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Our culture loves to gossip about drama going on with celebrities, politicians, current event, etc… Seriously!?! Millions are spent on negative political media advertising! We should spend that much energy educating about ways to help mold a positive society i.e. donating that energy to worthy causes, etc… Can you only imagine if all that negative energy was focused on creating a positive image with positive actions? I find it annoying no matter which side you belong on that our society spends so much time on the negativity! {end rant}

Recently, I did a post about a worthwhile cause called Saving America’s Mustangs (see post here).

About Saving America’s Mustangs: Wild horses are a living symbol of our American heritage and freedom. These Mustangs must be protected. Businesswoman and philanthropist, Madeleine Pickens, is committed to this promise. Through her Foundation, citizens from all walks of life are uniting to create a permanent home, a Sanctuary, to save these magnificent national treasures.

 It is disturbing  to think of the condition we are leaving our country in for future generations. By supporting Saving America’s Mustangs, I feel like I am part of the solution to preserve our American Heritage as well as helping to cut our Nation’s unnecessary spending.

What you need to know:

  • ~ The purpose of this cause and website is to bring the current problem of the unnecessary and cruel Government scheduled roundups and slaughter of our American Mustangs to light to the American public and to create a call to action. Anyone and everyone can help no matter their social or economic standing. We have a moral responsibility and a fiscal one as American taxpayers.
  • The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is an agency within the United States Department of the Interior that administers America’s public lands, totaling approximately 253 million acres. The BLM’s stated mission is to sustain the health, diversity and productivity of the public lands for the use and enjoyment of present and future generations. (Wikipedia) 110 years ago there were 2 million mustangs roaming free. Now, there are approximately 30,000 wild mustangs roaming the country. They are not protected from government (BLM) roundups. In 1971, the Wild Horse and Burro Act ruled that these animals should be protected under federal law and belong to the American people, which is why our voice counts for so much.
  • American horses are being sold to killer buyers who slaughter these animals in various parts of the world for financial gain. Recent legislation just passed making it not illegal to slaughter horses in the United States.
  • The horses belong to the American people. The wild horses are just managed by the government (BLM), but the BLM doesn’t own them. Americans should continue to have a say as to what happens to their horses and we encourage all of our supporters to Take Action through the website,

“Our wild mustang should be a national treasure. The horses have no natural predator. Their only predator is mankind, when we do the wrong thing.”- Madeleine Pickens

{image of Madeleine Pickens at Sanctuary}

Did you know that…

$70 million a year to take care of the wild horse program and the government has no money. The government continues to round up wild horses and yet, our country is in debt. –Madeleine Pickens

  • It’s all about grassroots to make a definitive change for our wild mustangs. We encourage all of our supporters to tell anyone and everyone they know that this is happening to America’s mustangs! Many Americans aren’t even aware that the mustangs belong to the American people and should be protected.

  • Animal rights advocate or not, you should care that your hard earned tax dollars  (upwards of $85 million per year for the removal and holding of these wild horses) are being spent to pay ranchers to round up the mustangs into holding pens where there is no accountability for their living conditions. Madeline at the Mustang Monument could house these horses at almost 4x less the cost and save the American Taxpayer millions each year. Please get behind this issue and speak up for these innocent animals with no voice of their own. Currently there are 45,000 wild horses in federally funded holding facilities where these horses will live the remainder of their lives cooped up if not sold off and shipped to slaughter in the middle of the night.
What we can do:
Let’s help encourage our politicians to put their power to more positive purposes! Government representatives should know what “We The People” want so don’t be intimidated about contacting them to let them know! Even a brief email letting them know you care about Saving America’s Mustangs will get the ball rolling to show lots of people care what happens to America’s wild horses!
 Looking for more ways to get the word out?
To learn more, visit:

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    I support this! My parents retired to a “working ranch” and we love horses and see how happy they are on open land. It is such a shame how wild horses are being treated.

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    Thanks for putting this out there Natalie and letting us know how we can all help! This is such a worthy cause. I grew up on a self-sufficient farm and my horses were my world as a teen. These mustangs deserve to roam free. It’s too bad the political forces aren’t listening at this point. Mustang Monument is the answer and it will save taxpayers money. This shouldn’t even be an issue!

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