opportunities that conflict with your intentions. However, Debba has been that voice in my head reminding me to follow the course of my niche for the love of my readers who need to hear what I have to say. It has opened up doors for me and closed some that really were not meant to be.

Beyond the personal need to be more inspired, I would enjoy the time away from the family to further my education of the technical aspect of blogging. We have recently moved and my husband lives in a different state. As a mom of 3, I am motivated this year to take myself more seriously and make time for the things that I love. Social Fabric inspires me to keep doing what I love despite the obstacles along the way. I need help to be able to do the behind the scenes on my own. I enjoyed the tech sessions and stored a lot of information that made me think. Of course, I also felt a bit overwhelmed learning it all at once. I would love a chance to learn more so I can better apply it.



I have done videos before and joke around that I am not creative. Who knows maybe it was the help from all the Elmer campaigns!?! Anyways, eco-friendly art is my passion. Ironically, my husband bought me this window 2 years ago and I hadn’t decided what to do with it. I thought the 2 years was pretty symbolic to my time with Social Fabric. The upcycled window with melted crayon rain is my creative interpretation of what SoFabCon and Social Fabric Community has done for me. If you want to create it yourself, locate an old window (suggestions: craigslist or Habitat ReStore). Using random crayons attached to glass and a blow dryer, allow the crayons to drip until you achieve the desired look.

Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass…


What a freeing lesson that Debba Haupert taught me! I started to enjoy myself more as a blogger when I realized that I am doing well for a niche blogger! When we go to conferences, we know we are going to learn more technical skills. However, some of those unexpected inspirations like Debba and the This is Me session really opened up my eyes to a world of possibilities. I want more of that! Knowing all the unknown inspiration at #SoFabCon2014 is exactly why the experience is so important to me.

It’s about learning to dance in the rain!


Overall I would love to win a trip to SoFabCon because I love the inspiration and education that comes from being with the amazing people that make up Social Fabric. I love the unexpected lessons that came from opening myself up to all that SoFabCon has to offer. Last year  I left SoFabCon 2013 looking forward to embracing my niche (healthy living inside & Out) with more technical skills acquired. This year I expect the same kind of motivational empowerment to keep improving myself, Great Contradictions, and opening more doors. Every experience with Social Fabric makes me a better blogger! At the end of the SoFabCon weekend, I will be empowered to head back home feeling ready to conquer new obstacles that I hadn’t considered.

February 4, 2014 at 10cst/11est is the big announcement at their twitter party. RSVP here for chance to win SoFabCon pass as well!


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