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We are not one size fits all, so there is no need for our beauty needs to be either.  I am almost down to the last 2 weeks of the 90 day beachbody program with RevAbs.  I have been working hard and enjoy treating myself without food. Beauty products are a great way to enhance & encourage all our efforts.

So, what is worthy of our efforts…

Imagine a company that offers cruelty free, vegan, & raw ingredients.  Then, combine that with the fact that the products are blended by hand in artisan-sized batches with a low-tech approach (absolutely no exposure to high heat, chemicals, or any other factors that might compromise the value and effectiveness of our creations).

About Grateful Body

“Following Mother Nature’s rules . . .

Biologically Appropriate

Everything in nature contains all the power of nature. Everything is made of one hidden stuff.   ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

~ Our body is very particular, very precise about what it uses to keep itself strong and healthy. We call this the desire for what is ‘Biologically Appropriate’. This is the impulse behind the wish to eat wholesome food, to drink fresh, clean water and to breathe pure air. It is the same with skin care. When we apply skin care to our skin, our body must recognize it as food. When all ingredients are biologically appropriate, the skin is authentically nourished, strengthened and ~ naturally beautiful.

Mutual Relationship

I am part of the sun as my eye is part of me. That I am part of the earth my feet know perfectly, and my blood is part of the sea.   ~ D. H. Lawrence

~ The most effective products are simply those which support the body. All life is in mutual relationship and is inter-connected ~ each one thing affects or depends on another. So, we understand that every product we make will be absorbed by the human body and the planetary body. Today, our lotions nourish your skin, and tomorrow, they enter the the estuaries, the soil and the oceans ~ and do no harm.

Sustainable Integrity

Our task must be, to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature and its beauty.   ~ Einstein

~ Honest, effective, non-manipulative products and service are the priority at Grateful Body. We recognize that there are basic and commonsense laws that guide all nature and we strive to be in partnership with this Intelligence. We honor and respect our customers as partners in making wise choices for their own health and beauty.”

About Aquative

The Custom Aquative is applied to the face via a light, revitalizing mist

• Weightlessly supply your skin with high-volume moisture,

leaving your pores feeling refreshed and ultra-hydrated.

• The oil-free formula helps the Aquative soaks right into your skin,

encouraging skin tissue to tighten and interweave.

• Infused with important trace minerals and phytochemicals,

the Aquative delivers vital nutrients directly into your skin

• Use before or after make-up application; and apply

throughout the day for a pick-me-up hydration-boost.

About Midnight Oil

Our exquisite blend of the most pure, transcendent plant oils and essential oils!

This incomparably nourishing body oil contributes to silky, healthy skin while

providing a comforting antidote to the effects of stress and hurry. The soothing,

subtle scent is popular with both men and women, and has a relaxing, grounding

effect on the mind and emotions.  A truly wonderful body oil.


I am not a fan of putting overly processed products in me, so why should we put them on us?  Grateful Body uses the highest quality raw botanicals supplied by a handful of trusted suppliers and local farmers.  Grateful Body’s products are nourishing in a natural way.  The midnight body oil absorbs perfectly into my skin leaving a not too greasy feeling on my skin along with me not having to worry about gluten cross-contamination.  The scent of the midnight body oil reminds me of getting a massage.  It has that scent that just makes me want to instantly unwind.  The aquative moisturizer is custom hand-crafted in small batches for all skin types. Then, you can add any 5 boosters such as hyperpigmentation or hormone control.  Recently, I have been breaking out like a teenager, but aquative’s oil free formula has helped keep my skin balanced & pampered.  I love the delicate cool feeling after misting my face with aquative.

Thanks to Grateful Body…


Please note:  I was provided product(s) for review purposes. However, as always I only provide my honest opinion.


  1. says

    This sounds like a really cool product and I would love to give it a try. This miserable Texas weather is sapping all of the moisture from my skin and it could use some help.

    ezmerelda at mail dot com

  2. says

    I would like to try this product because i love the idea that it is all natural and i have been wanting to try something new…this stuff looks amazing 🙂

  3. Victoria Cross says

    This product sounds perfect. Aug 2, 2011 Would love to win this! Aug 17, 2011 I would like to win because Grateful Body products sound like exactly what I want, lush and natural. Aug 4, 2011 I would like to win because I am always on the lookout for eco friendly products!
    Victoria Cross recently posted..Cancer Tattoos Tumblr

  4. Glenda Gaines says

    This miserable Texas weather is sapping all of the moisture from my skin and it could use some help. Aug 17, 2011 My sister is super sensitive to most soaps, and her skin drys out really badly… I’d love to get this for her!!

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