@Beachbody RevAbs w/ @Bretthoebel: Almost to the Finish Line!

Has it really almost been 90 days?  I cannot begin to tell you how excited I am to tell you my results, but you have to wait! (see past posts here) I will be posting my final results after BlogHer.  It has been quite a journey getting my body back after 25 years of untreated Celiac disease and having 3 children.  I spent a lifetime unable to gain weight and weak from anemia & malnourishment.  Then, when gluten free, I went through the weight gain since by body was actually processing food.  At my height every pound seems to show.  However, feeling good is first & foremost when living a healthy lifestyle.  With that being said, I am not going to give any measurements or numbers this week.  However, I will say that I went clothes shopping last week.  I was pleasantly surprised that I had dropped more sizes than I thought.  By the way, thanks to the strength found during RevAbs, I am scheduled to do both a bootcamp & yoga class back-to-back at BlogHer.  RevAbs has helped me be able to keep up, so I have no doubt that I will be successful at next week’s fitness events.

When working on a new fitness routine, keep in mind numbers aren’t everything…

Watch my video here preparing for success

Please note: This review is part of my 90 day Beachbody campaign.  I received RevAbs for review with no additional compensation in exchange for my honest opinion.



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    Over 50 lbs! That is amazing!!

    #’s are a problem for me. Doing a bootcamp after BlogHer. Hoping it jump starts my journey.

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