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(our family prior to our dad passing away December 2011) Somewhere around mid year, life tried to get the best of me. I just kept feeling like there was literally a tornado of bad around us. From the tornado to loss of nephew's dad to my health to hunter's health to Frank's eye to loss of stepdad to my dad's health and I am sure more that I haven't mentioned. I just felt like the moment I picked myself back up something would knock me back down. My mom has always told me "God doesn't give us more than we can handle". I learned a valuable lesson by that comment on the day my step-dad was dying. I told my mom remember what you always say and she said sobbing, but I don't want to handle this. Life has the power of taking us through situations we thought were unthinkable. After about 9 hours of holding on to stepdad's fleeting life, you learn just how quick everything can change. You find out your strengths, weakness, and so much about yourself. For a week, I stopped worrying about … [Read more...]

Use @Elmers to create DIY frugal Snowman Lanterns from recycled bottles #ElmersHoliday #GlueNGlitter #cbias

snowman family

The holiday season is here!  This year has been pretty eventful in our household so I am trying to help the kids to spread the true spirit of Christmas & constantly reminding them that Christmas is not about how much money we spend.  Instead we are helping them to focus on the fact that  Christmas is about doing things for others no matter how big or small it seems.  I have seen these adorable Snowman lanterns and decided that these would be perfect to give to teachers & hostesses for Christmas! Walmart is a great place for one-stop shopping.  I was able to search for gifts, craft supplies, and more without dragging the boys from store to store.  I won't lie that I love shopping at Hobby Lobby & Michael's, but only when I have a 40% coupon does it make it worth going.  However, then I feel like I can only purchase one item at a time, which makes me make several trips to those craft stores.  As far as Walmart, with so many departments it just makes it easier for me to … [Read more...]