Join us for Virtual Play Date ~ June

This is my first participation in a Virtual Play Date, but seriously what a fun idea!

We currently live in Tulsa, OK. I pride myself on being a hands-on involved parent so I am always searching for new ways to entertain my new boys. What I have learned over the years is that entertaining kids doesn’t have to cost a lot of take elaborate planning either. Just visit your local nature center or park for creative yet educational fun! You won’t catch me on my cell phone during Play time! I get right in the middle usually armed with my camera :)




Join us for June’s Virtual Play Date by visting the host Mom vs. the boys



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    I love those rubber boots! I totally agree, the best days we have never cost a thing! a picnic at a park, a hike through the woods, these are so much fun for us! priceless! thanks for linking up with us this month!
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