Who Needs Your Help? School Supplies shopping for those in need #bagitforward #Champions4Kids

Back to school costs seem to be getting bigger & bigger as the years go by. All those things can really add up. I tend to think about those in need at Christmas time during the season of giving, but there are other times of the year where I sometimes forget that someone could really use our generosity. My mom has always tried to keep me grounded even at those weakest moments reminding me that “someone always has it worse.” At times it might be hard to not dwell on our own issues, but doesn’t it feel good to help someone who needs it more?

 I have casually glanced at the Champions for Kids Simple Service display box many times and checked out the website.

About Champions for Kids Our vision is to change the culture. Ultimate success is when there is a transfer of identity from Champions for Kids as an organization to Champions for Kids as part of our collective identity, who we are as a community and as citizens.

Each year millions of children suffer silently and in many cases, die, not because we don’t have the resources but because of a massive failure of our imagination to engage more people in efforts to improve the lives of children in our communities. People care about our youth. They will help. We work to mobilize MILLIONS of people to be a force for good in their communities.

If our plan works, then we change the life course for millions of children—for generations to come

I regularly give to the school during the year, because I hate to think of the hardship falling upon the teachers. I kept thinking there must be something above & beyond our family’s usual that we can do to help with Elmer’s Bag It Forward.

Then, the domestic violence center that we regularly donate to sent us an email with this message: 

I knew in my heart that we needed to help. I am a survivor of an abusive relationship. After the experience, I began the process of healing by helping those in need with our local domestic violence shelter back home. Meeting so many brave people either face to face or over the phone that are willing to walk away from everything often with only the clothes on their backs takes courage. People of domestic violence have to do whatever it takes to survive. I think that kind of bravery should be rewarded.

Luckily, we have been bargain shopping all summer to get all the items on our kids’ school supply list. Between clothes, lunches, school supplies, and any incidentals along the way, sending our kids to school can be an overwhelming expense. I price match and clip coupons to try to save as much money as possible. I don’t think that donating has to be about how much you spend, but how far can you stretch that money to make the most out of what you have to give!

I love that Walmart has price match to save me from hopping from store to store. However, I was pleasantly surprised that all the current prices I considered matching was already the low price at Walmart. Considering how busy Walmart was that day that made me happy (and I am sure those who would be waiting in line behind me)!

To see our entire shopping trip, visit my Bag it Forward Shopping for School Supplies google+ album

Who needs your help?

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  1. what an amazing campaign! We’ve been the recipients of donated supplies before, and I can tell you it’s been such an amazing blessing for those who are struggling and need the help!
    Amber Edwards recently posted..Nutrisystem Week 4, Living the Good life #NSNation

  2. This is such a great program! My daughter isn’t school aged but we are gathering supplies to donate. I’ve found a lot of great sales and Walmart is always a great place to shop also.
    Trisha G. recently posted..Wordless Wednesday: Determination {w/ Linky}

  3. Thanksfor bringing this great program to my attention. My kids are not in school yet but that does not mean I cannot take advantage of good sales and donate :)
    Natalie recently posted..Mia Mariu Makeup Review

  4. LOVE this program, and it so great for your kids to see giving back as well, even if they are not old enough for school, like mine.
    Whitney recently posted..3 Sprouts Hooded Towels {Product Find}

  5. These cbias things are so neat!!! I really want to be involved!!!!
    Kristen recently posted..A Mudpies and Tiaras Winner!

  6. This campaign sounds wonderful. Thank you for telling me about it.
    JDaniel4’s Mom recently posted..Needed Organizing- Laundry Room

  7. I was recently discussing this very issue with a friend. He said he didn’t think he should have to pay for other kids’ school supplies. I know times are tough and there is a huge strain on everyone’s budgets, but of all the things I could do, donating school supplies seems to be one of the more charitable and kind things one could do.
    Melissa recently posted..Welcome to Silent Springs!

  8. Elmers and I go way back. What a great campaign here!

  9. I absolutely love this campaign. You did a great job!! Isn’t it feel great to help!
    melissa recently posted..Vtech MobiGo 2 Touch Learning System Review!

  10. We recently participated in the bag it forward program and found so many groups in need of so much! We looked for a truly need organization in an area hit hard by economic troubles. The supplies that we donated were appreciated so much! I hope others who can give do so

  11. Great program and great company! I have worked with CFK several times, and my family loves to do the simple service projects. Thanks for sharing.
    Melissa recently posted..So I medicated him~ What now?

  12. I love buying new school supplies for myself, so why not buy some to give to others as well, thank you for the idea!!
    KRystle recently posted..Clinique Airbrush Concealer Review

  13. what a terrific program, way to go! giving back to our communities is what it is all about, bagitforward , payitforward or momitforward always!
    Leslie Block recently posted..The Great Catsby Event~ Join Me

  14. Great campaign! Love to give back.
    Patty A recently posted..Favorite Childhood Television Show

  15. It is such a great feeling to be able to help others in need. All the low prices on school supplies helps to stretch the dollar and allow for more kids to be helped, too.

  16. Nice job! I can’t wait to see when you make your donation!
    Kristin Wheeler (MamaLuvsBooks) recently posted..Kids’ Book Review: Bob Books