@mixbook Hardcover photo book review & #giveaway

With so much to look forward to, I have teamed up with Mixbooks again (see my previous post here).  Mixbooks offers high quality photobooks to cherish your memories.

See my thismoment to see how easy it is…

For a larger view of my Mixbook experience click here

To learn more about Mixbook or make a purchase visit their website. As an added bonus, I have a Great Contradictions exclusive promo code for GRTCNT20

Thanks to Mixbook…


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    I Would love to win this so I could make a photobook for my mom. We are really close and I am moving out of the country soon and will be gone at least a year. I would like to make her a book about all the things I will miss about her. Cheesy, yes. But still true.

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    I would love to win. I have a book on their site that i worked 6 hours on to make it perfect, I submitted it at 11:58pm with a free code that would only work til that date at midnight. Unfortunately my book was missing 4 pages & I was not able to order it!!! 🙁 I would love the opportunity to print it & have those lovely memories to share with everyone!!

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