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Thanks to my husband’s opportunity to advance in his career, we have moved 6  times in 6 years.  Over the years, I have gotten better at moving.  However, no matter how prepared you are it is a lot of work especially when we sometimes have 1-2 weeks to find a place and get moved.  It is great that there are services like Cablemover that makes the transition easier.

About Cablemover

Millions of Americans plan to move this summer. The average American has over 60 tasks to do in order to prepare for the move. Important decisions can slip through the tracks.

Recommended by HGTV’s Lisa Laporta and tech guru David Gregg, helps you easily incorporate technology into new homes.You can connect your cable TV, phone and internet in one stop at

Cablemover is a one-stop for other moving needs such as obtaining a moving quote, changing your mailing address, and more to help you with the process of moving.

Thanks to Cablemover, one lucky Great Contradictions reader will win a $25 Home Depot Gift Card


This review was made possible by Mom Spark Media. As always, I have provided my honest opinion for the review.


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    I’d love to win to give this to my husband- he needs to replace a part on our hot water heater, and this would def help defray the cost.

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    We have SO many projects left undone. The economy hit us hard so we had to stop many home improvements (like window panes) just so we could pay bills and things like that. It would help us tremendously!

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    My parent’s house(where my siblings and I grew up) is foreclosing and they will be forced to leave very soon. The greatest blessing is that they will be able to move into my grandpa’s small home. He has moved in with my aunt due to some health problems. The house needs a bit up fixing up, and I know this card would help. So, in short, I would like to win the card for them. Sorry for the long and not so upbeat comment!

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    I would love to win this so I can fix up my young son Apollo’s room. It is serious need of help. Being a stay at home dad I could really use Home Depot cash. For real.

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    We’re planning on moving this winter and could use this to purchase a few garbage cans for our new home. We love Home Depot..thanks!

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    I’d love to win because I’m actually moving in two weeks, and I’d love to get some extra boxes and packing materials from Home Depot to make my life a little easier!

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    I would love to win because we just moved into a new house that needs a lot of little repairs. We’ve been to Home Depot every weekend since we closed on the house last month!

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    I’d like to win because we shop at Home Depot pretty frequently for home items and a gift certificate would definitely come in handy.

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    I would love to win because we would like to remodel our bathroom and this would be a great addition to the budget!

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    I would like to win because the lawn mower belt broke not long ago, and with having no job, i really do not want to spend 40 on it, so this would make it be a bit cheaper.

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    I would like to win because I shop at Home Depot at least once a week. There is always something I need to pick up there so it would be great to have a gift card and save some money,


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    Thanks for the review and the chance to win. I need some silicone caulk and other things I can find at Home Depot.
    momznite_at_yahoo_daught_comThanks for the

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    Life is crazy due to an upcoming move from the West Coast to the East Coast because of medical reasons, and the gift card to Home Depot would be helpful in obtaining some things needed for the move.

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    We haven’t moved in what may well be too long. We’ve accumulated so much stuff by now that I wonder how we could manage to move to a new place. e

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    I’d like to win because home depot is like a second home to me and hubby. It’d be nice if one of our trips, virtual or otherwise, ended up being a little cheaper.

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