Upcycle Broken Crayons: Use Solar Oven (or oven) to make crayons #sustainability

If you have kids, odds are likely you have some broken crayons…

You can easily turn them into fun shapes with the help from the sun on warm days (or oven to speed up the process)!

~Peel off wrappers~

This is a great job for all ages. See my 3 year old helping me!

~Place crayons in selected molds~

We are making these are party favors for a birthday, so we selected lego brick & minifigure molds. There really is no right or wrong way to do this. You can break the pieces smaller to melt quicker as well as you can do solid or go for a tie dye effect.


If using a solar oven, see my how-to so that you can make your own by clicking here! Place the solar oven out for a few hours before you start cooking, so it can warm up. Depending on the temperature, this could take all day. You can also cook part of the time in the solar oven then switch to the oven if the temperature starts cooling down before the crayons are melted.

For next to nothing, we made are broken crayons into new!





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  1. That is a great idea to use those forms to make new crayons.

  2. Oh my, those molds are absolutely adorable! Where did you get them? Every couple weeks I buy a new box of crayons from the Dollar Tree and add the ones they broke to a ziploc. I figure that by Christmas I’ll have enough to do stocking stuffers for all of our kids and their cousins.

  3. I have some small candle forms that I might use for this.

  4. I just remembered that I have some silicone prep bowls that would make good containers to melt crayons in.

  5. Lindy Davison says:

    Ok those are awesome! My son has his third birthday party so we might have to use them for favors. Thanks for the great idea!