Wordless Wednesday: How does your garden grow? with @GoGreenNGiggle

Giggling Garden Gang helped get us started…

2 months later…

To be honest, I am surprised they sprouted. With the car wreck, I have not been a diligent caretaker for my plants, but despite it all 2 of our sunflowers have sprouted! Now that I am getting back on track, I can’t wait to see the others come to life as well.


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  1. Yay for new life in your house! This must be a sign that good things will be spouting up everywhere for your entire family! Always in my thoughts and prayers Natalie!

  2. Hooray for plants sprouting! I wish the Mexican Daisies I planted had as good of luck as you had!
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  3. I think it is a great idea to try and grow plants or flowers with children. They do love to see what is sprouting! This looks like a lot of fun, enjoy and stay well.

  4. We have some bean plants that need to be transferred, but we might be moving so I’m hesitant…

  5. aww that looks cute!