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I LOVE making Hallmark a part of our traditions from our yearly hallmark ornament to recordable books to cards for every occasion. My parents always gave us Hallmark cards for Valentine’s day and I do it for my boys. As parents, I think it’s important to show our kids how special we think they are every chance we get. The fact that Hallmark cards are found at many retailers including Walmart where I bought these cards makes finding the right Hallmark Card convenient!


Even though we should be use to moving every few years, I think it gets harder for us as we move further from family. We all make a point to exchange cards and packages all year! I love the variety of cards that Hallmark offers from fun to sentimental for every budget!


I got this one for my mom…

Hallmark#ValentineCards#shopMom  Elliott really liked all the cat ones! I think it’s important to teach our kids the value of kind words and gestures. My kids get just as excited about giving and receiving cards as they do presents. Elliott is an avid card collector. He likes to look at the Hallmark card section more than he requests to look at the toy section!?!



I do not need incentive to buy Hallmark. With that being said, I think it’s nice to get a little something extra for doing things we do anyways. Did you know that Hallmark Card Rewards Program can be used for Hallmark Cards bought anywhere? Using the Hallmark Reward Card App (available for android & apple devices)


Hallmark Card Reward Android App Screenshot

 or report and redeem on the website! Hallmark Cards Reward program offers rewards every 5 cards you buy so  I have already earned enough for 2 rewards available 2/10! Looks like my husband & I will be treating ourselves with Starbucks courtesy of Hallmark!

Hallmark#ValentineCardsReward#shop2Click here to find out more!

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