Fruti all natural fruit bars save the day as a mom-approved healthy snack #FreshNFruti #cbias

Due to new regulations, I am obligated to let you know up front that this is a sponsored post in collaboration with Fruti & CBias

Actions speak louder than words is how we teach our kids about healthy living! Showing our kids to make healthy choices should be something that we are able to make fun and help them to make these decisions on their own as they get older. My boys are now 3, 5, & 8. They have come to expect that mommy wants to keep them healthy with physical activity and healthy eating.

During nice days, we walk the 1/2 mile to and from  school. As well as on the weekends, we make a point to always find ways to keep them active. This past weekend we participated in our first 5k as a family in the Color Run event!

With media constantly promoting everything from sugary treats and drinks to fast food, children don’t always get the right message. Seriously as I am writing this, there is a McDonald’s commercial in the background that has my kids mesmerized. These messages make it that much more important for us to show our kids that there are more options. I want to show my kids it’s fun to stay active and that healthy food is the fuel that keeps us going! As a mom with an auto-immune disorder along with my 5 year old son, I know exactly how beneficial real food with real ingredients and nutrients can be to help us thrive.

 If you are interested in seeing my entire healthy snack alternative experience at Sam’s club, check out the rest here on Google+

  • Fruti Natural Fruit Bars have premium actual fruit and take pride in selecting premium fresh fruit from around the world for their frozen fruit bars. They use freshly frozen fruit or packed fruit pieces that are delivered to their facility shortly after harvesting. As the pictures show, you can see the fruit chunks and it makes all the difference!

1. These fruit & water-based bars are now verified by the Non-GMO Project. Our 100% Natural wholesomeness is verified.
 2. No added colors or flavors! Majority of the sugar comes naturally from the premium fruit ingredients with minimal amounts of added sugar.
3. Fruti’s “Fruit First Formulation” means their fruit bars contain more fruit than any other ingredient. I like to stick with foods that I understand their ingredients  and know exactly what it is that I am giving to my boys!4. When shopping at Sam’s Club, buying in bulk saves us money. However, sometimes we don’t have the freezer space for that. Within the 16 count box, there are 4 inner boxes to conveniently fit into your freezer easier.

Fruti’s Frozen Fruit Bars really entice your taste buds! With the delightful aroma of actual fruit, the creaminess, & the texture, we just can’t get enough of the delicious freshness of these natural fruit bars. They are available in the 16-count package with Strawberry Cream, Pina Colada, Caribbean Mix, and Strawberry. While we each have our own favorites, we like each of the flavors in there own way!

What Flavor are you most excited to try?

~~~Keep an eye out for the Fruti and yogurt demo at Sam’s Club on 5/13~~~

To learn more visit Fruti or find them on twitter & facebook

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  1. says

    I really want to try the Color Run after this baby is born! I know my kids would love to be there and cheer me on.

    I am drooling over these fruit bars. That is the treat we go-to the most during the Summer months. I usually puree my own (to control the ingredients since my kids have a metabolic disorder) but with a new baby on the way I would rather have them all ready to go. :)
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  2. says

    The Color Run looks so fun and I’d love to participate this year in our area. Those bars look fantastic too and like something my children would love. I’ll have to add these to our shopping list this summer.

    • Natalie says

      Well luckily my husband was there to do piggyback rides, because Elliott’s little legs had to take a lot more steps to keep up and he got tired until each spray of color gave him a pick-me-up!

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