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GCdisclosureI recently lost over 15 pounds. Yay me! The issue with losing weight is then finding clothes to fit better. I am not going to complain since I have been enjoying finding comfortable, quality, and figure-flattering clothes from workout gear to dressy clothes. I am totally in love with Albion Fit (click here to see more).


Balance Bermuda in graphite


  • Albion fit garments are fashionable and unique, but more importantly practical and technical. Designed by women, our apparel is crafted for women wherever they may be in their fitness goals. Our clothes easily transition from work out gear to lounging gear: whether she’s running an errand or 26.2 miles across a finish line.


  • Albion fit is committed to our environment and our community by continually striving to make our manufacturing facility greener each day by recycling plant waste and by using earth friendly materials in our products. We follow fair labor practices with all of our employees and business partners to create a sustainable work environment.

  • Albion Fit guarantees absolute satisfaction on every article we sell. We use, and will continue to use, only the best in high performance fabrics and trims and will build upon our 25 years worth of expertise as manufacturers to ensure the highest of quality standards on all of our garments.

  • Albion Fit is also a local, family owned company. Our name, Albion, hails from the Albion Basin at the top of Little Cottonwood Canyon in beautiful Utah. We draw upon nature and it’s energy for our inspiration, always remembering that our ultimate goal is to reflect the power of natural femininity in our designs, as well as our lifestyle.


    I like workout gear that can transition during my day so I don’t have to change if I don’t have time. Albion Fit Go Long Crew with thumb holes is great for me! While the Albion fit shirt pictured is a long sleeve, it is lightweight enough to wear under things during the winter or wear during the warmer months as well!


and closer up…


With all my hard work, I have been checking out their swimsuits as well! Here are some of my favorites…




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    Our family focuses on moving as much as possible in a day. Trips to the park. Walking to the store instead of driving. Etc. I’m also training for a half marathon in 2 weeks!

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    Because of blood sugar issues, our diet has become more diabetic compliant and thus healthier. We do exercise and have lost weight.


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