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Since many of your kids have started school (or are starting soon), there are not too many issues that concern parents as much as lice.  While my boys have never personally had lice, I do have a horror story from my days as an inpatient counselor for kids. We had over 30 kids infected with lice .  If you have never had the experience of dealing with lice, let me tell you it is tedious and time-consuming.  Dealing with lice can be difficult both physically & emotionally for everyone involved plus the risk of the whole family becoming infected.  Not all parents have  the time or money to spend doing the lice removal.  I remember when I was in elementary school the policy on lice was either parents used the lice removal system or the child had to have their hair cut short or shaved.  The shaved head was a stigma of “I have lice” and lice thrive along the scalp, so cutting hair is not really that beneficial.  I had the wonderful opportunity to meet the owner of Fairy Tales Hair Care, Risa Barash to learn more about lice prevention and her quality products.

About Lice 

*There are more than 12 million cases of head lice reported in the U.S. every year.

*Lice infects people regardless of social status or personal hygiene.  Lice likes clean hair because it is easier to attach to a clean hair shaft than a dirty one.

*The majority of reported cases are in children age 3 to 11.

*Lice is more common in girls than boys, probably because they tend to share more personal items.

*Lice can survive off a human head for 24-36 hours and can therefore be transmitted through contact with pillows, hats, hair brushes, athletic helmets, and other personal items.

*Herbs such as rosemary, citronella, and tea tree have been proven to repel lice; the smell keeps them away.

*Tips to remember:

~Avoid sharing personal items such as hats, combs/brushes, towels, pillows, etc…

~Keep long hair pulled up in braid or ponytail

~Avoid daily hair washing

~Use hair care products that naturally repel lice with ingredients: rosemary oil, citronella oil, or tea tree oil

~Store personal items such as jackets, backpacks, hats, and scarves in separate cubbies or sealed bags.


How Fairy Tale Hair Care’s Rosemary Repel started…

About Rosemary Repel Hair Care: prevents head lice – naturally

Rosemary Repel Shampoo

The first of its kind, this unique shampoo uses organic rosemary, citronella, tea tree, anise, lavender and geranium oils to help repel lice and other insects from the hair. Enriched with vitamins and minerals, this great shampoo contains no harsh chemicals so it’s mild enough to use every day. Promotes soft, shiny and squeaky clean hair. Perfect for all hair types. Paraben and SLS free.

Rosemary Repel Creme Conditioner

Rosemary Repel Crème Conditioner combines lice protecting ingredients such as organic rosemary, citronella, geranium, tea tree, cherry bark and passion flower with nourishing aloe and vitamin E. No need to rinse out completely just comb thru for tangle free hair. Rosemary Repel Crème Conditioner will not create build up and leaves the hair silky and smooth, soft and shiny. Paraben and SLS free.

Rosemary Repel Leave-in Conditioning Spray

Fairy Tales Hair Care #1 product is the Rosemary Repel Leave-in Conditioning Spray. This ground breaking formula blends organic oils of rosemary, citronella, tea tree, lemongrass, peppermint, sage and others to help keep lice and other insects away. Loaded with vitamin B-5 and aloe, Rosemary Repel Leave-in Conditioning Spray detangles, conditions, and seals and protects the hair from unwanted elements. This is the MUST have product to use EACH morning before school, day care, and camp. Spray the hair, neck, behind ears and tops of shoulders for maximum lice prevention. Proven to be over 92% effective when used alone and nearly 100% effective when combined with our other Rosemary Repel lice prevention products. Paraben and SLS free.

Fairy Tales offers their hair care products in a variety of sizes as well as offering Lice Goodbye for lice removal, Sleep Tite bed bug spray, and more.  To learn more about Fairy Tales  Hair Care Rosemary Repel or other great products, visit their website

To locate in the closest store or salon near you: click here


Companies who care about their customers as well as standing behind their products don’t always go hand in hand.  Risa offers a great product and she truly cares that each and every customer is pleased (within her means of course). I am willing to spend more knowing that I am being offered a quality product from a caring company.  Risa has the ability to run a successful business and talk about customers like they are cherished friends who contact her when they are dealing with the tough situation of lice.  Risa has a wealth of information about lice prevention.  I have always associated lice with cleaniness, but Risa set me straight on some statistics that I had over-looked  About the products, I appreciate that they are effective and safe at the same time. My boys ranging from 2 years old with baby curls, fine haired 4 year old faux hawk, and my thick-haired shaggy 6 year old.  All 3 different hairstyles & hair types, but Fairy Tales Rosemary Repel leaves their hair clean and manageable.  Using Rosemary Repel products can help you avoid the use of lice removal kits that can contain unsafe ingredients such as pesticides. Yikes!  I guess I never really thought about what was involved in the process of  killing lice.  Who knows if your child will ever be infected with lice, but the truth of the matter is that I would rather let my kids live their life and take proper precautions on their behalf.  I can only imagine having to do lice removal on my rambunctious 4 year old.

Thanks to Fairy Tale Hair Care…

Please note: I was given review products for this post. However, as always, I provided my honest opinion.


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    I would love to win this prize because, Where I live in Virginia has had one of the worst mosquito seasons on record and is already having lice problems within the schools.

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