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I am not ashamed to admit that I lack coordination to be athletic. Lucky for me, I have the brains to make up for it so I have always been a more technical person. You won’t find me playing any sports, but I have been known to release tension via video games. My kids are a toss up on whether they will be uncoordinated like me or athletic like my husband. What I do know is that my kids are awesome at video games especially my 4 year old who mastered the xbox between the age of 2-3 {I am so proud!}

We are under a major heat advisory here in Oklahoma! That means I am being held captive with my 3 boys who are bordering between angels and monsters. You know what I mean if you have ever been trapped in the house. It is essential that you find something productive to do that everyone agrees on. If not, there is guaranteed to be messes out of boredom and lots of yelling. Video games are a great channel to focus our energy during cabin fever.

What are we playing these days?
EA sports NCAA football 12. With EA sports NCAA Football, we get to have the action of football with an interactive experience. I love how far video game graphics have come. It’s like we are right there in the middle of it all!


While the boys were engrossed in NCAA Football XBox game, Frankie the pirate was trying to get their attention.

Alas the game won!


The boys are lucky they have gamers for parents! It’s great when we can get in there to help teach them how to play certain parts for themselves.

NCAA football 13 is getting ready to be released at Walmart July 10th! I am excited to see some of the differences between the 2. What I am most excited about though  is the You’re Covered Program. It will allow you to upload a photo online and print a custom game cover featuring your child’s (or you, husband, etc…) face on the body of an NCAA Football 13 player! Seriously what kid or husband for that matter wouldn’t like such a unique present?

Also, NCAA Football 13 is said to have An All-New Passing Game—A revolutionary passing system brings added authenticity to the Quarterback position from ball trajectory to play action pass to the option. Enhanced receiver control puts you in position to make a play on the ball and new read and react defensive coverage delivers greater realism on the gridiron.

To learn more visit EA sports &/or find them on facebook and twitter


You won’t won’t to miss the upcoming review of EA sports NCAA Football 13 after it’s July release!

P.S. there will be an awesome giveaway too!

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    My neighbor would love this game – Were really close, and his birthday is coming up.. so hopefully he doesn’t get it, cuz this will make the perfect gift XD

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    Yep hot here to in TX!!! No football in my house as I have hunters!!! Your boys looked like they were enjoying playing very much and what a neat thing to have to play indoors…when the heat is so so hot!!


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