Before & After 1950’s Glam on Route 66 with Emilie M. Handbags #Giveaway #CBias #fashion

Lately I noticed I had been sticking to the comfortable side of the fashion world. I had been throwing on my yoga clothes or an easy comfortable dress. Don’t think that I am discrediting comfort because as a mom of 3 comfort is essential. What I am saying is that I often don’t take the time to make myself feel beautiful by the simple act of stepping out of my comfort zone. Those small steps to try say one of the many bright colors trending in the fashion world, something as simple as wearing make-up or fixing my hair beyond a ponytail. Oh my adoring husband will tell me I look beautiful in something as simple as one of his hoodies or white t-shirts. However, sometimes it is more than what he says that the look on his face shows that he likes when I take a little extra time on myself. Maybe it is or isn’t what I am wearing. Maybe it is the confidence I feel when I make that extra effort, but whatever the case we all deserve to feel beautiful.

 Yes, this is me in my “mommy attire” comfort and chucks are essential. I rarely wear make-up during the week beyond lip balm.

Being Glam doesn’t necessarily require a massive shopping spree instead focus on using a new handbag and accessories paired with taking a little time to enhance your features with make-up. I tend to spend more on high-quality versatile handbags.

Emilie M.  offers a great variety from classic handbags to modern bold designs. I am all about the bold colors right now and blue is working for me. It’s not the traditional black or brown, but still compliments many different outfits. I own purses I bought at target, vintage shops, as well as $200 designer handbags. Emilie M. handbags are not your mass merchant/department store handbags. With an average $50-$80 price tag, the Emilie M. Nicole handbag is able to compete with my designer handbags.

 I love the detail inside and out. The straps are comfortable and the silver chain adds a nice look. Look at that beautiful silk lining! Many of the big purses that I own are just an open purse. Emilie M. Nicole handbag is spacious with dividers, but doesn’t look bulky.

 After a refresher on accessories at Forever 21 paired with the Emilie M. Nicole handbag, I felt glam. The purse can just as easily compliment my daily casual, but look how great it looks as I am preparing for a night out on the town for my 30th birthday. To see the complete glam makeover journey, view my Uncram diary here

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    That’s an awesome look! I love the shoes and the handbag, and the hairpiece really makes the outfit. I feel so much more glam when I take the time to put on a little bit of makeup or put my hair up in a twist instead of the usual ponytail.


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