Why @SodaStreamUSA would make a great addition to #blogmania2011 + Berry Slush recipe #imabzzagent

Last January I had the pleasure of doing a review for Sodastream. Here is my reaction in the first review:  We now use Sodastream on a daily basis.  There are so many different options from regular soda, diet, & natural that do not include high fructose corn syrup.  My husband is a fan of the energy drink. As well as, our guilty pleasure has always been coke with lime; using cola zero and mywater lemon-lime, we are able to make a delicious alternative.  Even if you aren’t a pop drinker, this is still a gadget to consider.  My favorite sodastream drink is juice spritzer using sparkling water and whatever juice we have available.  As well as, Sodastream now has Mywater, which is an all natural,unsweetened flavor enhancer (Click here to read the complete review or to see the sparkling grape juice recipe), so what are our thoughts 9 mos. later…

We still love it!  The SodaStream machine is easy to use and with places like Bed, Bath, & Beyond featuring SodaStream flavors, carbonators, etc… no need to wait for supplies to ship.  Since we started using SodaStream, we do not buy pop from the store anymore.  SodaStream has all of the flavors we previously loved in the store-bought versions, but also allows us the flexibility of creating tasty at home flavors & juice spritzers!

Next week (October 6th to be exact) is Blogmania!  Great Contradictions theme is “Fun in the Kitchen”.  SodaStream should be included in my Blogmania theme because…

1. SodaStream was one of my first reviews

2.  Great Contradictions strives to provide healthy, environmentally friendly, & economical living solutions just like SodaStream!

3.  Who’s a better spokesperson for SodaStream than a regular, loyal customer?

4.  Current giveaway package is valued at approx. $200 and includes kitchen-related items.  Obviously, a SodaStream machine would be a perfect & fun addition to the giveaway!

Strawberry Slush (serves 4)


1 bottle SodaStream carbonated water (or 4 cups)

2 TBSP truvia (or your choice of sweetener)

4 cups berries (pref. frozen any kind or mixed berries)

8 cups ice


Combine water & sweetener in blender.  Add strawberries & ice blend until smooth.

Please note: This review is not compensated in any way, but is in participation with Bzzagent dailybuzz to hopefully be a part of the SodaStream campaign.  Of course, if SodaStream is reading this feel free to contact me too. As always, I only give my honest opinion.








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  1. this looks delish i’d love to try an “adult” version too!