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About Riega Foods

A healthy lifestyle and trustworthy food is more than just a business strategy for Riega Foods – it’s a personal mission.  A number of our friends and family, including founder Brad Gampper’s wife, suffer from allergies and other food-related health issues.  Riega Foods was founded with the purpose of providing the finest and best tasting foods for family, friends and others with dietary needs.

Riega Foods is a family owned business located in the Kansas City metropolitan area.  We are dedicated to providing flavorful, high-quality and all natural foods that we’re proud to share.  We are committed to quality manufacturing processes that ensure all of our products can be enjoyed without worry.  If it says “Riega” and wears the “Gluten Free” stamp of approval, then you can be sure that every production lot has been quantitatively tested to ensure gluten free authenticity of under 20 ppm in every bite.

You can find our products at many natural/health food stores, specialty retailers and grocery chains nationwide.  If your store does not carry our products, then you can print out a store request card and take it to your local store and ask them to carry our products.  If you are a store looking to carry products from Riega Foods then simply email or give us a call.  We would be delighted to work with you.

Pepper Jack Pasta (featuring Riega Foods Pepper Jack cheese sauce)

No special tricks here.  Cook pasta. Follow directions to make sauce* Goes well with just about everything!

We paired our Pepper Jack Pasta with grilled chicken & broccoli.  The slight spice of the pepper jack went great with the simple flavors of the rest of the meal.

*I made the sauce separate, so you could see it better


Riega Foods was one of my first giveaways.  I loved the opportunity to help promote a brand that brings convenient gluten free options, because we don’t always have the time for homemade.  To see my first Riega Foods review/giveaway (includes a cheesy rice recipe too)

Since the last review/giveaway, Riega has entered the modern age with a twitter account (yeah! more entry options).  I had never heard of Riega until I did the review December 2010.  I fell in love with the taste.  I started buying Riega Foods cheese sauce in bulk at Amazon.  Now I am able to go to our local Akins and buy it off the shelf.  I prefer online for much of our shelf-stable foods, but I also like the convenience of walking into a store at a moments notice to get what we need.  The consistancy of the Riega Foods’ quality has not changed, but the convenience of finding it has.  That’s definitely a change we can handle!

To find stores that have Riega (or will soon), click here

Also, find Riega Foods on Amazon

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Please note: I received no compensation in exchange for my honest review.





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