Joovy Bicycoo BMX review from the eyes of a middle child

I never get bored of my kid’s new accomplishments & 1st’s. I am that mom that photographs every moment. I would just hate to miss that look of excitement of them realizing “I did it!” “Look at how big I am” type moments.

Our middle son is turning 5 in August. The hard part about having 3 kids is that the middle one often is treated older or younger based on the situation. I try to put in perspective (and remind my husband) of how old each of them are so we don’t treat them like babies or expect too much.

Anyways, back to the task at hand. Hunter has been ready to move from tricycle to big boy bike. I have been doing research to figure out what to get him. Have you heard about balance bikes?

Traditionally, training wheels are the way to go when teaching kids to ride a bike. They focus on learning to pedal and then learn to balance later. However, with balance bikes, they learn to balance first. Balance is the key to successfully learning to ride a bike.


Joovy Bicycoo BMX Greenie


The Joovy BicycooBMX is a durable, well designed balance bike for kids 3 years and above. The frame is made of aluminum so it is strong and lightweight just like high-end bikes. The lightweight frame makes controlling the bike much easier for kids, unlike the heavy wooden and steel versions. The tires are pneumatic (air) and refillable. Many balance bikes on the market use EVA plastic tires which are cheaper and wear out much quicker than these rubber tires used on the Joovy BicycooBMX. The suspension qualities of pneumatic tires give kids a much smoother ride. There is also a hand brake for the rear tire.

See the Joovy Blog post on Balance Bikes vs. Training Wheels.

When you combine the high quality of the BicycooBMX with Joovy’s great customer service, you can’t go wrong with this bike. You’ll love the look on your kids face when they finally figure out how to balance and ride with no feet touching the ground! The seat is adjustable for a perfect fit for your child. The bike has 12″ tires and the overall dimensions are 33.50L x 15.5W x 22.25H. The weight is 7.25 lbs.

Watch Hunter’s First Ride


As you can see in the above picture, Hunter was quite happy about his big boy bike comments that he made “Look it has a brake like Dylan’s” (code: once Hunter really gets going, the brakes will save his shoes) & “I have a big boy bike too!” Treating our kids like the big kids that they are really helps boost their confidence levels. He thought his Toy Story tricycle was ok, but the way he lit up at the sight of the Joovy Bicycoo BMX greenie was priceless. With the adjustable seat, the Bicycoo can grow with Hunter as well as it will be perfect when we begin the bike riding process with Elliott very soon.

Below see how Elliott has his feet on the ground pushing even though he has pedals. While I never noticed, this is an indication that the balance bike is a great start for the boys.

At only 7.5 pounds, Hunter can effortlessly move the Bicycoo BMX around

To buy or learn more visit Joovy

Stay Tuned…In a few weeks, I will do a follow-up post for Hunter’s progress

Please note: I received above mentioned item for review purposes with no additional compensation in exchange for my honest opinion.


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