#Blogher11: How I am preparing for my first conference: Advice? #salsacraving

I am just barely past my 6 mos. blogoversary.  I am amazed of what I have accomplished.  Such as, who knew I would be attending BlogHer 2011 courtesy of Salsa Sensations.  As Salsa Sensations BlogHer delegate, I am receiving a sponsorship to BlogHer 2011.  Without Salsa Sensations generosity, BlogHer would not be a possibility for me. Preparing for something full of so many possibilites can be over-whelming at times.

These are several things I have learned from observations and assumptions:

~Packing:  I am a minimalist.  I don’t like to take more than I need ever and rarely go beyond a single carry-on bag (shared by 2).  However, I have been told that swag may get in the way of my plans.  I am now checking a large suitcase  that will be storing an extra carry-on filled with gluten free food (just in case :)). Then, I am carrying on a suitcase plus laptop bag.  Yes, I am already packed.  It is my least favorite part, so I like to get that out of the way early.

~Supplies:  Stylish yet functional laptop purse, tablet, smartphone, necessary apps: some I suggest BlogHer (QR included)/Cozi (organizer),  Timemine planner, business cards, media kit, and chargers for everything.

*If going on gluten restrictions: Find Me Gluten Free App: search for nearby gluten free sources.

~What to wear:  I am told that comfort is important.  While I definitely plan on being comfortable, I am a mom of 3 (under 6). I don’t get to dress up that often and I plan on taking advantage of a chance to look my best.  I am bringing a combination of dress clothes, cocktail dresses, and workout gear (bootcamp & yoga!).  However, I don’t plan on blending into the crowd.

~What to do: BlogHer is filled with lots of activities, so narrowing down your BlogHer11 goals is important.  As a somewhat new blogger, I am excited to soak up the knowledge at BlogHer (yes, I am a bit of a nerd, but aren’t we all at some point).  As much as I would like to meet everyone, I have gone through the list to decide brands that would be a good fit for Great Contradictions.  I have been working on making connections now, so I don’t get to BlogHer completely unprepared.

If you are going to Blogher, here is a sample of my (packed) schedule beyond normal sessions, etc… : Lovable Gals dinner, I’m with the Brand, HTC insight, Cheap Sally, Sweatpink bootcamp, Filtrete Water-front yoga, Disney “The Help” Screening & Cocktail reception.  Feel free to meet up with me at any or all of these events to talk about how great Salsa Sensations is, Salsa Sensations/Blogher giveaway, gluten free living or life in general.  I love meeting new people!

Now what?

I am ecstatic about attending BlogHer.  Needless to say, I did not realize how much goes into pre-BlogHer.  Along with pre-making all the gf food for the boys at grandma’s.  I have to stay connected to get opportunities with bloggers & brands that I want to network with.  I feel like I am in a bit of a BlogHer trance yet I love it!  Being the perfectionist that I am, I have been thinking about what to say, what to wear, & considering what do I really want to get out of BlogHer?  Collective Bias’ weekly conference calls & MomSpark forum have been great resources to help me feel up-to-date on the whirlwind that is BlogHer.

Okay, so your turn…

I would love some tips from some veteran BlogHer attendees!

Come back monday for a Salsa Sensations inspired make-ahead recipe along with Manic Monday Mixer (twitterhop)!  Just a heads up starting Aug. 3rd, I will be hosting a giveaway as Salsa Sensations BlogHer delegate. I look forward to connecting with everyone through #salsacraving on twitter. So don’t forget to follow me on twitter. Also, keep a look out for BlogHer11 information on more reviews of what I will be wearing & doing while networking in San Diego.


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    First off, yay so glad you are going! I think this is a great post of what to expect before and during the conference. I remember going crazy last year trying to prepare for my first one. It will be a lot of fun and I think that is the most important thing to remember, to just have fun *insert Cyndi Lauper’s Girl’s Just Wanna Have Fun tune here* lol, jk.

    I am so glad you have been on our call’s each week and Momspark has been a great resource to you. It was an *essential resource* to my planning last year and this year! I hope to meet you at Blogher11!

    BTW, can’t wait to see your giveaway, congrats on the opportunity!

  2. says

    I’ve been to a few other conference but this will be my first time attending BlogHer. Your list sounds pretty right on track to me.
    I’ll also be at “The Help” Screening & Cocktail reception. Hope to meet ya there!

    • Natalie says

      I will stop by say hi. I will be wearing a Betsy Johnson red sequined dress to Cheap Sally. Hopefully, hard to miss!

  3. says

    Congratulations on securing a sponsorship with Salsa Sensations – how exciting! This will be my first trip to BlogHer, but not my first blogging conference. I think it’s important to remember that it’s impossible to see/do everything – but to have fun and meet great people! The networking/connections made are what matter the most!

    Hope to meet you while we are in San Diego!

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    heads up that all of the official blogher events will have clearly marked gluten free options and the breakfasts and lunches will have their own gluten free buffets. (i’m a blogher events team employee)

    • Natalie says

      thanks carrie! I had heard that, but others have warned of cross-contamination risks. I figured I would pack lots of food supplies, try eating buffet the first day, and see how I feel. I am so excited about BlogHer efforts to make it easier on Celiacs!

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