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To be a good parent is a constant learning process. With each of my 3 boys they have challenged me in different ways. As someone who used to be a behavioral therapist, I have learned the importance of nurturing their emotional well being. Lately though, I have been having issues with my 7 year old. I pride myself on how well all 3 of my boys have turned out and how involved I am. However the switch in my oldest was driving me crazy. So this book arrived on my doorstep…

The 5 Love Languages of Children- Dr. Gary Chapman adapted his best selling relationship book, The 5 Love Languages, specifically for parents. Parents can learn and utilize their children’s unique love language.


When we as parents learn to speak our children’s love language, even though it differs from our own, we are showing them the way of unselfishness, the way of serving others. We are guiding them into an important part of becoming an adult–giving and caring for others.

Reaction This book is not telling you that you don’t love your children, but instead helping you to find a better way to love that your child that suits their needs. We have heard time and time again that no child is alike so why should we love them the same way. The moment I picked up the book I was engrossed and knew that I needed to read this to help the frustration that has formed with my oldest son. We just haven’t been getting each other lately. While it may not always be easy to nail down what kind of love your child needs, I think once reading this book the picture became clearer.

For example:What has bothered us lately about our oldest son is how often he has been asking for things. One of my primary goals is to teach my children to be grateful for what they have. When Dylan is constantly talking about wanting, I thought he was ungrateful for all that we provided.

But then, when I thought about it, Dylan is always wanting to get someone a gift as well!

Mommy, do you think my teacher would like this (or grandma or one of his brothers etc…). Mommy look what I made you or here’s a flower I picked for you! Mommy? Do you remember when you made the treasure hunt for my birthday gift with the pictures leading the way to find it? I liked that and we should do it again.

I didn’t realize that he was just trying to show me his love language. About gifts as a love language it is not a manipulative tool, too many makes the language lose the meaning, and it doesn’t matter how big it’s the love behind it!

I think this is a must read for parents to help you really connect with your child’s needs!

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    Hello visiting from Feed Me Friday! I’m a sucker for a good book, and this sounds like it! I appreciate parenting books that don’t dictate to you, but rather help you and support you while you parent. Looking forward to adding this to my collection!
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    I really want to read this book. I totally agree that every child is different and that they need thier own way of learning, understanding and growing. My oldest has a mental illness and I enjoyed reading the explosive child, but that was only directed towards children like him. Now I want to read more, thanks for suggesting this.
    New follower from blog hop
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    I have 5 kids ages 22, 18, 16, 13 and 8 and never had any real issues
    until my 4th child came along.
    He was nothing like my 3 older kids and VERY complex to figure out.
    We chose to do counseling that helped a lot. I’m so grateful we did!

    Thanks for the review, I will be getting this book!
    After all, parents can always learn something new too! 😉
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